HUGE Christmas Morning Surprise!!
Our annual Christmas morning video for 2019. Thank you so much for watching and supporting our little family. We are blessed to have you here. Thank you.

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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Have a beautiful day. We love you

    • Jack attack
      Jack attack

      Thank for coming back

    • Ninoshka Rivera
      Ninoshka Rivera

      @Eric Nuñez _ x

    • Ninoshka Rivera
      Ninoshka Rivera

      @Eric Nuñez x. X

    • Ninoshka Rivera
      Ninoshka Rivera

      @Eric Nuñez mx mm x

    • Alexis Padua
      Alexis Padua


  • SherroJr _
    SherroJr _

    8:06 wtf is that noise😂

  • Eli Abner
    Eli Abner

    You are the best family

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Jake paul brother
    Jake paul brother

    I me a not have a good day

  • Jake paul brother
    Jake paul brother

    Haven't . Good dY

  • mark codien
    mark codien

    you guys are so blessed, last Christmas I didn't get any gift

  • Joshua Gaona
    Joshua Gaona

    How does Noah look so young but old at the same time?

  • austin

    God loves you and sent His son(Jesus) to die on the cross for your sins so give Him your time because Not every day is promised and He could return at any moment.God loves you and will always be there with you and will never leave you or fail you. When God is silent He is testing your faith He hears your prayers and His timing is perfect. Amen God bless you and your family.

  • Fred Douglas
    Fred Douglas

    Damn, Roman only got 2 gifts

  • audrey strahm
    audrey strahm

    She so cute tell her that I sed she's beautiful!!

  • Diane Ruarks. Make bookbags with smile more on them
    Diane Ruarks. Make bookbags with smile more on them


  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia

    The children are spoiled

  • Tide Pod Trio
    Tide Pod Trio

    Who else misses Christmas and normal times 😅🖐

  • William Alexander vlogs
    William Alexander vlogs


  • j beastdriver
    j beastdriver

    If he’s 17 I am to so we’re the same age

  • itzhooligans

    who remembers when Roman Atwood ram and shaytards did a collab. North blog families in their prime coming together

  • Reqcz

    bro noah had the biggest glow up no cap lol its crazy

  • tepherjack

    He’s a hole man now 😭

  • Hannah Whitworth
    Hannah Whitworth

    Triggered by the word “quarantine” being used prior to 2020 lol

  • Nicholas Masson
    Nicholas Masson

    Roman was talking about quarantining his family before covid even happened he knew!!! 🤣🤣

  • ItsExotic

    just toss in a flesh light

  • Francisca Silva
    Francisca Silva

    Natal feliz 🎄🎅🎁🎁🎆🎆 Merry christmas 🎄🎅🎁🎁🎁

  • cody alves
    cody alves

    25:28 lol litle did they know what was to come

  • Zak

    Roman is just not the same after what happend

  • CoryMay2245

    It’s mad to think how different these vlogs have gone without Zeus he was one of a kind

  • Callum Starrs
    Callum Starrs

    25:25 crazy how real that sentence became

  • Liz Coz
    Liz Coz

    Yep, when you adult, getting towels is exciting!!!

  • Tristan Lofts
    Tristan Lofts


  • Rony P.
    Rony P.

    Only og's remember Zeus

  • Zach Cosgrove
    Zach Cosgrove

    Any1 else think that all the attention has gone completely to cora

  • Miles E
    Miles E

    0:33 Cora looks so funny lol

  • Maxstmaxx Gaming
    Maxstmaxx Gaming

    Keep up the good work smile more

  • Bryce Hubbbard
    Bryce Hubbbard

    I love you Roman

  • Trinity Renee
    Trinity Renee

    Rewatching these videos and seeing Cora open the Care Bear made me happy I was obsessed with Care Bears when I was little

  • Justys16

    Watching this in 2021 thinking that the sickness they had was covid before people new whst it was

  • Anesa 123
    Anesa 123

    “we gotta quarantine this house” little did they know...

