Forced Off YouTube - Full FBI Story
Over the last year we have been forced off of LVdown. This video will help explain why we left. Thank you for your support.

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  • زيوني ابن الجنوب
    زيوني ابن الجنوب


  • #jiminn

    جيت من مستر شوكليت:))

  • adam Becker
    adam Becker

    Wow crazy.....I was wondering what happened to you. Stay strong been watching your videos from the very very beginning.

  • Speed Driven
    Speed Driven

    Wait so So they never showed up on you?


    مين اجا من مستر شوكليت 🙂🧐

    • #jiminn


    • オハイオ


  • JTP3X

    Idk how I came across this, and if it is, in fact, true then I’m sorry they’re going thru it bc nobody deserves that. But the guy seems so full of shit I can’t get past it. Maybe it’s because he’s talking like he’s explaining it to a f’n 5 year old. But yea, if I had to place a bet, I’d bet all of it on them being full of shit. At the very least extremely exaggerated.

  • Jackiieboii Wang
    Jackiieboii Wang

    Might be someone you know Bob Marley song who the cap fit. Or could just be a complete stranger but either way that's crazy

  • Andy H
    Andy H

    With the FBI involved and the stalker actually contacting you. Who did the stalker turn out to be? What was their motivation to terrorise you over 12 months? What happened to them?

  • Tasha Gilmour
    Tasha Gilmour

    i don't know how u managed to deal with this me 16 years old would've been in hospital from the stress and the fear of this i think everyone can agree that we wish u the best and happy that you're safe and happier now xxx

  • Trent Barr
    Trent Barr

    Good content. 9:27

  • TheHagShow

    I feel like this has something to do with the dark web ?

  • HazySky

    Imagine being so low in life that you have the urge to do things to some family that never did anything to you

  • Trinity Yay
    Trinity Yay

    This is horrible people are out of their minds I'm sorry this happened to you guys

  • Mr.Farmer

    I hate people like that hope you catch them,glad your back and safe.

  • Franco Vara Chavez
    Franco Vara Chavez

    Man you guys will forever and always be one of my favorite youtubers for life I basically grew up watching you guys when I was a kid now I’m 21 and ready to watch new videos when I have time

  • Dawn Moccia-Hooper
    Dawn Moccia-Hooper

    Im so sorry you all had to deal with all of that. So glad you are back. Ive been watching you all for years all have shared your lives with me and millions of others and we are all better for that. Family is did the right thing. I hope they all get whats coming to them! Smile More😁

  • crypto man
    crypto man

    this is bull shit lol

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith

    im glad to hear your safe im sure we all understand. I understand and would like to know your safe over in fear.

  • Wes Hunter
    Wes Hunter

    U can get a security gorilla for $500.000 dollars

  • Dustin Richards
    Dustin Richards

    Who dis likes a video like this :(

  • Ayssu

    shutting off the power in the middle of winter sounds like the start of a psychopath movie. I’m glad you guys are safe and just the fact that they could enter the premises is so creepy and scary

  • Brandon & Colby’s Mom Carter
    Brandon & Colby’s Mom Carter

    I can’t imagine what your family has went through. You clearly are a close, loving, mutually supportive family. I wish you nothing but the best. My son, who is 15 yrs of age, had me watch one of your videos. I have no doubt that you are having a positive influence upon him. My son is such a blessing in my life. Please know that you & your family are now in my prayers. God Bless & Keep you! ❤️🙏

  • Emir

    what an assholes they will get theirs.

  • Bryan s
    Bryan s

    Short version. A Stocker hacking into your familys life . This makes me sad .I hope this was completely resolved . And whoever was doing this was brought to Justice .

  • Kevin Coburn
    Kevin Coburn

    That's crazy people always want to f with somebody that's got something better than them hope everything goes okay for you guys I'd be more mad than scared

  • Beaudi Pettit
    Beaudi Pettit

    i love how throughout the vid knox just flips the bird he so cutee

  • Joseph Culpan
    Joseph Culpan

    have a gun on you at all time

  • Farkle darple
    Farkle darple

    That is unbelievable!! You guys are such good people!! I hope the best for you guys!! Stay safe.

