Our Biggest Problem
Thank you for watching and always being apart of what we do. Thank you.
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you for being here! Lets pick it up a notch!

    • Ryan Conway
      Ryan Conway

      Do both as we love both sides of ur content just put a comment in the caption of the video first

    • Yanks4467

      Stay on LVdown. I think most of us prefer videos longer than 60 seconds.

    • nuSWagg

      gaming videos i think will be good for all things



    • Perplexed Intellectual
      Perplexed Intellectual

      Put the content on all of em, spread it out

  • Rutting and strutting Bowhunters
    Rutting and strutting Bowhunters

    Liberals taking over man, trump goes out and the world including LVdown goes to crap

  • Jocelyn Leyva
    Jocelyn Leyva

    I still have my smile more sweater from 4 years ago!

  • Samantha Dorsey
    Samantha Dorsey

    I would make a separate channel for the edgy and the family stuff here on this channel

  • Niko

    Roman your vids haven’t been popping up for me since they Flagged you and I think it’s happening to other people as well. I just wanted to let you know that this is why the views on your most recent vids have been lower than usual, love you guys ❤️.

  • decius marius
    decius marius

    Patron that stuff or onlyfans platform lol!

  • Chelsea Kittredge
    Chelsea Kittredge


  • Anthony Olsen
    Anthony Olsen

    Start your own platform charge 4.99 a month from everybody and show the content you've always shown to all of us that inspires us to uplifts us to see you and your family doing so good and going through the things that you guys go through. LVdown is not what LVdown used to be don't go to Facebook because they've got nothing but bull crap too

  • Denise Aquinas
    Denise Aquinas


  • Tex Poseidon
    Tex Poseidon

    I’m here for you guys, for the light you put out there with the rough patches because your human, we’re all human. We should strive to be better but we will never be perfect it’s a literal impossibility and this is the only place i interact with this family because it feels like Satan‘s got his hand on a lot of those other social media platforms but it feels like God has His hand your family and I’m so thankful for that.❣️

  • Charles Jensen
    Charles Jensen

    Make your own website to put whatever you want and sell your own merchandise and show how it works and challenge others to make videos using your stuff in others ways and send it to you maybe

  • Meatfat

    More edge

  • krazysk8ter2006

    You should go to flair farm @fishingwithflair

  • Rust Belt Fab
    Rust Belt Fab

    Censorship is killing everything!!

  • jaylynn powers
    jaylynn powers

    I think you should keep it in here and just do whatever you want on here because this is the only social media I have so please stay on here your my favorite LVdownr and always have been and always will be😁

  • Kashlin

    People are SO ridiculous. Screw them & do what you do!

  • Kuro

    I’m guessing flash is gone?

  • Andy Drew
    Andy Drew

    I’d contact LVdown personally or try to hire a consultant that knows all the terms of service so you know how to walk the line without being demonetized. I presume that’s your biggest concern is demonetization and the algorithms not pushing your videos out to folks.

  • GXS vlogs Silva
    GXS vlogs Silva

    Man so much has changed started watching you in 7th grade pretty crazy to think that Im a whole senior this year I want to continue watching Roman but idk the vids just don’t be hitting the same

  • malachi lewallen
    malachi lewallen


  • Gemini Girl Gamer
    Gemini Girl Gamer

    I have 3 parakeets

  • Shay T
    Shay T


  • Maia Zook
    Maia Zook

    Happy birthday Roman! Brit you made me laugh. You all make me smile!! 🥰🥰

  • Hayes Dee
    Hayes Dee

    Dinasor bash are

  • Wear necklace 1 day xtc
    Wear necklace 1 day xtc

    She hopped the helicopter fence, shes dead.

  • Phillip Bailon
    Phillip Bailon

    Remember when they strapped a Ar to an rc truck lol

  • Christopher Bartlett
    Christopher Bartlett

    I miss the good old days

  • DaltonThomas

    If it's about monetization just make the content you want and do sponsorships. Tons of channels do that, nothing wrong with it.

