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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    So much going on in this video! Hope you enjoy. Check description for all links.

    • Valeria P
      Valeria P

      @StoneRock your bestie is going going

    • Valeria P
      Valeria P

      @therealwaseem said she she did it in

    • Valeria P
      Valeria P

      @therealwaseem said that

    • M D
      M D

      Are you getting a smile more bird for the new house?

    • djmakalou


  • Alyssa_Ramos_2003

    bro, literally turn the house into smile more hq.....

  • CH

    vlogs everyday, i will see everything

  • Lauren Fowler
    Lauren Fowler

    this vlog was made on y birthday

  • Igor Rasputin
    Igor Rasputin

    Rent and give it to your kids

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams

    Wow I do exactly what she said about getting food or lunch and then sitting down to watch the vlog! Love it!

  • Marshal King
    Marshal King

    If you dont need the money just keep the hous

  • lorice steel
    lorice steel

    i love the ring , they’re sooo cool 😍

  • Jovanny Estrella
    Jovanny Estrella


  • Emily James
    Emily James

    airb&b would be really cool

  • Kris f
    Kris f

    I want a house like your old house, it’s perfect I’d die

  • Adam Hernandez
    Adam Hernandez

    Give this man your money already look at that time put in!

  • Jessika Thompson
    Jessika Thompson

    I want to see everything

  • Kaylee Bice
    Kaylee Bice

    Family vids

  • Rapid -Dragon
    Rapid -Dragon

    Dam I’ve been watching since I was 3 now I’m 13… bro I remember the Hawaii trips and snorkeling 😥 sad to see this house leave

  • Robert Burris
    Robert Burris

    old school stuff

  • Connor Doty
    Connor Doty

    Can you make a video of you making rings

  • Ava Raines
    Ava Raines

    DONT SELL IT...yall should just keep it and come back whenever you want

  • AJ Ludka
    AJ Ludka

    You should sell those rings in your website

  • Christina Raymond
    Christina Raymond

    Insane to me that that ring sold for almost 100,000

  • Xbox Manic
    Xbox Manic

    Renting would be a hassle tho but it would be very cool

  • MTGN

    Just so y'all know, that ring sold for $98,100. Check his eBay page. I'm dead serious.


    Did that thing actually sell for 100k

  • jay ward
    jay ward


  • Comedy check
    Comedy check

    yes pls rent it

  • DJ Aubrey Clark
    DJ Aubrey Clark

    keep the house

  • Omar Djadi
    Omar Djadi

    Turn it to a coworking space

  • Jaden La-boissiere
    Jaden La-boissiere

    Is no one gonna talk about how the ring sold for $98,200

  • Aleksa R
    Aleksa R

    I would come from Canada with my son to stay there for a while!

  • joe kutai
    joe kutai

    Yeaaah turn it into sth like team 10 thing like office like work space to nature careers n stuff 🙏🙏💫💫😭

  • joe kutai
    joe kutai

    Don't sell it just rent it out or an Airbnb 🙏🙏😭😭😭😭💫💫💫too much memories

  • El Pequeno
    El Pequeno

    Started watching when I was 10 now I’m 19 😭

  • Nick Ferrante
    Nick Ferrante

    Rent it out! Please!!!

  • Ace TheMC
    Ace TheMC

    “Code: movin’ out” _Billy Joel loved that_

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    did zues die?

  • Aliza Jackson
    Aliza Jackson

    I think you should keep the house for Noah like when he is old enough

  • Tiger 20
    Tiger 20

    I think you shouldn’t sell the house you should make it into a office house and also rent it out to subscribers.

  • Heather Harris
    Heather Harris

    Who else is here after looking at it on his Ebay and seeing it sold for $98,100 😳

  • Shanai Hardy
    Shanai Hardy

    Make it the smile more store

  • Anthony Betts
    Anthony Betts

    Dang I’ve been watching this when I was 9 but now 15😭😭😭dang I’ve been watching this like 6 years

  • Cierra Minnis
    Cierra Minnis

    Smile more headquarters???

  • Bruno Oliveira
    Bruno Oliveira

    You should definitely put on AirBnB .... I would go for sure ! And I’m typing from Brazil ..imagine all the people from all over the world that watches you guys! It would be amazing!

  • Rory Rushton
    Rory Rushton

    I remember watching him when I was 6..now I’m 12✋

  • Keiron Laer
    Keiron Laer

    2:49 I love that Roman still does little pranks like that 😭

  • Juan Pacaya
    Juan Pacaya

    He should sell rings

  • Yajaira Flores
    Yajaira Flores

    Definitely don’t sell it it has all the memories and it would be really sad if you did

  • Lilith.N.Morning

    As much as I would love to rent it, I think you should give it to family on the condition it stays in the family. Or rent it until Noah is 18, then give it to him and have it passed down ❤

  • Leonard chapa
    Leonard chapa

    Don’t sell the house 🏡

  • Tee Cee
    Tee Cee

    I just wanna see the family that's it

  • juan

    that ring sold for 98k, wow!

