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  • Tayyab Tayyab
    Tayyab Tayyab

    Well as a Russian 🇷🇺 Russia has already taken over the world and Russia🇷🇺 is the most powerful country in the world and you all know that . That's why we don't get any complaints from are allies

  • Kashmir Gatlin
    Kashmir Gatlin

    Mine started at 7 years old after my 18 year old cousin died

  • cesar ramirez
    cesar ramirez

    I’m trippin balls and I feel like he is too lowkey what is this mans saying

  • cesar ramirez
    cesar ramirez

    Lemme have what he’s having

  • Lady Love71
    Lady Love71

    I honestly never heard of you snd this was first video I ever clicked on. Wow thank you 😊.

  • billy smith
    billy smith

    Thanks Roman 🙏🙏

  • Jay Flynn
    Jay Flynn

    Only ogs remember the red truck 😢

  • Exotics

    Only real ogs remember when he pretended to steal peoples gas.

  • Tyler

    i relate to the story , i smoked a laced blunt and triggered panic attacks and i was scared to leave the house bc they would trigger , that happened when i was 15 it was a peer pressured thing.

  • YTeddie Jsnajsna
    YTeddie Jsnajsna

    Only OGs remember Zeus

  • Brandi Todd
    Brandi Todd

    We love you guys! You are beautiful and have a beautiful soul. I know you won't see this but you have made an amazing impact on our everyday lives as human beings. Even when you weren't holding yourself together you made us feel better and confident. I love you and glad you have finally taken time out for you and your family 💙💙

  • SirdeeXIV _
    SirdeeXIV _

    Bro this man raised me

  • Jackie O.
    Jackie O.

    the way im just tearing up watching your videos catching up. i grew up watching you and now the intro hasnt changed- you haven’t changed. wow my heart is full.

  • Wain_HD

    How many costs it?

  • Zach Thurston
    Zach Thurston

    Dam he looks older now

  • Cesar L
    Cesar L

    Saw this video when it first came out and I’m back rewatching thanks

  • Jessica Vilt
    Jessica Vilt

    Hi Atwood family whatever is going on in ur life take care of that first. I remember Zeus when he was just a baby. I always loved the videos. I remember every single one of them. U saying to all fans including myself that we r like family to u and how we made a difference for u guys hit at least I know my life has sometime of purpose. I been feeling just down lately not just cuz of I miss hoe things were just normal before this pandemic hit but personal things . So thank u for the kind words.

  • Tirsiak Smith
    Tirsiak Smith

    If I wanted to talk to an asshole, I'd fart! 🤣

    • BabyCola

      If I’d hate on someone, I’d keep it to myself!

  • Tony Escobar
    Tony Escobar

    thank you for sharing this roman, im 18 I think the same way. its a battle tho❤️

  • Novaa

    I respect this man so much, I have suffered with anxiety, depression and panic attacks since I can remember and I know how hard it can be to talk about things like this to people you know, let alone 15.6 million people... I have so much respect for you because you have done something that I have never been able to do and that is talk about mental health and problems that you get in your head. I love you and your family man and I really hope things improve for you! I have been watching for years and its great to see how far you have come! Smile more :))

    • Today’s Tomorrow
      Today’s Tomorrow

      Ok Assa

  • IShowSpeed Fan Page
    IShowSpeed Fan Page

    Cant believe there was no new year’s vlog I’m glad that everything is well

  • Brandon Long
    Brandon Long

    I'm stuck in the present not realizing the future while pondering on the past and present.... You have definitely showed me some light

  • V H
    V H

    His new saying is Cry More this guy is the biggest cry baby.

  • Marie Holder
    Marie Holder

    2020 was crazy and 2021 is still crazy

  • Racheal Adenrele
    Racheal Adenrele

    i am new and i already love the vidoes

  • MissyJo

    Thanks for sharing your story I suffer with the same anxiety and depression... God bless you and your family 💕

  • Jaicob Johnson
    Jaicob Johnson

    Who remembers the tours with fouseytube

  • brandon hong
    brandon hong

    That really hurt

  • Keenan Rose
    Keenan Rose

    Roman I just want you to know that your amazing and nobody can take that away from you I hope your family and you are safve

  • Elijah Rivera
    Elijah Rivera

    Only OGS know family and pranks video

  • B Mulhatton
    B Mulhatton

    I remember that fish tank being built when I was still a teenager and had no worries 😲😅

  • X.Snowyy.X

    It’s been 4 years Roman....I miss this 😔

  • Beige Connection Productions
    Beige Connection Productions

    Never left us hanging Roman, you have always been there for us. And now your family needs you. Be safe.