  • Jayden Frederick
    Jayden Frederick

    me watching jealous of all there presents cause i got a frying pan for christmas

  • Jamie Fitzgerald
    Jamie Fitzgerald

    Doesn’t feel like Christmas without a new video :(

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Talmiz Khan
    Talmiz Khan

    Yo can u make Xmas for 2020

  • Andstrick

    Me looking back after Christmas to see if he had a Christmas video and there is not one this year😭😭😭😭 they are my favorite

  • vitalie

    cora is the cutest kid i’ve seen

  • griz063

    A wonderful share of a healthy family dynamic. Noah has his "cool teenager" act down to a fine art! To all the kids: I hope you all remember just what a special gift your parents have given to the world by sharing your lives with us. As you get older I hope you never come to resent being a part of this wonderful share with the world.

  • Naz Liaqat
    Naz Liaqat

    Merry christmas

  • Scotty

    His Christmas videos are the best

  • Bruneens 96
    Bruneens 96

    Whos watching this in 2020 xmas? Pretty sad that we dont see vlogs anymore>

  • Dylan Burgess
    Dylan Burgess

    Better get a Christmas episode this year not happy rn

  • hayden 00
    hayden 00

    Just as we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse ! No Atwood Christmas vlog 😢 2020 sucks

  • Slo TM
    Slo TM

    anyone else sad he didn't post his christmas video this year?

  • Taha Othman
    Taha Othman

    I just hope you filmed this year just for the memory 🙏

  • Stiles200128

    Here for Christmas 2020 cuz it’s just not right not watching y’all for this holiday 🥰 merry Christmas to everyone

  • Tosti Boy
    Tosti Boy

    Anyone else watching because they were sad there was no Christmas blog this year😭

  • Avery Bouquin
    Avery Bouquin

    Who wished they post a Christmas video😢

  • Odie

    Who came here on christmas because you dont know if he will post this year

  • Jaylynn Onofre
    Jaylynn Onofre

    i hope we get a video tomorrow

  • smokeless

    Who’s here on Christmas watching his videos because he didn’t post one ☝️

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma

    I’m gonna miss this vlog 😔

  • quinn

    anyone watching this on christmas day in 2020 ;(

  • Jdr

    whose here hoping roman posts one this year

    • Max


  • KGsnaggs

    is it just me or do you watch roman atwood christmas from the last year every christmas in bed on christmas eve

  • Will Will
    Will Will

    Whos here rn remembering the good old days

  • Aidan Dunlap
    Aidan Dunlap

    Watching in 2020 while they talk about how they’ve been sick for 3 weeks 👁👄👁

  • Brandon Watkins
    Brandon Watkins

    POV: You are watching this Christmas eve 2020.

  • ECU Pirates
    ECU Pirates


  • Andreas Mannetta
    Andreas Mannetta

    Who else is here watching this in 2020?

  • tyler Starlight
    tyler Starlight

    Who’s watching this on Christmas Eve 2020???

  • Oliver Everard
    Oliver Everard


  • Ayden Lee
    Ayden Lee

    I hope they do one for this year

  • Eric Aswad
    Eric Aswad

    “When the world needed him most... he vanished.”

    • Kylie Lehman
      Kylie Lehman

      @yodyosgkxvkshdhd yo make no sense

    • Liz Coz
      Liz Coz

      You feel better now he released why they did,

    • yodyosgkxvkshdhd

      Why do people like you take themselves so seriously lmao


    2020 Christmas Eve

    • Ssc1


  • The Woolen Pickaxe
    The Woolen Pickaxe

    At the end of every single Christmas video that Roman films, they’re living room is a sea of wrapping paper

  • Mcster

    You guys are very lucky to have that many gifts!