  • Morals208

    Sounds like gang stalkers, look it up. Hopefully you see this before it’s erased. Also talking about this makes it worse, it’s messed up. Me just commenting will make it start happening again to me.

  • Alex The crazy car geek
    Alex The crazy car geek

    I was 7 when I started watching now I’m 16! Close to 17

  • Rachelle Williams
    Rachelle Williams

    Really? Can someone please point out the timestamp where they actually get to the damn point??

  • Ethan Dennis
    Ethan Dennis

    this disgust me at a point its past being funny and jokes i would shoot someone for messing with my family you need 24 hour security

  • Christine Pierce
    Christine Pierce

    👩‍🎤 I’m in my 60’s and I have always enjoyed your videos. I had my notifications turned on and I just thought you guys just moved onto a bigger and better source of $$$ like we all do once in a while. Unfortunately I understand from a personal experience. I too had support from our local LEO’s and a family member who had to remain anonymous. They organised everything and secretly put me on a plane to Hawaii and I couldn’t tell anyone where I moved to. Your local LEO’s and the FBI did it right. Quietly, quickly, fast and without announcements like we’re going on holiday to visit family in Europe for a couple weeks. I’m so sorry this happened to you guys. There’s classes you can take that will teach you “situational awareness,” certain kinds of self defence skills and technology skills and other info designed for your unique situation. 👩‍🎤 I’m glad you guys are back. Wait wait wait, one more thing... Teach Your Kids about one of the “Stranger Danger” programs without scaring them or giving them nightmares.✝️

  • Meatslicr McDuncan
    Meatslicr McDuncan

    I don’t know how I’ve never heard of you until I got on gfuels website. Seem like an amazing family mine would love to have adventures with.

  • Big John
    Big John

    Damn!!! I never thought in a correction in a trillion years would ever ever gone through my mind that this would ever happen to you guys. Who always bring a positive attitude in your daily videos. Those stalkers are some FBI, High powerful government hackers. Are like really High High High next level stalkers. Stay safe. SMILE MORE!!!

  • Judy Herman
    Judy Herman

    So so sorry you and your family had to go through that. I really want to commend you for wanting to encourage us when you yourselves need lifted up. You have been an inspiration to so many. Thank you for wanting to continue with your positive outreach to thousands. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Angel Solis
    Angel Solis

    Gangstalkers are real and it’s a shame they don’t believe most of the victims that go through this

  • Technomonster99

    sorry to hear this dude

  • Patched Vvs
    Patched Vvs


  • Lindsay Ellen Thomas Cornejo
    Lindsay Ellen Thomas Cornejo

    The only thing I can say is that I feel so sorry for the whole entire Atwood family and if I was in your situation I would have security guards in front of my house all of that and I am so sorry that y’all had to go through that

    • Christina Raymond
      Christina Raymond

      I think he does. I remember seeing and his saying he has state police on patrol at all times at his front gate entrance

  • Kip Karr
    Kip Karr

    this is crazy to me, it’s so sad what this world has come to, you guys are always so positive and do such good things for everyone, your whole business is based on being happy and being positive, it’s crazy that someone so evil could do this, love you guys ❤️

  • northbunny

    Roman I’m so sorry that u and ur beautiful family had to go threw this that’s is cruelty u guys don’t deserve it u guys do everything to make people smile and happy I’m so sorry

  • Muhammad Danish
    Muhammad Danish

    Americans are jealous of their own americans.... Miss your old house.... Roman Atwood and family

  • Mat m.s
    Mat m.s

    It's Most probably the people you know personally, who are jealous of the success you have experienced.

  • pxndxzo

    some of the worst parts of being famous 😢

  • Nick Plays
    Nick Plays

    Hey Roman been watching you for a while now really sorry to hear all this is happening to anyone let alone you and your family really hope they put a stop to all this you guys don’t deserve this let alone anyone take care Roman and your family bro

  • david viveros
    david viveros

    What year did this happen?

