Rest In Peace
So much in this video. Thank you for always being here.

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  • Kayla bennett
    Kayla bennett

    go to a movie, out for dinner, getting ice cream

  • Hartley Clark
    Hartley Clark

    I stopped watching after Zeus died because it made me so sad not seeing him in any more videos but now I am watching again

  • Jax Edwards
    Jax Edwards

    What happened to flash

  • Xxgav849xX

    well my grandpa died the same way and the same day when your guys dog bow died

  • el chapito
    el chapito

    wheres flash

  • [STW] Clan
    [STW] Clan

    any1 else think noah died

    • [STW] Clan
      [STW] Clan


  • Valeria Crescioni
    Valeria Crescioni

    We're is flash 🥺

  • Xoxo Danilyn
    Xoxo Danilyn

    I keep saying my self dont tell me

  • Gabriel Frank
    Gabriel Frank

    Only ogs remember the school bus in the river omg I'm miss those times😔

  • Patrick Garvey
    Patrick Garvey

    So her shepherd might of passed from separation from the other dog it’s common for for it to happen bc if one passes u really should give the other dog a lot of attention

  • Riley Gibson
    Riley Gibson

    Woah been watching for 6 years or more

  • Paul David Rupright
    Paul David Rupright

    What were there names

  • Drippy Kidd Tv
    Drippy Kidd Tv

    started in 3rd-4th grade now i graduate this year

  • bella

    omg y’all scared me i really thought flash died for a second

  • Caleb Zuniga
    Caleb Zuniga

    I’m so sorry the same thing happened to my dog

  • TunedZ FN
    TunedZ FN

    anybody know what those graves are? im guessing one of them are zues

  • Monster King
    Monster King

    no did zeus die????

  • PlayerOne

    Omg!!!!!!!!Talk about nostalgia I used to watch you years ago!!!!! I had a rough time in life for such a long time and now I’m just trying to be better. I’m happy to know you still make videos!!

  • Holden Engert
    Holden Engert

    I go to a casino

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker


  • Brittney Walter
    Brittney Walter

    My grandparents rooster died

  • tyler discord
    tyler discord

    4 years ago i used to love you man but i stopped watching and now i have rediscovered you

  • Ryley Thompson
    Ryley Thompson

    The dogo died from missing his buddy

  • We da best FORNITE KIDS Brownie
    We da best FORNITE KIDS Brownie

    Can we see the kids more

  • Christian Seals
    Christian Seals

    Give your life to God it will be the best decision you ever made🙏🏾 I promise I love u and God loves u more that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ our lord and savior to die for our sins🗣


    I’m sure they didn’t watch that much of the movie

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores

    I started watching when I was 5 now im 12

  • Tara Banks
    Tara Banks

    I love you guys

  • Photo Shooter
    Photo Shooter

    I was 20, living in Bangladesh when I started watching your pranks. Now I'm married and living in LA. Still feels like yesterday when I came accross your pranks on youtube.

  • Marshall Witherow
    Marshall Witherow

    Where's the gtr

  • Logan Herlick
    Logan Herlick

    haveint watch you in a hot minit

  • Jeff Froment
    Jeff Froment

    Roman still one of the best You Tubers and he's been vlogging for like 10+ years.

  • Maji Johnson
    Maji Johnson

    The 5 year old dog must've died from depression awww😓😓r.i.p💯❤

  • tiny toby
    tiny toby

    nice truck let me guess gmc denali yukon xl?

  • Chuck Strandburg
    Chuck Strandburg

    Sorry about the dogs

  • Mocha ✨💙💛💓
    Mocha ✨💙💛💓

    I feel bad for whoever believed them that someone died

  • briana lunt
    briana lunt

    Named my dog after Zeus 🖤

  • Kernal Sanders
    Kernal Sanders

    I remember watching him before middle school now im in 11th where has the time went

  • Joel Anthony
    Joel Anthony

    What happened with flash

  • Energy Mask
    Energy Mask

    13:43 yes please teach him while you can😂😂don’t ever say that, that’s cringe

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper

    So sad

  • bigjuicypear69


  • Crazy Gamer2006
    Crazy Gamer2006

    My moms horse is 24 years old


    Bro I thought flash died dude thank god he isn’t god bless those pups though

  • Odalys Garcia
    Odalys Garcia

    Who missed his old video

  • PapaGibby13

    I started watching your channel when I was in 4th grade. I’m a Sophmore now. Jeeeeeesus

  • Jaden Lee
    Jaden Lee

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • Cookieboy Tiger
    Cookieboy Tiger

    Are you guys ever gonna come back to LVdown full time again

  • Spartan C809
    Spartan C809

    I have not seen a Romanatwood video in years and too see their little girl at the age she is too. It's like where did the time go?

