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Today I share some things I don't normally talk about. Thanks for watching and joining my family. We love you

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  • Amoureux

    its amazing to be here again missed you guys its been a lonely year without you I've been with you guys for 5 years and I love you all

  • Dark Vampire
    Dark Vampire

    I’m catching up on your videos and 2 things I love is collecting gems,minerals and metals and cosplay I’m also a long term sub from 2013 I believe it was so long ago

  • Gabriel Riddle
    Gabriel Riddle

    I collect hot wheels

  • Tyler King
    Tyler King

    Collecting Funkos!

  • Bryce Swisher
    Bryce Swisher

    "I give tattoos" may have been the funniest line in the video 😂😂😂it actually made me cry a little

  • Beaudi Pettit
    Beaudi Pettit

    0:09 i know they skipped over this but vibez

  • Ethan Burke
    Ethan Burke

    Have had freeze dried mangoes and freeze dried raspberries I hate those a lot

  • Ethan Burke
    Ethan Burke

    Hi Roman my name is Ethan and the hub be or what makes me happy is collecting model trains and being with my family I like to collect o scale


    My hobby is collecting hotwheels

  • James Constantinoff
    James Constantinoff

    collecting toy cars/diecast (specifically corvettes) but in general cars are a big hobby for me

  • Blade Hedderson (STUDENT)
    Blade Hedderson (STUDENT)

    Man I just realized how many years I’ve been watching it’s crazy man I’ve grew up watching every video you made and how far you’ve come is insane

  • Smokeyy Mo
    Smokeyy Mo

    Hobby of mine would be Collecting Anime figures and Funko pops🤘

  • SHerbeck91

    I am really into cryptocurrency. Buy XRP, and XLM not Bitcoin. XRP = Next Global Digital Reserve Currency. I am also into coin collecting.

  • Mason Parrott
    Mason Parrott

    Hunting, fishing and video games

  • Gxlden

    i will never grow old of this family.... i grew up with them now im here 18 years old still loyal .. the best family on the platform

  • Kadan X
    Kadan X

    Watching your vids

  • rare neon wolf
    rare neon wolf

    Gold and Silver has nothing on Bitcoin and Litecoin

  • Isaias taveras
    Isaias taveras

    Basketball and bike riding and baseball and watching your blogs and playing video games

  • cc weng
    cc weng

    collecting stamp

  • Arlo Bro
    Arlo Bro


  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane

    Something that has been my hobby and I love it so much is helping animals from rescue centers and giving them a new life and because of that I was able to get my dog lila he was my best friend

  • Jenny Gouveia
    Jenny Gouveia

    My hobby is mountain biking. It’s pretty fun!

  • Dion D
    Dion D

    I am a huge coin collector and saddly these sort of coins stores are not where i live

  • Michael Bassler
    Michael Bassler

    Photography/fishing/fish keeping/outdoors things!!

  • Sarah Marchuk
    Sarah Marchuk

    My hobbies mostly is artwork. That started with getting into fancy coloring books designed for adults to do for stress relief. I have multiple autoimmune diseases and I have a lot of chronic pain as a result of them. Also after a few years my husband who is an amazing guy convinced me to start a coloring group so that others who have a lot of stress in their lives could benefit from it. Since the pandemic we meet online via FB Messenger. Before that I did a to. Of needle arts too.

  • Dawson Kallio
    Dawson Kallio

    my hobby is rc cars

  • İrem Fırat
    İrem Fırat

    Do the kids go to school?

  • Magon Nelson
    Magon Nelson

    Dyi diamond painting. It relaxes me and keep my anxiety down.

  • King Garcia
    King Garcia

    Where's noah

  • KeptDieChucky

    I came back wtf has happened

  • Godspeed 2
    Godspeed 2

    What makes me happy watching you guys

  • Luigi Rosado
    Luigi Rosado

    tech decks I love them I collect them

  • Brian white
    Brian white

    Bro I really love 18 wheelers and stuff in the hell the mechanics work on them super nice

  • MikeRey -Roblox
    MikeRey -Roblox

    My hobby is rc cars

  • Ross Geller
    Ross Geller


  • Carrota p
    Carrota p

    You need to end the sugar..holy

  • Nigward

    i want a relationship as roman and brit.

  • Lucas Huyck
    Lucas Huyck

    Aye I got one of those quarters

  • Peighton Murphy
    Peighton Murphy

    the concept of freeze drying is actually so cool

  • AmieSara

    You can also freeze dry breast milk. My favorite is apples, strawberries and blueberries! Surprisingly freeze dried asparagus is delicious!