  • Eric Stauffer
    Eric Stauffer

    Will there be a Christmas morning this year (2020)?? I missed them so much

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott

    25:30 That aged well :)

  • nG xSplitz
    nG xSplitz


  • oreocat

    It’s a tradition for me to watch these videos every Christmas Eve 😂

  • Tyler

    Who’s here watching in 2020 in December waiting for christmas Thank you for more than 5 likes

    • krakerjak 21
      krakerjak 21

      @jayprice1 clips yessir

    • krakerjak 21
      krakerjak 21


    • jayprice1 clips
      jayprice1 clips


    • X raider
      X raider


  • A high school life
    A high school life

    I know your family is going through a lot, but I hope to see a 2020 Christmas vlog.

  • Tyler Sterling
    Tyler Sterling

    Who came to watch this because there afraid Roman wont be able to post 2020's

    • Kyle Kujala
      Kyle Kujala


    • Zach on 160 ms
      Zach on 160 ms

      Me im sad

    • Landino 132
      Landino 132


  • Slash 2k
    Slash 2k

    I really hope they vlog their Christmas this year after everything they have been going thru🥺

  • Grawly

    Always watch these around Christmas every year 🎄

  • BL1TZ

    Wow... no offense. But honestly it’s crazy to see how ungrateful they seemed.... all the rich kids getting ALL of those gifts. And not even really seeming happy. And me over here being Literally so grateful for a couple of things for like 200/300 dollars total... I’ve never even seen that many gifts in my life.

    • BL1TZ

      @Andrew Abbott yea

    • Andrew Abbott
      Andrew Abbott

      That’s what I was going to say. They’re just used to it. Not their fault that their dad/family is rich, but appearing ungrateful to others can come with growing up rich. Again though, not the kids’ faults.

    • BL1TZ

      @Kegan-leigh Jones yea. Good point

    • Kegan-leigh Jones
      Kegan-leigh Jones

      Agreed but u gotta think that these kids are probably used to these kinds of luxeries which is kinda sad since many other families cant afford these privileges as well. It's kinda difficult to be surprised or grateful when they already have everything they want


    I love how the stocking is bigger than cora

  • Radar

    22nd of December 2020 one more christmas vid plz!!!

  • Just Don’t ask
    Just Don’t ask

    Anybody watching this in 2020 to get ideas for Christmas?


    I hope Roman is able to post a christmas 2020 vlog I love these

  • Des McNamee
    Des McNamee

    Who else is watching this a couple of days before Christmas in 2020

    • Alfee Lindsay
      Alfee Lindsay

      Meee he needs to bring his 2020 Christmas Day vlog out the classic

    • Kegan-leigh Jones
      Kegan-leigh Jones

      Tryna get into the Christmas spirit

    • Ashley Johnson
      Ashley Johnson

      me i am

  • Noah.stupid stuff
    Noah.stupid stuff

    How is watching this 3 days before Christmas 🎄

  • Cody Door
    Cody Door

    Automatic door door

  • ieXof Cnudde
    ieXof Cnudde

    Who is watching in 2020 exited for christmas

    • Aja McKenzie
      Aja McKenzie


  • Hemp Tig
    Hemp Tig

    Who is watching around this Christmas and missing Roman 😔💔

    • riordan O Neill
      riordan O Neill

      Me its xmas eve

  • I suck M8
    I suck M8

    Who’s waiting for the day in three days

  • Abby

    Every year its a tradition for me to watch your Christmas vlogs before Christmas idk why😭

  • Kale Hess
    Kale Hess


  • lakecity33

    Bro Noah is like wassup everyone with a deep voice I remember when he was like 10 and I was like 6

  • HH Skillz
    HH Skillz

    If your watching this 5 days before Christmas------->

  • Mercury Pappas
    Mercury Pappas


  • Jaideo Potato
    Jaideo Potato

    Me in 2015 not knowing what "quarantine" means Men in 2020 :/

  • Blake Cannon
    Blake Cannon

    Anyone else watch these before Christmas 🎄

    • Wet ham
      Wet ham

      He has the Zeus stocking

3 milj.