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson

    you can do it bud ,hang in there

  • Kym Cook
    Kym Cook

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart

  • Josh Leonard
    Josh Leonard

    all i here is he made alot of money and wanted a break

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson

    We need u back

  • Y2tt

    Only PhD remover when I shit my pants

  • Toldyaso

    Knox! What an awesome name. I love it. He's such a big guy. Congratulations!

  • Iwan sammy
    Iwan sammy

    I remember when they setup the fish tank 🥺

  • Alesha Nelson
    Alesha Nelson

    We've missed you so much... I missed watching your videos and getting motivated.. hearing the you're beautiful your one of a kind smile more... I hope your situation gets resolved very soon 🙏❤️

  • Michelle Copeland
    Michelle Copeland

    I really hope you guys stay strong and positive, I really hope that you're still ok and safe and your fears are starting to back down and that you are able to finally get a goods night rest. Thank you for always making the world smile and stay positive is how it's been crazy lately.

  • Caden

    Please run for president of the United States Roman. You are the light!!

  • Soyt ca
    Soyt ca


  • Jasonups5

    Your running out of money again? So basically your begging again

  • Clara Vidal
    Clara Vidal


  • Evaristo Lopez
    Evaristo Lopez

    definitely helps bro ive been going through the same thing much love brotha

  • Paige Findlater
    Paige Findlater

    We NEED to bring back daily push-ups, it give so much MOTIVATION. ❤️

  • Ramy D
    Ramy D

    People tend to FORGET Dat they are NORMAL human beings just like us.: muhhh love ❤️ too u & ur FAMILY🙂..thanks 🙏🏻 for making us SMILE 😊 @ entertaining US For all this YEARS!! 😃🤗🙏🏼🙏🏼💯💯💯

  • Elias O'Neill
    Elias O'Neill

    Thanks roman that' does help abit I do have anxiety and I'm scared it will never go away but atleast Ik I'm not alone

  • UnKnown Squad
    UnKnown Squad

    Dude I’m worried, ur like stuttering, breathing hard, and moving a lot? Hope ur ok man🥰😰😰😞😞😞

  • R34_ Ducky
    R34_ Ducky

    Only the OGs remember Zuse

  • kat kat
    kat kat

    I agree I see so much anger no and days. its really sad to see. when we are all going through situations. like you say smile more. it's very important, don't let your situation defeat you. stay positive and focused and happy.

  • kat kat
    kat kat

    that's a nice fish tank.

  • Kralkuscov

    I prolly sound like a dick but we all know roman is stacked with cash, I'm surprised he hasn't hired a Private security group which can do better work than the FBI.

  • R6 - epk
    R6 - epk

    Bro I have a really bad depression where I should take medication but am skipping cause am living a happier life without the medication

  • Kalista Friday
    Kalista Friday

    I have the same exact thing!! It started when I was about 12....I feel comfort knowing someone like him goes through the same things

  • G’day Reefing
    G’day Reefing

    Mp40 or mp60??

  • Mohamed Akrouh
    Mohamed Akrouh

    Only true fans will remember him going to the twenty one pilots conserte

  • Kelly Still
    Kelly Still

    Stay positive guys

  • NiKoLaS MaSeVsKi
    NiKoLaS MaSeVsKi

    Let me tell you something brutha 2020 ether made you or broke you! U have been made

  • B X T
    B X T

    Who stopped watching Him like along time ago an came back an thought huh dang miss the old days

  • Bub Dawg's What do you think?
    Bub Dawg's What do you think?

    crying! for Money!

  • ben sinnott
    ben sinnott

    glad to see him smiling

  • Havqx

    Ive seen so many “only ogs remember” comments that i wanna stop watchin youtube at this point nobody gives a fuck if your an og or not just watch the damn video

  • Cristina Hercules
    Cristina Hercules

    Well we all have fears I have fears and every time I see it I break down to tears because is something that I can’t explain but it just there. My problem with me is I can’t stay in a job the always fired me , because whatever they explain so many time I don’t do it I do it all wrong. And where here I’m worry about my self what I’m gonna do with my life bringing my self down , when I should think positive but honestly I’m the worst person who thinks that ain’t gonna happen and when I said it. It doesn’t happen 😪, crazy right but some how I figured out what to do if I can’t stay in a job and happens with friends too that’s why I’m always alone. Is sad but I deal with it I dkw if this is a problem but I feel like I’m the only one who is going through that . Is hard I’m on the process to keep going sometimes is hard to see light . On my mind .

