This is very difficult
Something a little different today. Very personal and hopefully inspiring. Thank you for being a part of it.
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thanks for listening to our personal story. We love you

    • parrila

      this was inspiring.

    • SkyThePetroleGuy

      well funny things i am damn sobber person never drink man i mean by gods grace if things are better and we get a chance to meet you will laugh at me but i am what i am

    • ETC KILL
      ETC KILL

      Thank u ... But it's not that easy dude.

    • Live Silkies
      Live Silkies

      I'm stopping smoking, cigarettes, RiGhT NoW👍🏼 I have COPD from an Airbag explosion, Thank You 😇👍🏼💚

    • TheHazeyGamer

      Congrats guys stopping anything is super hard I'm going threw a same struggle right now of trying to stop something that I am sadly addicted to and it's been the hardest journey of my life that I've ever had to go threw and am still fighting it and going threw it everyday and this just gives me more hope so thanks for sharing this

  • Adil Husain
    Adil Husain

    Get someone who looks at you the way brit looks at roman

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams

    Thank you

  • Andy H
    Andy H

    Is that it? Talk about over dramatising.


    Why isn't he wearing his wedding ring? Just curious

  • HarborKnights

    I'm 33 years old and I had my last drink when I was 25. It's been was a long and hard road at first but I'm past temptation now. I'm really proud of you guys stay strong and take the high road

  • _cole. amy_
    _cole. amy_

    I’m 22 and still don’t drink there’s gotta be a sober one to help the rest

  • Ethan Dennis
    Ethan Dennis

    roman ik you wont see this but my moms been a fullblown alcoholic where she drinkks a half gallon of vodka a day i would give anything in this world for her to stop and thats all we do is argue cause she is always drunk ive tried to get her to stop

  • Angel Solis
    Angel Solis

    Just so you know gfuel is a caffeine addiction, but that’s dope.

  • Matthew Stein
    Matthew Stein

    I'm at 3 years + sober and never looked back except to laugh at myself.

  • Mason Parrott
    Mason Parrott

    Congratulations too the both of you. You inspire me so much.

  • Nan -
    Nan -

    do more videos like this one.

  • Gabriel Perdue
    Gabriel Perdue

    Lit. Keep it up

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya

    I haven't had a drop of alcohol since I discovered cocaine.

  • CryptoMedia

    smoke some weed

  • Tyler Shenenberger
    Tyler Shenenberger

    Na I need something lol

  • L E O M M
    L E O M M

    Video I need to hear thank you guys

  • Mel Shingleton
    Mel Shingleton

    I'm going on 21 years without a drink. Hang in there you two, your lives will be better without it.

  • Beautiful Mind
    Beautiful Mind

    O my heart 😭🥺 This video is just G R E A T As a Muslim girl, I feel so connected to this particular topic, sooo true and so real how alcohol is NOT the best option AT ALL. Never will be. I learned not only to find that one thing to make my life better, But also how to be patient with my self and to really think deeply and focus on me 🥺🙏🏻 THIS VIDEO IS HELPFUL 😩👍🏻 I enjoyed/adored the way you shared it with us 🥺🥺✨✨✨✨✨✨ Well spoken mashAllah 👌🏻 Well done Your friend from Makkah ♥️🕋 Take care Salam ✨


    You two are awesome, keep up being awesome

  • ItzMeNike

    I'm 26 and I've never drank, used drugs or chew and heck even smoke. My reasons for not going down that road is seeing with my eyes growing up how it destroys people within my family who do use those things to cope with their issues. I find people who use them are running away from their troubles instead of dealing with it head on. I'm not putting anyone down who do but for me personally I find life more enjoyable not being hooked on things of that nature.

  • iRocky

    👏❤ Congratulations.

