Welcome To Our New House
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Welcome to chapter 3! Thank you so much for being here.

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Chapter 3 starts now.

  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Welcome to Chapter 3! Thank you for waiting so long and for joining us on this new adventure. You're beautiful, You're one of a kind! Smile More.

    • alex john
      alex john

      Been watching you from the start of Chapter 2 and loved it everyday

    • Sean Kelly
      Sean Kelly

      @evoid me

    • BlazeingTiger100

      Congratulations 🎊 ‼️

    • BabyPowder

      @evoid I need it.

    • C Tap
      C Tap

      Beautiful!! MANY BLESSINGS!💜😎

  • tony clips
    tony clips

    i used to watch u all day long u posted all day i remember the dogs and how little the kids where and one thing i miss is that u made me smile on the days i was down and i’m not saying this for fun but just try so keep posting bro smile more ❤️‍🔥

  • cheryl smith
    cheryl smith

    Chapter 2

  • Rashid Shahria
    Rashid Shahria

    its just too clean for roman to live in, it feels weird

  • dylanSnIpEz smithson
    dylanSnIpEz smithson

    I used watch this everyday after school I’m now 22 the only LVdownr I have actually stayed watching 💯🤙

  • Daniel Holstrom
    Daniel Holstrom

    i joined in chapter 2

  • HantzX

    I used to watch him everyday after school and now I have graduated school and about to go to college

  • Nxsty Titan
    Nxsty Titan

    I have been watching u for 5 years don’t really know what chapter that is

  • BRXD

    Is it just me or dose there house look like team 10

  • drawing_guitarist 228
    drawing_guitarist 228

    I've been here for almost ten years.

  • MN Country Boy
    MN Country Boy

    Is it in the country

  • kflip06

    I have been here since 900000-1000000

  • Seth Thornton
    Seth Thornton

    I’m an original Back when Roman soldiers were and when ur move natural born prankster was in the making so that says a lot

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez


  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez

    One question what does the yard look liek

  • Michael Stanborough
    Michael Stanborough

    Chapter 2

  • Blake Hendry
    Blake Hendry

    The last time i watch your videos was when you guys got the other house and it been so long since i have see your vidoes

  • G :p
    G :p

    Noah can dRIVE?!?!?!

  • G :p
    G :p

    Been here since chapter one baby.

  • Christine Russell
    Christine Russell

    Omg the big bro is so tall and I haven’t seen y’all in 2 years

  • Controlled Joker
    Controlled Joker

    I remember when your oldest kid was just 7 years old

  • Controlled Joker
    Controlled Joker

    Your first video on youtube

  • Controlled Joker
    Controlled Joker

    Your first video on LVdown

  • Controlled Joker
    Controlled Joker

    Only the old fans will remember Zeus

  • Preston Erickson
    Preston Erickson

    I came in chapter one but then I forgot about you guys the I remembered you guys.

  • Erik Neace
    Erik Neace

    I used to watch this I fourth grade now I’m a sophomore

  • Anthony Allegrini
    Anthony Allegrini

    Towards the end of chapter one

  • Gavi Sidhu Vlogs
    Gavi Sidhu Vlogs

    remember one push up a day

  • Lucad Filmz
    Lucad Filmz

    I used to watch him when I was like 8 now I’m 13 still I’m in 8th grade now never forgetting this channel

  • Ducky Gamez
    Ducky Gamez

    I’ve been here since beginning of chapter 2

  • Easton Hutcherson
    Easton Hutcherson

    I have been subbed since 600,000 subscribers

  • imstillalivelmao

    this is insane

  • Magret Monteiro
    Magret Monteiro

    Whacked your video when you were at traxxas with the hydroplanning around the pond.

  • Sunny_D 211
    Sunny_D 211

    Literally remember when you made this channel

  • Marshal King
    Marshal King

    I been watching since I started painting back in 2015-16 . life has changed since then

  • Marshal King
    Marshal King

    Since when did you guys have the last kid

  • WalkerFPS


  • Silence- sAVAGE
    Silence- sAVAGE

    I joined in chapter one i still miss that German Shepard😭😭

  • Baxter Family
    Baxter Family

    Chapter 2

  • Robin Forsberg
    Robin Forsberg

    Chapter 2 🤙🏼

  • jaxson boston
    jaxson boston

    I joined chapter 2

  • LadyBurbb

    Chapter one :) always been here

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green

    Chapter one

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    Here's one- Don't Grow tired of doing Good 🙏 Viva Cristo Rey 💪🙏

  • James Dude
    James Dude

    Hey your gonna need another star for the new baby idk he’s name yet sorry haven’t been watching as much as I used to but I’m glad u guys are back up love your family hope everything is good now

  • Santiago Camacho
    Santiago Camacho

    Ive been here since before the first mil ❤️💯


    when did Cora grow up ? OMG also Noah, god bless you and your family

  • Jake Hogendoorn
    Jake Hogendoorn


  • kalebcle


  • Eileen Bartleson
    Eileen Bartleson

    Dirt three

  • SeeSpot Run
    SeeSpot Run

    That house is so damn nice. Prob worth millions!