  • Picasso Black
    Picasso Black

    I for one liked seeing your ring making. It was cool. Then again, I like watching metal work period. It's been cool seeing you develope, man. Really.

  • Trevyn Peltier
    Trevyn Peltier


  • Sophia Froehlich
    Sophia Froehlich

    I would probably rent it out

  • Mac

    Rent it

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Emily O'Connor
    Emily O'Connor

    Noah could have the house

  • ChristianHoke_ 11
    ChristianHoke_ 11

    You should rent it because you have all the stuff and the rock wall will be a huge pain to take out when you sell it you have it screwed into the walls, and it is a nice house too so many memories just rent it out

  • Vertex III
    Vertex III

    sell some on smile more

  • Syed Raza
    Syed Raza

    Can we see all your family

  • clash with Garry
    clash with Garry

    The ring sold for $100k!!!!!

  • Andrew Seodyal
    Andrew Seodyal

    Thanks for sharing the ring making process, I was always interested in how you made those!

  • Emma Peterson
    Emma Peterson

    that would be so cool if you did a air bmb

  • Leiloni Culley
    Leiloni Culley

    Put it on Airbnb!! Don’t let it go

  • Ronan burns gg
    Ronan burns gg

    In the Pond did you drive a bus in there?

  • Sophie Murphy
    Sophie Murphy

    RENT IT OUT! I have been here since y’all stared and it’s the OG house on LVdown. Honestly it would be so cool to spend a weekend there with my family that also supports y’all I remember hearing about y’all from my brother and every weekend we would sit and watch all the videos from the previous week. This is the OG house and I would hate to see it go!

  • M D
    M D

    A tortoise would be cool or a bearded dragon

  • David M
    David M

    I remember watching this years ago and I wouldn't even understand half of what they were saying lol (English is not my first language) and I think doing that helped me a lot to get better at the language lmao 😭 anyways i get pretty good memories watching that house 😂

  • Jon Deal
    Jon Deal


  • BurnoutMastersLegend

    Keep it until Noah is old enough than he can do what Roman did and start his channnel

  • jake harris
    jake harris

    family vlogs at old house plz

  • jake harris
    jake harris

    i want more christmas vlogs in that house you cant move out

  • Noah Durose
    Noah Durose

    You know your a legendary LVdown when you can stop Uploading and when you come back still be relevant

  • Ernesto Mejia
    Ernesto Mejia

    Can i buy that fish tank in the smile more?!?!?

  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover

    Where is Flash?

  • Ryan Gramlich
    Ryan Gramlich

    Dirbikeeeeeess and Guuns..maybe some Rc

  • Rohit Burra
    Rohit Burra

    Wow....memory lane

  • Ryan Gramlich
    Ryan Gramlich

    If you guys set it up as an air bnb that’d be sick

  • Avah

    “Now it’s hot stinky volcanic barf” ~ Roman Atwood 2021

  • Josh Beckham
    Josh Beckham

    I want it!!!

  • Josh Beckham
    Josh Beckham

    That ring making is sooo awesome!!!

  • K MOO
    K MOO

    Overflow guest..place..

  • Cunning Wife
    Cunning Wife

    After everything you went through the good is great but the bad is something to move forward from. I feel like it could never be secure like you want. Take tons of pictures, save them in and album and smile.

  • RomWidMe

    Airbnb the house for sure 👀

  • Sally Whitemane
    Sally Whitemane

    Please sell those rings I would buy one custom made preferably

  • Alex Centers
    Alex Centers

    Save it for Noah

  • Magon Nelson
    Magon Nelson

    Rent it out lol

  • Blaine De yager
    Blaine De yager

    We're is the pinball machine

  • Tyler Russin
    Tyler Russin

    Why ruin vintage coins?! Ahausndkeoodixud!&

  • switch gaming
    switch gaming

    Roman we don't mind at all, just seeing your faces makes us all so much happier. ❤️💯

  • switch gaming
    switch gaming

    I think it's up to you but I do know for a fact that this house has so many memories not just for you and your family but for all of us. I've been watching you for 10 years sounds crazy to say out loud but it's true that house still makes me smile just seeing it. ❤️

  • Renee Guevara
    Renee Guevara

    I’m moving next week been here for 10 years a little sad I grew up here but new changes new chapter

  • riley biddix
    riley biddix

    you should somehow attach the punch out to the ring part that would be cool.

  • Kireen Reeves
    Kireen Reeves

    What happened to Flash?

  • Christo Potgieter
    Christo Potgieter

    Why dont you just keep the house

  • Tyler Knowles
    Tyler Knowles

    IVE BEEN WATCHING FOR YEARS and it would be my dream to stay there

  • Tyler Knowles
    Tyler Knowles


  • Jordan Goode
    Jordan Goode

    You could put a iguana or one or two bearded dragons in that tank

  • Madi J
    Madi J

    Bro that ring went for 98,100 crazy

  • Jae Hewitt
    Jae Hewitt

    there is not one thing in the universe to not like about this family


    What’s the temperature for that? “I don’t know….HOT”

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