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Coming back before our reason for leaving can be told is risky and a bit disappointing but I really just want to break this award wall of silence. Moving forward will always just be about lifting you up the best I can. Thank you for all your support over all these years. We are forever grateful.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on LVdown since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

  • Ruth Ann
    Ruth Ann

    Let her talk ffs, lol. Damn. It's about all of you, not just you Roman. Still know you're awesome and thank you both and fam for video! Worry about yourselves first before the world. No need to apologize. Much love to you and your fam.

  • Phyllis Pitts
    Phyllis Pitts

    Came here through KEEPING IT DUTCH! 🤗

  • Sierra Solomon
    Sierra Solomon

    when the most needed him most…he vanished/j

  • Royce Kent
    Royce Kent

    Keeping it Dutch, says to send y’all some love, so hear I am sending y’all some love and tellin y’all that I care and we are prayin for y’all!!!

  • Roman Namor
    Roman Namor

    But you have money why act like you in distress

  • Emmanuel Masangkay
    Emmanuel Masangkay

    Roman atwood is the first LVdownr i watch when I'm young and till now i watch his video btw im from Philippines

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    I had been watching you guys for 4 years before you went dark and I am so happy you're back

  • Loy Lee
    Loy Lee

    Guys I am not disappointed with ya'ii. Keep smiling and keep your head up.

  • Amanda Sickler
    Amanda Sickler

    I absolutely miss them on LVdown.

  • queen Sarah birchnall
    queen Sarah birchnall

    So glad back you are all awesome omg your children all grown up wow beautiful family Keep smiling 💯💯💯💯

  • Daquane Range
    Daquane Range

    I am so glad you guys are back! the past year or two since you guys left my life has changed! this pandemic really made things horrible! I was a very advid fan of you guys! When mama dukes passed in that accident I was speechless but I know she is smiling down on you Roman! Not to long ago my father was killed by the law for a crime he didnt commit and that changed me! What did I do? I went straight to this channel and benign watch all episodes starting from day one when you lived in a small house up until God blessed you guys with better!

  • FoxytubeGaming

    We miss your other channel


    So when see I one of the channels are gone I think that they are coming back eventually

  • Chaminar Killz
    Chaminar Killz

    7:09 GoPro just said: Ite I’m out

  • Alex Tabara
    Alex Tabara

    0:29 shot on iphone

  • Straight up memes
    Straight up memes

    I’ve been loyal to y’all since the 4th grade now I’m in 9th lmfao

  • Marie Holder
    Marie Holder

    Love you guys! Praying for y'all! ❤😘😊😍🥰

  • Bob Dilly
    Bob Dilly

    You should of let him go to much weight..

  • Georgina Hughes
    Georgina Hughes

    POV: she eats the bug

  • derek and sterling flips
    derek and sterling flips

    cora is 3?? i remember when she was born and i thought that was like last year

  • zombie2667

    It’s been 4 years since I was here

  • Bethany R
    Bethany R

    Love you guys

  • EmilyJane

    Now we know why he did this to the pool!! They were moving!! Wahooooo

  • trinity438

    I literally got goosebumps when you said « Smile More » again. ☺️

  • Rowan Three
    Rowan Three

    Seeing Noah drive makes me feel old when we’re the same age

  • Chassidee McCarty
    Chassidee McCarty

    I remember when Cora was born and now she’s 3

  • AceJ 876
    AceJ 876

    "I got him, I got him", famous final words

  • Yuji Itadori
    Yuji Itadori



    Hey guys I don't know how to start but I've been with yall since I was 5 years old and want to let yall know that yall really really helped me as a kid, and I love y'all and I am so thankful that yall are healthy and well.