  • crystal love
    crystal love

    I have been a whole month clean from doing drugs and self harm and it’s was hard still is but it’s also so amazing to know that I stoped and changed and I’m keep pushing and thank Roman and your family y’all have help me so much I love y’all so much!!! 💖💓

  • Melissa Wheat
    Melissa Wheat

    well done guys for being alcohol free i suffer from alcoholism and its not good i am trying to work on ways that i can quit and its very hard i am only 24 years old and my family worry about me i mean i love my parents and i wanna quit for them. you inspire me so much when i feel sad or stressed watching your videos always makes me feel better keep up your good work :) :) never stop being the person you are love u and your family :)

  • Walter Battista
    Walter Battista

    having a hard time caring mate

  • Bob Sheldon
    Bob Sheldon

    Alcohol kills I am in no way Embarrassed to choose a natural n healthy lifestyle

  • Jacey Garden Wray
    Jacey Garden Wray

    That’s really cool of you guys to share. It’s a highly common issue. More common than a lot would admit. I’ve been with my SO for well over fifteen years and alcohol was there for a long part of that ride, and it almost always had some sort of negative affect on us in some way or another. And yeah.. drinking being such a commonly accepted thing to do for young adults and adults, not to mention it’s legal.. it is difficult when you don’t drink and go out to places where 95% of the people there are either drunk or drinking and they keep asking you if you want one, or what you’re drinking, or where’s your drink... it’s a little exhausting. On several occasions I’ve had the bartender give me just cranberry and soda with a lime so it looks like a drink. Makes it so much easier to fit in and just float through without the questions. It’s like it’s hard for people to understand that; yes, you really do just want to avoid the bullshit that comes along with drinking, want to be healthy and present, and also we don’t need to be drinking all the time to enjoy being together, and no we’re not recovering alcoholics. It’s like there has to be outstanding circumstances to be a non drinker. I feel ya.

  • LadyVenom Way
    LadyVenom Way

    I don't think its weird or embarrassing at all. I'm in my 30s and never drank a drop in my life and never will. Do whatever works for you.

  • My iPhone
    My iPhone

    Im at 277. If love to lose about 65 LBS

  • iAmPin0y

    Starting watching you many years ago, seen every vlog on this channel, yet after so many years you still show why young kids and adults should and are looking up to you, Brit to, respect to both of you 👏🏽❤️ thx for being there for so many !

  • poplorms 7895
    poplorms 7895

    3 months after my parents finalize their divorce you say this

  • Marty Han
    Marty Han

    well done. Once you ditch alcohol and get on with your life and all that brings you realise how absurd it was to ever rely on it.

  • Tera Verde
    Tera Verde

    Im 37, never been drunk

  • Magon Nelson
    Magon Nelson

    Congratulations 🎉

  • edaniel557

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YES QUIT DRINKING!!!! Any type of drugs isn't good!!!!!

  • iembalm 3
    iembalm 3

    Congratulations!! Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of! Keep up the great work. Keep smiling!!

  • Eman Ibrahim
    Eman Ibrahim

    My friend is trying to quit smoking, and I want to let her know that I'm here for her

  • Ashley Lehman
    Ashley Lehman

    I am sooo proud of you guys!! You guys are an amazing inspiration!!

  • Peighton Murphy
    Peighton Murphy

    632 days is amazing. i am not counting, but i haven’t drank soda in probably a year and a half, and it feels so good to not have it in my system anymore. so unbelievably proud of you guys.

  • Colin F
    Colin F

    I turn 21 in a few days, I also just hit three months of sobriety, alcohol almost killed me. So far the best choice I’ve ever made was putting the bottle down, so much respect for you guys.

  • Heidi Renouf
    Heidi Renouf

    My thing is up stairs bathroom's, trying to get their before the feel is gone. Also one spot we all go too in the world keep cleaning for the children that walk in.

  • Ismael Munoz
    Ismael Munoz

    That’s awesome guys 👏👏👏

  • Mycon Velasquez
    Mycon Velasquez

    Lol this is why I always love Romanatwood vlogs mine I’m working on alcohol and smoking....I’m excited Bc every time I’ve had a bad thing happen to me it had to due with those things and now I’m happy someone out there is also dealing with this....and crazy thing is I have family who got mentally physically and economically destroyed so I followed the pattern but I want to change !!!