    • Kenneth Chung
      Kenneth Chung

      The whole year of 2020


    This is crazy

  • Jay Edwards
    Jay Edwards

    Jeez this is bloody scary. So glad your gorgeous family are safe ❤

  • Neon Fox
    Neon Fox

    I am glad its over and you guys are save , i know the feeling in a way bc i live on a farm in south africa and just recently got attacked on the farm and got shot in the hand so i have a feeling how it can be.

  • Ashley Elias
    Ashley Elias

    I'm so sorry

  • gaming with noah zain muhammed
    gaming with noah zain muhammed

    Bro this just like shows how dark people can be in this world so devilish so scary it's cruel on how this damn world can be

  • ash

    does anyone know if they caught the stalkers

  • ash

    this is so sad

  • Adam Lee
    Adam Lee

    Why can't they trace the numbers they are texting you from?

  • Brendan Richmond
    Brendan Richmond

    This is just terrible, I'm so sorry that this happened to you.

  • Karen Minckler
    Karen Minckler

    This is just wrong. So sorry you had to go threw this. Hope you are where you can feel safe now. God be with you and your family.

  • The Northman - Drone & Vlog
    The Northman - Drone & Vlog


  • Arzy Army
    Arzy Army

    Omg i hope you guys are ok we all love you try to sta calm we are,with you

  • S Marie
    S Marie

    Does anyone know how they kept getting into their phones even when they changed their numbers? I’m having the same problem

  • Derrick Ayala
    Derrick Ayala

    I been waiting since I was 10 im 16 now😭😭😭 they the real ogs of LVdown

    • Derrick Ayala
      Derrick Ayala


  • Derrick Ayala
    Derrick Ayala

    Only organizations like CIA and cartel can get a hold of stuff like that like that’s just crazy

  • Derrick Ayala
    Derrick Ayala

    That’s definitely some cartel shit

    • Derrick Ayala
      Derrick Ayala

      No way around it😂

  • Derrick Ayala
    Derrick Ayala

    That’s crazy they literally hacked y’all’s whole life that’s like some cartel shi

  • Jason Ford
    Jason Ford

    Did the FBI contact you? Or did you contact the FBI.?

  • Jason Ford
    Jason Ford

    It's the FBI.

  • mariela gonsalez
    mariela gonsalez

    I literally watch this in 2020 and it was posted in 2021 . I'm not lieing

  • Sebastian Hernandez
    Sebastian Hernandez

    This kinda sounds like pretty little Liars and the stalker is a lolz but sorry about what they did to your fam

  • John


  • J kins
    J kins

    Im sorry to here this. You always gave positivity to so many people. Stay strong

  • Pokémon catcher
    Pokémon catcher

    I’m happy you guys are OK

  • Violette Stanley
    Violette Stanley

    Not to discredit them or anything- and I haven’t seen any other videos by them- but as someone who’s studied a lot of body language: I can pick up a lot of emotional distress and the man putting a lot on emphasis on “believe me” movements such as his head lurching forward, pulling from the chest motions, and eyebrow raising. But there’s also a lot of subconscious disagreements. When people lie or don’t believe what they’re saying, they often shake their head while they’re stating something. Both people do this a LOT. Pursing their lips a lot is a subconscious “I probably shouldn’t be saying this” thing as well. Looking to the left also signifies fabrication. The women is regularly looking to the man for information on how to react and looking at the camera to quite possibly check and make sure she’s reflecting the appropriate emotion. Also pushing your hands down or pushing towards someone or something is a “don’t contest me on this.” this is open to interpretation. Keeping the baby in the video could also be a method of “look at us. We are nurturing. We are trustworthy.” Prolonged blinks are usually a method of distancing from the subject at hand. This can either show discomfort, anxiety, disdain, or uncertainty towards what’s being said. Raising one corner of the mouth while raising the eyebrows signifies disgust with what’s being said. This happens usually when he’s trying to talk about what the stalker said to him. But this is usually coupled with “believe me” motions followed by subconscious head shakes. Coming off as “believe me even though I don’t believe what I’m saying.” Body language is not 100% accurate so take this with a grain of salt but this is simply what I observed.