  • Yvette Yee
    Yvette Yee

    i am in school watching all the new vids so happy love you guys

  • Chloe Howells
    Chloe Howells

    Thank u for coming back i really needed u

  • Paige Findlater
    Paige Findlater

    Never knew how much I missed 'your beautiful, your one of a kind. Smile More'. Missed you guys so mcu glad your back xx

  • Charlie Griffith._
    Charlie Griffith._

    Anyone remember when Cora was born 🥺🥺

  • Woah Woah
    Woah Woah

    B: My eyelashes are growing back babe! R: It's strange

  • Brooke Weinland
    Brooke Weinland

    Roman please come back soon Ive been binge watching all your videos, im new to the channel but I love your channel already. Stay safe and please come back soon.

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez

    I’m so lost, what happened???

  • paintedlady56

    I very much understand your need to do this, to make people smile, brighten their day. I strive to do this every time I venture out into the world. Paying a compliment, being kind, simply holding a door for someone can make a difference in the trajectory of their day. On the occasions I have been told “you are so nice”, first, I thank them for their kindness and tell them that I have a secret and that secret is that, in a way, Im being “selfish”, in that brightening their day, my day is made that much brighter as well! This makes all of us laugh even more, thus doubling down on the smiles! So keep doing what you’re doing, and refusing to let the negativity shape your daily trajectory.

  • TheMagicFishGod

    0:30 get stick bugged lol

  • Ryley0 01
    Ryley0 01

    Man it hurts to watch this man , been watching for nearly 6 years , feels weird coming back after all this time and not seeing Zeus 😩

  • Chef Louie Van
    Chef Louie Van


  • Jean Ackland
    Jean Ackland


  • vitalie


  • Sophia h.
    Sophia h.

    they all grew up so much! i'm crying Cora is so cute

  • Zach Doster
    Zach Doster

    it’s so cute that Cora is so happy all the time

  • Jaiden Santiago
    Jaiden Santiago

    Get stick bugged!

  • AJjolly2

    You failed so hard when you didn't lay back in the seat and say "whats up guys I'm Noah Atwood" and then Noah starts vlogging BOOM!!!

  • kellyjelly

    Omg I’ve missed you guys

  • julesoftheNW

    Roman, I know you guys have protection, but you need some extra prayer, like an organized prayer from your followers. Please, keep your head up and do NOT let the Ba$7ards get you down!!

  • James Leary
    James Leary

    Who else is scamming the comments looking for who could be these disgusting people who caused the attwoods so much hurt and fear?

  • Bexrloy

    I remember when Kora was born

  • Ashley Langley
    Ashley Langley

    Its amazing to see you guys again ❤ me and my son have miss you guys so much ❤

  • C LW
    C LW

    Your family is a gift from God you are loved

  • C LW
    C LW

    Still love you!!!

  • wyatt harrell
    wyatt harrell

    U helped us get through stuff u can get through it I believe in u

  • wyatt harrell
    wyatt harrell

    We miss u Roman and I hope u get through it


    You and everyone else is in the same fight

  • King Turtle
    King Turtle

    They returned on my birthday i just realized!this was a long time ago though

  • Cheryl Parker-Smith
    Cheryl Parker-Smith

    Smile more your all beautiful 😁 so glad to see your faces again but gosh I feel old 🤣🤣

  • thohag

    come on roman... yuo could never disappooint me :)

  • JJGOLD123456789

    Bro I’m only 19 and you made me feel old for a second 😂

  • Lucky

    Watching this while knowing now what happened, wow ♥️♥️♥️ sending love

  • Joe & Grace Spain
    Joe & Grace Spain

    Only you could drag out draining a pool for an entire video 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  • ne0nZchr0me

    7:07 gopro was like nope nada Not Today 🤣🤣 we need you all in 2021 😭 i'll sign waivers, contracts and volunteer at foundations of your choice just for smilemore content /._./ idk what else to offer you all are obviously financially healthy lol

  • Ryan Butterly
    Ryan Butterly

    That’s a pray mantis.