  • Jonas Dahl
    Jonas Dahl

    Anyone remember when he had his smile more shop in the basement? And then they mase it into a gym.

  • Chris Bastien
    Chris Bastien

    roman, I don't think you will ever see this, but you have been in my life for many many years. I have never been able to see a light within my pain. I was always going through something hard in my life but always sorta hid and didn't try to make things better. your videos were always here for me and have had such a strong impact on me. I am so thankful for everything you do. and you have no need to be sorry for the things you had to do through 2020 because we all care and we all trust that you care about us. and me personally feeling like someone can care about me is very hard for me. I noticed now when I'm struggling more than I ever was before, your words mean everything to me. being at the lowest point of my life when you say the things that you do to the camera it hits deeply and brings so much positivity into all the negativity. thank you so much for that and for everything else you do. from me and speaking for everyone else watching your videos, we love you. you are one of a kind. smile more.

  • peter bynoe
    peter bynoe

    This happen to me

  • Gordito Billetes_27
    Gordito Billetes_27

    You helped me with this video romen out with out you I wouldn’t be able we’re I am at

  • Isma Linkin
    Isma Linkin

    8:08 lol

  • Rebeca Mendoza
    Rebeca Mendoza

    can't get better than this

  • Steven Booth
    Steven Booth

    A epiphany of drawn-out habits that can't destroy🤔

  • Black n white kings
    Black n white kings

    Only og fans remember when he lost his hat in Hawaii

  • Nathan Hiltz
    Nathan Hiltz

    We need him back 😓

  • J Ray
    J Ray

    I'd smile more too if I made as much money off these videos as this person People are starving

  • Sean Tracey
    Sean Tracey

    hey man I love you all at smile more and i have missed watching your vlogs so have been watching the old ones. take care and God bless and also keep safe.

  • S*M*G*

    You can tell he was on edge in these videos like bad we all shouldve known something was going on hes never on edge like that

  • P00ul

    Only teenage white bois leave “Only Ogs remember...” comments.

    • Vlad


    • MaybeDj

      lmao facts

  • Hope Street Woodworks
    Hope Street Woodworks

    How you think becomes how you feel.

  • Ashley M.
    Ashley M.

    Even just the blogs and updates are a light for us, your family gives us joy!

  • Edwin G.perez
    Edwin G.perez

    only people that remember him since pranks can like

  • Bobby Gilbert
    Bobby Gilbert

    I get anxiety from time to time but roman and my family have helped me so much

  • Anonymous

    Roman Atwood is a reefer? Nice

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips

    My anxiety and panic attacks about dying started right before quarantine I basically have the same thing you have happen to me shortness of breath then I freak this helps my know I’m not the only one thanks

  • Brad Carlmicheal
    Brad Carlmicheal

    I have never in my life related to a video so much I thought I was the only one who goes through this just changed my life..

  • Isaac C
    Isaac C

    Omg I’ve gone through 100% the exact same thing

  • Anthony79

    Insane how dead on he is about panic attacks. I learned to do the samething Roman. U know when there coming and can feel urself building them and u have to sit down control ur breathing and ease ur mind. U literally think ur gonna die like legit die. Scary as hell

  • Lex Feller
    Lex Feller

    I have it too it’s the most terrible feeling ever I hope it goes away some day :( I always think I have something wrong with me and it sucks so so much

    • Lex Feller
      Lex Feller

      But thank you because I know I’m not alone now🤍


    Meditation changed my life completely around bro.

  • Sean Dorsett
    Sean Dorsett

    Everything clicking now

  • Macie Jones
    Macie Jones

    Thank you for sharing this , I know and have felt exactly what you are talking about

  • Cassius Afonso
    Cassius Afonso

    Any one elce got unsubscribed without even clicking the button????? Or is it just me?

  • Katarina Lekborg
    Katarina Lekborg

    The best advice my grandmother ever gave me was telling me not to worry. She told me, “I worried my whole life about things that never happened” Let’s not let our fears & worries consume us. Everything is okay, & everything will be okay. ❤️

  • Asher Ford
    Asher Ford

    I’m giving through the same thing but with sports

  • Silent Killer
    Silent Killer

    Dude I feel this so bad at the moment. I had it a lot when I was younger and it took me a lot of years to get over it. When I was about 19 I could beat it most days but when I turned 21 and this pandemic started... it’s just gotten so bad with my anxiety about something being wrong.

  • Owen Hoover
    Owen Hoover

    Helps me dude I felt those feelings u cures that

  • Craftty_ mc
    Craftty_ mc

    Only OG’s remember the ball pit in his living room video

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