  • Michael Lue
    Michael Lue

    Please tell me the stalkers have been caught and locked up right?

  • Ameliaxxjaxon

    I can’t even imagine! What u guys have been through your family is so lovely and pure like what the actual hell!!! That’s beyond scary and you’ve got children to worry about on top of your own safety like no joke it’s like an actual horror film

  • Skitz

    Its ok to cry everyone cries im not crying you are i lovr you guys you helped me through so much. God bless you

  • TheSmallksmall

    Scary 😦 so sorry the family had to do through this.

  • Sam G
    Sam G

    I hope the stalker was arrested and put away for a very long time

  • H1GH Velocity1401
    H1GH Velocity1401

    We are with you Roman. Your families safety will always come before your channel. We understand. Your families safety is all that matters in this situation and in all situations. All dislikes are from selfish people who don’t care. Stay safe Roman and keep your head on a swivel, this guys sound serious

  • Michelle Egounis
    Michelle Egounis

    I'm so sorry u guys had to go through such a horrible time... sending lots of love and prayers that better days are to come! U guys are amazing and I'm so glad u all are ok! Btw...your son is beautiful ❤️😘

  • Daniel Dionne
    Daniel Dionne

    People are quick to forget their is true evil in this world.

  • yung BH
    yung BH

    thats crooked

  • Abby Chappuis
    Abby Chappuis

    I can't believe, you, who lift up so many people, or anybody would have to go through that! I can't believe anyone would do that to someone else. I am so happy it is ending for you guys.


    praying for you from middle east. kuwait please stay safe always pray ily ! make travels to middle east have gaurds in ur house pls

  • Imabotoweewee

    You're welcome for all this Mr. Atwood

  • Apollion Helios
    Apollion Helios


  • Hashim Ali Rafiq
    Hashim Ali Rafiq

    Shivers.... Shivers.... Hope you're all okay 😖😖

  • Chasebandz Lat3
    Chasebandz Lat3

    Dis Sht not even scary it’s weird asf

  • Shin Joomin
    Shin Joomin

    Am I the only one wondering why he didn't vlog any of those incidents mentioned?

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres

    did those stalkers get caught?

  • Gabriel Evans
    Gabriel Evans

    I’m only 12 so I can’t understand wut u guys r going through I hope u guys get through this

  • Jenna Mackey
    Jenna Mackey

    I’m sorry y’all had to go through this. I have been watching your videos for years now.

  • Bay State Anti Predator Squad
    Bay State Anti Predator Squad

    Why the hell would someone be so obsessed with harassing one family, for months on end.

  • Nicole Arenas
    Nicole Arenas

    I know that what you have gone through was very terrifying and it is the ugly truth where everyone gets to hold information of what you put over the internet especially for Public figures like you, sharing your lives. And even with good intentions to share Positivity and to document your life but then at the end of the day where the reality shows that there are other people that can do bad and unimaginable things out of jealousy, hate, craziness etc.. The world is so scary but still grateful for what God have created and that goodness always wins. I pray for your safety, good health and to live life comfortably away from harms and hates.

  • Mich S
    Mich S

    Literally the most mentally stable prankster

  • Tayler Sandlin
    Tayler Sandlin

    My god...

  • Dorothy Marsh-Aller
    Dorothy Marsh-Aller

    Electric fence

  • Izzy Leal
    Izzy Leal

    I wonder what happened to him

  • ScorpioSOB

    Seriously all this can be done very easily now in days. Everything is smart this and smart that, social engineering is out of control. And no not a government agencies would care to do this.

  • Brian vlogs
    Brian vlogs

    For baby hiccups use gripe water

  • Snoop

    Mr. Mercedes

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