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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thanks for watching today!

    • Kano gaming14297
      Kano gaming14297

      You look like the joker and a air bender

    • 6hxdowz

      Love you big bro 😎

    • Rene Padilla
      Rene Padilla

      roman you look good lol

    • Captain Meep
      Captain Meep

      No problem

    • Edwin Clairmonte
      Edwin Clairmonte

      You're welcome... Don't forget the sky diving 😉😉

  • Lu Rock
    Lu Rock

    Holy shit! The kid got huge!

  • Imrafajr Vlogs
    Imrafajr Vlogs

    I still remember Noah when he’s turn 10 years old in California 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Reilly Sterling
    Reilly Sterling

    So sad

  • Angel Holzworth
    Angel Holzworth

    Coming back and seeing Noah all grown up is crazy 🥺

  • Matt Traficante
    Matt Traficante

    My god I’m old …. Everyone is grown up

  • McLovin_25

    I've been watching them since I was 9 im 15 now and its crazy how much Noah has changed

  • Ethan Dennis
    Ethan Dennis

    NO hate love the videos man but you said you paid 30$ for that coin and sold it for 98,000 hows that good for your fans?

  • Conan Beast
    Conan Beast

    Jeez Noah changed

  • OrdinaryTwat

    id say she did a great job on youre make up

  • Devil strawberry Slayer 12199
    Devil strawberry Slayer 12199

    I don’t know it’s so grown now

  • Roy Alvear
    Roy Alvear

    Sooo r u going to push her in the pond?

  • Cameron Waters
    Cameron Waters

    I have Watch the Roman since the first video he made

  • Cameron Waters
    Cameron Waters


  • Kevin W
    Kevin W

    Wtf Noah so old wtf holy crap

  • Jake Howie
    Jake Howie

    Roman still clickbaiting us like old times

  • Kevin Myers
    Kevin Myers

    Anyone remembers what vlog he talks about how he got over his headaches/ migraines after waking up?

  • Justin Kelley
    Justin Kelley

    The Make up 😭😂

  • Justin Kelley
    Justin Kelley

    Did that ring really sell for $98,100 people are amazing ❤

  • Urban Adrenaline
    Urban Adrenaline

    Noah definitely a stoner🤣🤣

  • Collin

    Remember when Noah got his dirt bike and helmet and they got Arby’s after

  • Jw

    Amazing family. Such great parents.

  • Bzz Vlog
    Bzz Vlog

    uhh i just coming back from after 6 years ago.. Britneys and u look exactly the same.

  • Nikolas Juliano
    Nikolas Juliano

    I haven’t watch Roman Atwood in a couple years and honestly remember his kids being small not used to them grow up

  • Selected Subjects
    Selected Subjects

    Aye she did an amazing job with ye makeup 👏🏼😂

  • e

    Who falls for this nonsense?

  • rose

    98000.... bro that rings selling bid could pay off all my student loan debt AND medical bills! im mind blown


    I remember he sounded like a kid.

  • Sunkin 17
    Sunkin 17

    That ring is 98,000 US dollars

  • Andrew Seodyal
    Andrew Seodyal

    Love the dynamic between you and Noah

  • alzur

    James Charles.. who's that..? I only know Cora Atwood lol

  • Jamie Li
    Jamie Li

    So cool. Wish I can afford a ring making set like that 🥺 maybe try spoon rings next?

  • PandaS

    Wow wtf i came back after some time and Noah is after his voice mutation??? Wow what ? Its impossible ... i cant be so old

  • Just ALilRusty
    Just ALilRusty

    I'm sad we didn't get 500,000 likes

  • Finlay T
    Finlay T

    His fish tank is the size of my shed

  • LadyVenom Way
    LadyVenom Way

    Noah is so big its freaking me out. Where has all the time gone?

  • Jae O
    Jae O

    Bro after coming back after a few years Noah looks so different

  • ma dawg
    ma dawg

    I think I remember that

  • Drilon Fetiu
    Drilon Fetiu

    HOLY FUCK MAN, I was away from youtube in a while, and I used to watch the daily vlogs but I was just filled with things these last 2 years, and HOLY FUCK NOAH WENT HAM ON GROWING UP, everything has changed...

  • Xotic Gaming
    Xotic Gaming

    LOVE YOU ROMAN, we got enough likes. PUSH HER INNNNN

  • Marvellis

    It’s crazy how much Noah has grown , does anyone know any of his socials? I remember he use to be really into gaming etc

  • Keano Plays Fifa
    Keano Plays Fifa

    Noah is goina take Acid at a festival in the near future.. lots and lots of acid

  • Burritokiller

    that ring sold for 98k HOLY man has a mansion and he sold a ring for 98k

  • Taylor King
    Taylor King

    So they’re just casually going to start driving a jag and not show it to us🥴🥺🥲

  • Loony Toons
    Loony Toons

    The ring sold for almost $100,000 crazy

  • switch gaming
    switch gaming

    We love you to Corra. ❤️💯

  • switch gaming
    switch gaming

    Who knew Corra loved the joker so much. 😂❤️💯

  • scaledirtslinger

    Holy cow!!!!that ring sold for 98K!!!!!!