  • Arch Gxmer
    Arch Gxmer

    Get stickbugged 😂😂🤩🤩

  • Kennedy Geitner
    Kennedy Geitner

    So glad that u guys are ok. Shame on those ppl who put you guys thru that. If that would have happened to my family, I would for sure delete social media. Safety is always first. Stay strong u guys❤️

  • Spiritual Love Tarot 1111
    Spiritual Love Tarot 1111

    So good to see and hear you all! ❤

  • ale pardo
    ale pardo


  • ShaneMartinPhoto

    Coming back today to see if they gave any hints!! so Fu**ed up what's going on

  • Cam Robischon
    Cam Robischon

    Its crazy to watch all the videos he posted this year and now knowing what was really going on. I can't even imagine. Why is it that this family who only ever wants to lift people up 100% of the time has to have something like this happen to them? So sorry, and so sad, sending love to you and your whole family.

  • Mikeyヅ

    Love it

  • Moto Head
    Moto Head

    Wow Noah working for his own truck that’s amazing you guys raised that young man right👍🏻

  • VinnyLogz

    O M G your little girl is amazingly adorable!!!!

  • Joshua Claridge
    Joshua Claridge

    I will always support your channel and all your fans have your back

  • Zach Castañeda
    Zach Castañeda

    Im 21 years old already and good God I remember watching you guys since I was like 13

  • Mia B.
    Mia B.

    It all makes sense now 🥺

    • Old account
      Old account

      Ikr 😭

  • Kushal Meghani
    Kushal Meghani

    who is watching this after he explained what actually happened.

    • Logan palazzolo
      Logan palazzolo


    • The Positive One
      The Positive One

      I am but I still don't technically know what happened.

    • Ethan Carlson
      Ethan Carlson


    • WOW OWEN
      WOW OWEN


    • James Leary
      James Leary

      Me and honestly I would love to to see these stalkers cause Roman and his family didn't deserve to be harassed to such an extent that they did.

  • Brady Schodroth
    Brady Schodroth

    The way she looks at him while he talks about inspiring people ❤❤

  • Rachael L
    Rachael L

    I’m crying after hearing about the new story you posted. So sorry to hear about the awful people. To know what you were going through and seeing you here still trying to lift us up.

  • X-gamer Pro-HD
    X-gamer Pro-HD

    0:29. Shot on iPhone

  • Funk Duck
    Funk Duck

    They should become politicians as that response gave no information whatsoever.

    • harry2005s

      That aged well

  • Cameron Crawford
    Cameron Crawford

    What happened

  • Deadpoolsmum

    I have not watch them in one year

  • mandy johnson
    mandy johnson

    I need you guys Back

  • Shut up lol
    Shut up lol

    Awh Cora has gotten so big🥺

  • Steph Boyd
    Steph Boyd

    Great to see you all back x

  • Tryton64

    Hi Roman Atwood Vlogs

  • screamofan0496

    Damn. This is my childhood dawg. I love this guy and family!!! Happy for you guys and whats ahead!! Much love from a kid from Houston lol

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown

      Now we're up by Ms 💰 help yourself my boy

  • London Palmer
    London Palmer

    It’s so werid but I’m so glad you guys are letting us know a little bit I’m glad you guys are safe

  • CB Golf
    CB Golf

    are you guys done with youtube

  • MoreOR-Xclusive T
    MoreOR-Xclusive T

    I really grew up watching you & the whole family every time I come across your channel its just so nostalgic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ SMILE MORE 😊

  • Nyx Noise ASMR
    Nyx Noise ASMR


  • Lewis Johno
    Lewis Johno

    I’ve being subbed since your 300k and to see your kids grow up is amazing and love your vids keep up the good work stay strong


    When the bug jumped on Cora 🤣🤣

  • Sydney Byich
    Sydney Byich

    You guys look the same what it was 2017

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith

    We love u

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith

    Your family come first

  • steve crye
    steve crye

    I am mainly talking about me but I know the fans will always be there 4 u guys and we love u guys so much and can't wait 4 more LOVE, -STEVE CRYE

  • dirtbike44


  • 1st Infantry Of Lippe
    1st Infantry Of Lippe

    Why do people grow so much

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