  • Debbie Broussard
    Debbie Broussard

    Kudos to Ya!!!!! Be Proud of Sharing, ......You probably just Saved Someone's Life!!!!!!

  • Debbie Broussard
    Debbie Broussard

    Proud of you guys!!!! No need to be embarrassed!!! 25 years Sober here, my roommate has 14!!¡??!!!!

  • annonymous

    i have tried to quit smoking its so hard

  • Kelley Hinsch
    Kelley Hinsch

    That’s Awesome Guys!! 😍🥰❤️

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores

    Bruh that’s easy lmao. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke lol. I don’t know why people are selfish about that lmao. 😂

  • Faisal Mahmood
    Faisal Mahmood

    You spent 3 minutes repeating yourself and not getting to the point, after watching every video of yours in the past this is the first I'm going to stop watching and dislike.

  • Cindi Rella
    Cindi Rella

    Congratulations! 2yrs sober! 💐❤️👏👏👏 GBY 😇

  • space man
    space man

    Suddenly everyone has a sober story LMAO fuck outta here

  • Essam Kassab
    Essam Kassab

    I am 20935 days without alcohol

  • Alyceo Perez
    Alyceo Perez

    I thought he was gonna say crack ...

  • USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse
    USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse

    Jesus made water into wine, just saying. That is if you believe in Santa Claus of course:) Slavery as well

  • USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse
    USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse

    I'm the opposite, I'm on alcohol for 295 days and I feel great and I've made750k of of bitcoin without lifting a finger the last months and I'm set for life! Love it

  • 8 ball181 Hand
    8 ball181 Hand

    I'll drink to that

  • Giovanny Madera
    Giovanny Madera

    Damn *hits bong* I hope y’all make it through

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas

    Loved it ❤❤

  • Stellar Star
    Stellar Star

    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH 2 you both 4 your Honesty & Courage in posting this video!! I struggle with addiction & mental illness and alcohol was one of the MOST destructive forces in my life at one point. Thank You guys!!! Much Love! Namaste and God Bless. 🛐☦️💟☮️🕉💝🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇

  • Amy Selge
    Amy Selge

    only OGs remember him mentioning this at random times in videos.

  • sophia lemasters
    sophia lemasters

    You guys are doing amazing! I’m so happy you made the change in your lives! Thank you for sharing I needed that push!

  • Dettah Hendrickson
    Dettah Hendrickson

    What happen to the other two cats u had ?

  • Brandon Rios
    Brandon Rios

    Wow Roman I thought you was an amazing dude before this video and now I think your even more amazing man I’m proud of you and this is such an inspirational video just like most of your other videos

  • FortCraft PodCast
    FortCraft PodCast

    I already know they be fuckin

  • kaptein kork
    kaptein kork

    Loved it.

  • Lisa Lubick
    Lisa Lubick

    I don’t drink at all and it kind of stinks to go to parties now where people are drinking because I end up being everyone’s babysitter. How fun is that? 😕🙈

  • chloe gee
    chloe gee

    Init going too lie I stopped watching for ages because I’ve had bad depression and I’ve had two miscarriages so be been bad but I’ve started watching again and now I’m pregnant again and hoping for the best there was a point I started too drink and just not care but now I don’t do any drugs or anything and all I can do is thank theses two for always making good videos

  • nathaniel vansant
    nathaniel vansant

    About 3 years ago I started to drop down into a dark hole in my life I started to do things I shouldent have done and in the end I realized that I needed to do right and straighten my self out amd I have now been clean almost a whole year from every nasty thing in life and I have noticed a huge change in my life alot more positive

  • Raul Nasui
    Raul Nasui

    YES!!! Thank you for this video man! God bless you guys! This is all the time at my company outings

  • Dutch

    Video starts at 3:19 thank me later

  • Austin_ 350
    Austin_ 350

    Hey good on you man almost 2 years. Not embarrassing at all

  • TheMachineFreak 74
    TheMachineFreak 74

    My one thing would be struggling with a nicotine addiction for 4 years now

  • B B
    B B

    Anyone struggling with the drink I highly recommend reading Alan Carr’s Stop Drinking Without Willpower. It will destroy all cravings of alcohol. Without cravings you’re free

  • mommy madness
    mommy madness

    17 years off drugs..... one day at a time. Keep up the good fight and you should be proud of yourself each and every day

  • Allen

    Yeah I have difficulty with being the outcast, and it’s hard. Not many good peers where I’m at.