  • AngryMater13 LA
    AngryMater13 LA

    Got a whole Buffalo Bill vibe going on lmao. You have such a sweet beautiful family brother.

  • AngryMater13 LA
    AngryMater13 LA

    If we ever finally get our income taxes my son really wants one of your chairs.

  • Mason Bailey
    Mason Bailey

    Bro you made 98,000$ off that coin

  • Dylan Baldassare
    Dylan Baldassare

    Will the same guys that put in the fish tank repurpose it I can't remember their names

  • Austin Phommachanh
    Austin Phommachanh

    Knox is gonna be a chick magnet with his eyes lmao

  • A

    4:17 why's the fish tank empty?

  • Joshua

    Nice gaming chairs

  • Ashly Rollins
    Ashly Rollins

    Roman is Amazon allowed to use “Smile More”?

  • yeboi green
    yeboi green

    I come back to Noah being taller then Roman and his voice changed and everything

  • Cash Womack
    Cash Womack

    What happened to the fish tank? havent been here in a while

  • babbsy01

    Zeus was the best will never forget him

  • Megan Mendez
    Megan Mendez

    Cora is definitely her mothers twin 💗 such a beautiful family.

  • Sharyan Alzandani
    Sharyan Alzandani

    Roman drives an auston martin suv 😳😳😳

  • JD Molina
    JD Molina

    how did you sell that ring for $100,000

  • james costello
    james costello

    What the hell happened

  • Stasha Pettus
    Stasha Pettus

    So cool my daughter would love one of those chairs we watch as a family!!


    Holy shit, Noah, like grown

  • Peekthekid

    Who remembers when roman would pick up Noah in the middle of nowhere

  • roy g
    roy g

    Ay bro hopefully you see this but I was a fan ever since I was a 3rd grader now I'm in 7th gonna be in 8th in 3 months and couple days

  • slow LBZ
    slow LBZ

    I feel so old

  • itzforce

    who’s that kid ?

  • Ethan Andrews
    Ethan Andrews

    Came back 5 years later and noah looks like a pot head

    • Sophia Peckman
      Sophia Peckman

      lmao outta pocket😭

  • Zabel

    roman is cool I've been watching for years and years, but it's kinda getting annoying with the inconsistent posts.

  • Hshshs Dbjdhdh
    Hshshs Dbjdhdh


  • Teddy Banks
    Teddy Banks

    So wholesome

  • Boneless Eggs
    Boneless Eggs

    Wait is that his son?

  • Caroline Petersen
    Caroline Petersen

    Love the colorful side of you! LOL

  • SuperAmie1985

    heartbroken over what??

  • Vatic

    am i the only one talking about how the ring sold for 98k

  • jaime


  • Grace Buscemi
    Grace Buscemi

    god noah is so big

  • xxxdude1231

    Dude seeing Noah like this makes me feel old af

  • Frankisdank16

    He sounds like Miller from Braydon price

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores

    You look like your brother with the makeup lol 😂

  • Anastacia Luna
    Anastacia Luna

    Miranda sings who?

  • Tammy Shultz
    Tammy Shultz

    your kids got soo big

  • Jackson Hookham
    Jackson Hookham

    Theresa stu stu stu at 10:05

  • Lewis

    U look like hawk in Korea Kai

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones

    You are an amazing dad Roman. Well done.

  • Sombrero Like
    Sombrero Like

    Fun fact. The Ring sold for $98,100...

  • Ansley

    Last time I saw Noah you picked him up on the side of the road 😂 he’s gotten so big 🥺

  • Jr Franco
    Jr Franco

    You should make more rc videos

  • Anthony Fulghum
    Anthony Fulghum


  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia

    Who punched blue haired kid

  • Matro Playz
    Matro Playz

    I still dont understand “Heartbroken”.

  • kokis

    I remember Roman picking up Noah on the side of the road

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez

    I stopped checking the channel I tought you quited the family is so big now!!!

  • Kirri Thulin
    Kirri Thulin

    Wow your little girl is adorable she’s so sooo funny

  • Kirri Thulin
    Kirri Thulin

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I laughed so hard with the makeup

  • BGattis 04
    BGattis 04

    Noah looks like Carl from the walking dead

  • Becky Brant
    Becky Brant

    Hi Roman my name is Hunter brant I am 12 years old

  • Avril Lavigne fan
    Avril Lavigne fan

    Don’t cut it I have long hair too and I’m a guy

7 milj.