  • Hobo Jaxon
    Hobo Jaxon

    Not relevant, you are not in controll, you shouldn't have stayed gone for so long, now us ogs don't want to watch and new people just assume your very boring.

  • jackson fire6
    jackson fire6

    Be the person that breaks normal youtube back

    • jackson fire6
      jackson fire6

      Don't know how but I'd support that stance

  • Rico TheOutLet
    Rico TheOutLet

    Crazy how I watch Roman for like idk know how long now💯

  • Adam


  • ShiFT Grim
    ShiFT Grim

    2 channels will be awesome!

  • Michael Lovelace
    Michael Lovelace

    Roman should make a broadcast talking about his life

  • Karl Hipwell
    Karl Hipwell

    Always great content just be real

  • Karl Hipwell
    Karl Hipwell

    I don’t understand, just be yourself and do what you do on u tube, is it because no revenue

  • Pandoraearth

    I have three donkeys two goats two pot belly pigs one rabbit chickens turkeys ducks dogs and cats

  • cryptic clipZ
    cryptic clipZ

    roman here me out you have a strong team make your own website or app for creators like you to post whatever they want and crazy stuff that you like to post

  • Deborah Strain
    Deborah Strain

    Please don't change a thing. You do you and ignore all the Karen's and Kyle's that have come out of the woodwork over the last 15 months. People have become so sensitive to everything in life anymore and it's become ridiculous. So please, just be you and just do what makes you happy. Love you andnyour amazing family.

  • Tom Bradley
    Tom Bradley

    Where is flash the dog

  • annie dupuis
    annie dupuis

    We have a peacoke, chickens and a dog.

  • Iilucaboy Hinkle
    Iilucaboy Hinkle

    leperd geko

  • jvtsvr4

    Big tech censorship is a huge problem.

  • JohnnyDamato

    when noah said “thanks for everything“ you cam tell he really means that

  • VixPro

    Good for you for speaking out about these issues on LVdown. LVdown is going down hill.

  • TheSkarbekAdventure


  • Lawrence Jameson
    Lawrence Jameson

    Roman, the only thing you’re dedicated to is yourself, stop trying to bullshit everyone else.

  • Mixer

    PC culture and SJW are killing our society right now, we gotta fight back

  • nuSWagg

    post gaming videos

  • Tennam Thokmey
    Tennam Thokmey

    People so soft man wtf

  • Reagan Dolan
    Reagan Dolan

    the kids are so old omg

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith

    My guess; There will be another platform similar to LVdown in the future. Roman, go ahead and invent it with a computer scientist! You can do it! Turn the internet a little upside down. We need it!

  • Dawson

    Just make a website like the nelk boys and Logan Paul do but make it free obviously

  • Nicholas Gibson
    Nicholas Gibson

    I would start uploading to Facebook

  • Felisha Garrison
    Felisha Garrison

    What happened to Country? Beautiful family and do what’s right for you and everyone you love and care for!

  • Ethan Dennis
    Ethan Dennis

    the chickns may flog each other a bit at first but they learn quick

  • Aaron Gill
    Aaron Gill

    LVdown are a big ass joke now

  • Hunter Teems
    Hunter Teems

    I'm always happy after I watch your videos you are awesome no matter what

  • Marlo Webb
    Marlo Webb

    Where is flash????!!!!

  • stunt Rider vlogs
    stunt Rider vlogs

    I have two raccoons

  • G Isaac
    G Isaac

    I have a leopard gecko :)

  • Alexizonfyre

    Yeah I have a unusual pet ..he's a Husky named Falkor and let's just say he's pretty weird 🤣

  • Jaxon

    Got this guy in my recommended years after I stopped watching him

  • Ryan Hurrell
    Ryan Hurrell

    Roman, do what it is you need to do to stay true to yourself. If you use other platforms people we follow you. Your so insperational to millions of people. You change peoples bad days into good days just by watching you and your amazing family. Do what you need to do. Much love ♥️♥️

  • Agel Ryen
    Agel Ryen

    put it in instagram

  • fun with Alan
    fun with Alan

    LVdown has made to many rules and the have gone a bit to fare with them

  • nightangel exbeon
    nightangel exbeon

    Lucky is 4usd a gallon where from.