  • Tryp Official
    Tryp Official

    I started watching you as a kid now I’m joining the army I’m boutta cry

    • EthanIsDumb-


  • Jacob Lewis
    Jacob Lewis

    been with the atwood family through 6 youtube accounts and for going on to 9 years now


    Your family is beautiful. I love all your animals too and I'm so sorry about the two doggies that passed away!

  • Xic CODM
    Xic CODM

    No I was 9 wen I se this Chanel I came back I’m now 16 😢😭

  • Panther squad
    Panther squad

    I just got back from a tractor pool that’s what I was doing today

  • Adam Drysdale
    Adam Drysdale

    I stopped watching a couple years ago because of problems and I've come back today to see that his intro hasn't changed and neither has the family

  • Rb _56
    Rb _56

    This video could be a horror 😂

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • pxndxzo


  • Nebulous Pranks
    Nebulous Pranks

    whos graves are those

  • Country kid
    Country kid

    I like going to my camp and hunting

  • Claire Caldwell
    Claire Caldwell

    Why doesn’t your horse and donkeys have any pasture to run around in????????!!!😡😡😡😡

  • Burb on gfuel
    Burb on gfuel

    Been watching him for a while i was 9 now im 14 bout to be 15

  • Yung Redd
    Yung Redd

    im 13 rn, been watching since 7 🙏🏼

  • Z F
    Z F

    You guys are paranoid lol

  • Piper Ok
    Piper Ok

    I've literally been watching y'all since I was 5 I turn 12 next year 😪

  • Nathan Watkins
    Nathan Watkins

    i still have this damn 1/500 fidget spinner from roman i got the blue one

  • elijah bell
    elijah bell

    Where's flash he is the cutest husky

  • Free Food
    Free Food

    God bless u all

  • Leyati Jim
    Leyati Jim

    we're is nohaw

  • cdp supreme 1
    cdp supreme 1

    I started watching you 6 years ago wen you did the video in Christmas

  • Jedi knight
    Jedi knight

    i misss whaoch you so much but now i stell can

  • LE papa
    LE papa

    Bro I remember watching his everyday for 4 or 5 years

  • Tim Mullany
    Tim Mullany

    Where is knower your videos are so cool

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Luna Anton
    Luna Anton

    Go to Hawaii j

  • Origanal DyOG
    Origanal DyOG

    i've been watching roman since i was 7, i'm 15 now it's crazy how everything has changed since then this man has been through a lot and still manages to smile

    • Sarah Belle
      Sarah Belle

      Same story here

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas

    Yo Roman I got the same hat as you


    where is Zues and flash?

    • bruh


  • THE PPL31
    THE PPL31

    Im in tears when i remember back in the day i use to watch roman atwood vlogs whith my friends the vibe of roman atwood still make me happy

  • Bla6ck

    12:09 I'm crying cuz that makes remember when my 16 year old dog hit her leg and couldn't walk her name was sugar she was the best dog in the world we had to put her to sleep 2 years ago IM SO SAD

  • Fuck Rankin
    Fuck Rankin

    I been watching him since a baby


    City slick can’t hang in the sticks

  • Willie B Yt
    Willie B Yt

    Where’s flash

  • fahad qasir
    fahad qasir

    According to me the perfect hangout spot is sitting near a riverside,eating some snacks and just chilling with my homies.

  • Alisha Sanders
    Alisha Sanders

    sorry for your loss

  • skatebro.s

    Yo I’m back after five yearsAnd this man has still got the same freaking intro that is respect

  • Veikra

    happy birthday tiny horse

  • Donna Edwards
    Donna Edwards

    Got a dead channel you 15m subs and 2 mill views on this vid

  • Ben Sawyer
    Ben Sawyer

    Where’s your chainsaw chaps

  • Angel Marquez
    Angel Marquez

    We need more Brit

  • idania gutierrez
    idania gutierrez

    This is what unkown killed them😔

  • Jessica Sarro
    Jessica Sarro

    idk of no one noticed or anything but jeez the tint is so dark LMAO has to be double %5

  • Allen Newborn
    Allen Newborn

    The moment you said that you've not been alone without kids in 3 months, I chuckled, as though that's a long time. I've been married for 24 years and have NEVER been gone from the house without the kids outside of business trips. Never for pleasure. lol... Good on you guys to make this happen.

  • Jrbr Vlogs casillas team
    Jrbr Vlogs casillas team

    My bigger brother has grew up watching Roman and the family

  • Farmer Boy
    Farmer Boy

    I watch you every day Roman

  • Edgy Daddy
    Edgy Daddy

    I was watching Roman when I was in 6th grade now im almost 20 😭 crazy

  • Sergej Trninic
    Sergej Trninic

    He is the definition of we made it🚫🧢

  • Tanya Lewis
    Tanya Lewis

    You should get ducks

  • Latricia barnes
    Latricia barnes

    So much bigger

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    What about a gun