  • louis kaye
    louis kaye

    gold just gold i melt it down

  • Joseph Burris
    Joseph Burris

    Why did you stop LVdown for a little bit

  • James Capuano
    James Capuano

    my hobby is rc cars

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott

    My hobby is baseball

  • erin corinne
    erin corinne

    Omg that coin shop, Alan’s, is literally right by my house in Westerville. So cool

  • ORN No cheerios
    ORN No cheerios


  • Shania Alyssa
    Shania Alyssa

    dancing or drawing

  • This is jed
    This is jed

    Making people happy and making content

  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza

    Silver and gold 🪙 is the money of god the dollar paper is not worth it

  • PeyToN__1097

    My hobby is baseball

  • D Jenkins
    D Jenkins

    You guys should buy a klx 450

  • Bread


  • Maros Pokuta
    Maros Pokuta

    I like riding dirt bike

  • Lemonshark38

    And now I’m stacking silver...

  • Cody Weihers
    Cody Weihers

    Fix an old cars

  • Coast line and Country
    Coast line and Country

    I do rc cars and fishing

  • yoli rae
    yoli rae

    Omg I love collecting coins too!!!!!!! I Like the Pure silver dollars, that what I can afford lol

  • The Gallegos Family
    The Gallegos Family

    Roman invest in doge coin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crypto currency. Screw your millions. Could be billions. Just sayin. Lol do a shoutout when you hit a billion. Lol. To the moon.

  • IP Bion
    IP Bion

    rc cars

  • Hunter Elson
    Hunter Elson

    my hobbys be making clothing and skating da streets

  • RedneckDrummer

    Collecting diecast cars and working on anything with wheels and tires are my favorite hobbies

  • Logan Neumeyer
    Logan Neumeyer

    Fishing fishing and fishing fishing on the lake

  • Dante Snyder
    Dante Snyder

    Chickens sound like Gast frome Minecraft no?

  • Merlanio Vlogs
    Merlanio Vlogs

    Love to olay

  • Jayden Jackson
    Jayden Jackson

    My hobby is airsoft and you should try it

  • PLJT

    6:43 😂😂😂

  • Killer Kazper
    Killer Kazper

    Channels a little dead without the kids

  • Sqerx

    What happened to your camera bro

  • grayson fletcher
    grayson fletcher

    Where’s Zeus?

  • Martin Gomez
    Martin Gomez

    Great vlog. Half the chat running to look through quarters lol.

  • Averagechickkk


  • Benjamin Mariani
    Benjamin Mariani

    Where is flash

  • Slayter Stevenson
    Slayter Stevenson

    Volunteer firefighter

  • Ow3nBabyツ

    My favorite youtuber back then and still to this day, man Roman never disappoints!

  • Yung Zifaendel
    Yung Zifaendel

    I’m sleeping under a bridge rn 😂

  • K.X.N.G

    1:50 “that’s legitness”🤓

  • Karla White7
    Karla White7

    My hobbie would probably be sports but the things that make me the most happy is watching ur vlogs and Christ.

  • Luis Seguinot
    Luis Seguinot

    What happened to the dogs

  • miquias the random
    miquias the random

    I’m 19 and bought 7,000 dogecoin and it’s going up every like 2 weeks

  • Jamiesweet1

    Freeze dried skittles are really good

  • Trey Banga
    Trey Banga

    Ur daughter is so adorable. I don’t think there’s a time in any video she isn’t smiling. Daughters r the best!!!

  • Karl

    photography, just started to buy equipment

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown

    Tech deck

  • RC squirrel YT
    RC squirrel YT

    I play with model trains from Hornby

  • K -Almarzooqi
    K -Almarzooqi

    My hobby is training and owning birds and rescue injured birds. I know that’s not much but I enjoy seeing a bird grow and fight through the pain and injury’s 💔🙂

  • Karla Garcilazo
    Karla Garcilazo

    I don’t have a hobby but I would like to start one.

  • Jenna Martin
    Jenna Martin

    In shore & off shore fishing!! Born & raised in SoFlo

  • Amanda Pontius
    Amanda Pontius

    I have been collecting any silver coins I can find. If I'm working I'll buy the coin out of the register lol

  • Nicole Kobor
    Nicole Kobor

    I've been watching you for 8 years

  • Aman Battan
    Aman Battan

    Watching youtube is my hobby

  • Liam Sandoval
    Liam Sandoval

    what makes me happy is playing football :)


    Being there for people

  • Positive T Man
    Positive T Man

    My mom also has lots of old coins but I like collecting Record albums and hats and T-shirts. And would love to collect more LVdown subscribers but it’s not easy😎. Stay positive and never give up my friend

  • Gabi Crispin
    Gabi Crispin


  • Kinsley Markum
    Kinsley Markum

    Me and my dad collect old coins 🪙 it’s one of my favorite things

  • Life with Bails
    Life with Bails

    I love that coin place in Westerville!!!!

  • Tysen Mckay
    Tysen Mckay

    Boxing makes me hapoy

  • Banjo Bear
    Banjo Bear

    I love this dude. Made me want a family 6 years ago

  • Nathan 44
    Nathan 44

    I do LVdown as a hobby. I don’t get a lot of views or subs but I love making videos

  • BearsBeats

    My hobby is playing Minecraft. ps love you Roman I can’t believe how much you and your family have grown every time I watch you I remember to smile more

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