  • Jennifer Watson
    Jennifer Watson

    Didn't realise youtube is so sensitive. Move the "edgie" stuff to the reels

  • gaming with moosie
    gaming with moosie

    Its crazy man I've been watching roman since I was 8 its awesome im 15 turning 16 now and happy to see him and his family safe now ❤ can't wait for the future, roman Stay safe and take your time start of slow and u will eventually get used to it ,byeee

  • Nicolas Gomez
    Nicolas Gomez

    I hate LVdown’s rules can we go back to when Roman would throw the best 4th of July parties 😓

  • Random Letters
    Random Letters

    i really hate youtube.

  • Perplexed Intellectual
    Perplexed Intellectual

    Put it on all of em

  • Abdullah

    نكهتك خايسه

  • Adam

    i cry watching this only because i wish my life was like this love u roman

  • Edwin G.perez
    Edwin G.perez

    Welcome to communist nazi LVdown. They should go out of business

  • Servant of The Most High
    Servant of The Most High


  • Connorwith1N

    To the people who flagged just let Roman be

  • Judy Herman
    Judy Herman

    Create your own platform with your rules. Your fans will follow.

  • Nicole Holmberg
    Nicole Holmberg

    Keep being the edgy dad!!! I think your so amazing!! And balance it out so well. Keep being you! Don’t let other people talk down on you. We love all of you!! 😊

  • Grant Dark
    Grant Dark

    Biden is such a bad President that he even effected LVdown

  • BGPE Ttvimcracked
    BGPE Ttvimcracked

    The chicken will not fight that the roster you have to whach

  • bway

    this society now is just all sensitive its dumb i love ur vids but these kind of people are going to shut u down and i wish they would just leave you alone

  • romantic jack
    romantic jack

    does noah have a gf if not get him or help him get one

  • Nachman Treisman
    Nachman Treisman

    I have been flowing you guys for years I think you guys deserve a daily TV show

  • Dylan Hughlett
    Dylan Hughlett

    Blame all the fricking libtards who care more about feelings on behalf of another group or they make up problems so they feel a part of something

  • Erik Renner
    Erik Renner


  • AS9

    Roman Soldiers💪🏻

  • DJ Aubrey Clark
    DJ Aubrey Clark

    put it on rumble it’s like LVdown just doesn’t Center

  • Myra Mcnutt
    Myra Mcnutt

    Just put you new chickens in at night with your older ones when they are round the same size

  • WatEverItIs Now
    WatEverItIs Now

    The chicks grew so fast like flash... hehe

  • Mandalynn Celine
    Mandalynn Celine

    Create an only fans page??

  • Sargent Maxis
    Sargent Maxis

    Odyssey you can put on

  • Gunner Allen
    Gunner Allen

    a german shepard-weiner mix

  • Tyler Robinson
    Tyler Robinson

    Because everyone became soft after the pandemic and always scared to see someone else get yes ther is a very fine line and it's sad

  • Michelle Hoffman
    Michelle Hoffman

    we have two bearded dragons 😅 two ponies two normal size horses and 2 dogs 🐕

  • Dakota Bryant
    Dakota Bryant

    Sorry that my generation is extremely soft Roman, there are still a good bit of us and a lot of us are following you 😂🤙🏼 keep rocking and do you because that’s why we are here. It doesn’t matter what you chose your real fans will still be here

  • Joe

    Make a 2nd channel that you can do all your edgey work on your followers will come and live this for you day family vlogs

  • zatwhyia ward
    zatwhyia ward

    Make your own platform 🤗

  • Gianfranco Iraola
    Gianfranco Iraola

    Chinchillas here.


    Make your own platform We will be still with you

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