  • Noura Alhujelan
    Noura Alhujelan

    6 years ago I saw a video of crazy plastic ball and now I pressed the subscribe button and joined you after I had been searching for your account for years and I saw it by a Coincidence I love you guys you are amazing people and their relationship with each other is very beautiful God bless you, Keep it up ! you are creative !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson

    I miss Zeus

  • Patrick Frejborg
    Patrick Frejborg

    I joined in at chapter 2. Maby in the middle of it

  • Xoxo Danilyn
    Xoxo Danilyn

    im a og i was like 8 when i sub in. A diff acount and im 14

  • luis chacon
    luis chacon

    Chapter 2

  • PlayerOne

    And Noah hit puberty 😂😂 I’ve been away for years

  • PlayerOne

    You have no idea how happy I am watching this and remembering everything

  • Nsd_jayy

    Chapter 2 😌😌

  • Wolf King
    Wolf King

    I was here in chapter 1-2 then drifted awa last year but now back for chapter 3 so happy to be back 😁

  • James Andrew
    James Andrew

    I joined in early chapter 2 and left for a bit and then now I’m joining back

  • keyisnotagamer 0997
    keyisnotagamer 0997

    I got here when u were starting in chapter 2! everything was so amazing.

  • Moshe Rojas
    Moshe Rojas

    Chapter 2 2016 you guys were my childhood


    Used to watch you everyday after school imma miss the old house

  • Salem Alshamari
    Salem Alshamari

    i joined in chapter one bc i love you guys i was in 4 grade and now im in 8 th grade love

  • Gunnar Jones
    Gunnar Jones

    WOW look at the progression that man never give up

  • Christy Humphrey
    Christy Humphrey

    I have been here since chapter 1. I still wear my smile more bracelets, t shirt and jacket....I need to get more ink pens cause out of the 5/6? I bought years ago only one is still working lol. I love y'all VERY much and y'all have got me through some bad times in my life.. you're beautiful you're one of a kind smile more

  • Bryce McNair
    Bryce McNair

    Y’all should play hide&seek

  • Eli Alexander
    Eli Alexander

    Their pantry is bigger than my bedroom

  • John Crawford IV
    John Crawford IV

    ive been here since 2016

  • Lukas Theves
    Lukas Theves

    Since Chapter 2, amazing time ✌🏻

  • Belinda Nettleton
    Belinda Nettleton

    I’ve been since mid chapter 3

  • Tanya Kennah
    Tanya Kennah

    Chapter 2......

  • Josh Ball
    Josh Ball

    These comments make me smile

  • Quinlan Price
    Quinlan Price

    I actually was here for the start of chapter 2 but when you guys stopped for a little I unsubscribed but I’m subscribed now again!!

  • Ariel Malpica
    Ariel Malpica

    Chapter 2

  • Aaron

    Used to watch u in 6th grade and I’m graduated now 😂🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️

  • Dealin Naidoo
    Dealin Naidoo

    Chapter II

  • AceGamer Toby
    AceGamer Toby

    I joined on chapter 2

  • TurbulanceMusic

    Its been a really long time and I'm sorry to ask im a little concerned what happened to the dogs?

  • Sham G
    Sham G

    Hello everyone, i hope someone in these posts responds to my question. I really wanted another one of the army style snap back smile more trucker hats.. I can't find them anywhere :(. Can someone message me with where to find them? Maybe Roman Atwood himself could help? .. please let me know it would mean a lot to me. Thanks

  • Christina Raymond
    Christina Raymond

    You mother would be proud of you

  • Caidan Murray
    Caidan Murray

    2016 is when I started watching u

  • Brandan, Wright2-
    Brandan, Wright2-




  • Nitrowut

    I join about 5-6 Years ago. when I was 9 years old. Now I'm almost 16yo and I didn't watch your videos about 1,5 years and Now I'm back. I'll Start again watch your videos.

  • Krish Abundis
    Krish Abundis

    I’ve been watching sense chapter one

  • Stephanie Stockglausner
    Stephanie Stockglausner

    Chapter 1 I love the contact

  • Jake Guevara
    Jake Guevara

    chapter 2

  • Esther

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Here’s a reminder of how much God loves you! God bless💗

  • parrila

    I love how they just- ask someone to make a new intro, 'n send it to them. lmao.

  • Josh Ambuster
    Josh Ambuster

    bruh am from chapter 1 i used to watch you when i was 9 now am 16 bro

  • wesson the bird nerd
    wesson the bird nerd

    Joined in 2015 stoped in 17 and remembered this channel and I think its awsome

  • Tyrone Waihape-Matete
    Tyrone Waihape-Matete

    Was there all of chapter 2 ❤️ miss those daily vlogs now I feel old

  • Nicholas Puglisi
    Nicholas Puglisi

    I just relised i been watchint u almost 8 years wow. Much love to u guys

  • Nicholas Puglisi
    Nicholas Puglisi

    Omg i missw zuse. Roman i had my German shepherd for 15 years hid name was toby. We had to put him to sleep Becauae his back legs were so bad he coule barley walk. I miss him so much wnd zuse remind me of him. But i love smile more and im happy your all safe. I seen this video already but im watchint it again

  • Harmony Moore
    Harmony Moore

    chapter 2

  • shanked

    I was in 2nd grade when I first started watching you, then I just searched up your name to see if you still posted, I’m going into highscool now

  • Christian Peyton
    Christian Peyton

    I used to watch all the time when I was 12-14 , you guys made the 2nd house iconic for millions of childhoods. 20 years old now and super happy for you guys

  • Sawicki

    So much have changed in my absence