  • Leathercollar

    I've been sober for 23 days today. :) Well done on making it over 600 days! :D

  • chowald

    New subscriber. You sir are inspiring. I love the way you close your videos, so humble and appreciative. Just a little personal experience. I could be a fairly grumpy person. About 5 years ago I gave myself a personal challenge. Have you ever seen that old movie Pollyanna. It's kinda corny but it has a girl in it that tries to find something to be glad about in all things, even tragedy. I don't remember why I had decided to do this, but I decided that I need to put a positive spin on everything, essentially find something to be glad about. It was hard at first and then it was hard to remember to do it, but after a while, I got there. It has been life changing! It allows me to see other perspectives of things. I don't get so upset when things don't go my way. I am closer to God for it. And it comes so easily now. Highly recommend.

  • Stacey Pennington
    Stacey Pennington

    Congratulations to you both. That is such a huge step in anyone's lives. I am 36 years old and have never really drank. A few SIPS, not full drinks, here and there but I AM the one at the parties who doesn't drink. It is a personal choice I made as a teenager and I have kept all these years. I used to be picked on but I stood my ground with it and I am so proud of myself for doing so. You both have this!!

  • Grace Blocher
    Grace Blocher

    I overthink too much and should probably meditate to help myself out

  • Nathan Moore
    Nathan Moore

    Drinking a beer while watching this

  • Jenny Gabbard
    Jenny Gabbard

    So wonderful! I know what I need to change just haven't done it. it is a struggle

  • Trill successes
    Trill successes

    Who cares again?

  • Taylor Espinoza
    Taylor Espinoza

    i’ve never believed in true love until i saw you guys

  • Jaake Hillss
    Jaake Hillss

    I’m only 14 but I don’t plan to drink, my dad passed away because of alcohol, and my grandfather, really it just runs in my family and I want to stop that or at least slow it down so my kids can have a good life

    • Beauford T Justice
      Beauford T Justice

      You're doing a good thing, keep it up son

  • Brennen L
    Brennen L

    I'm the one who doesn't drink. I still get fired up on karaoke sober, and nobody knows how, i'm just a god. Also, I am always a reliable designated driver. Personal reasons as to why I'll never mess with alcohol, so I am thankful you two shared this.

  • Jack Fletcher
    Jack Fletcher

    I’m British so we don’t do days without alcohol lol different culture ahaha

  • BroNova Gaming
    BroNova Gaming

    Yall have gone down hill. So many you need to see this videos or we need to see this videos Yall are no longerl have lost touch with what smile more means.

  • littlepiggyelephant

    I’m so glad you all said you felt a little embarrassed too. I’m 408 days sober and I just feel so weird and embarrassed when meeting new people to say I’m not drinking alcohol. It’s such a everyday, common thing to grab drinks after work. Thank you for sharing your experience and making others feel like they’re not alone. 😊

  • Alex

    I’ve been sober for 20 years... P.s: I’m 20 years old


    the only reason its legal is the money it makes in taxes if you drink you shouldn't be able to get free care on the NHS

  • Gee Gee 🚀
    Gee Gee 🚀

    I'm happy you figured out what the problem was before it completely ruined your marriage, and it was alcohol. I can't imagine you two going for a divorce. I'm one of those people who believe you're gonna get old together.


    Yessir man, love to see that. Love you have a amazing day

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis

    My goal is to get my knee better, gotta start biking again, I wiped out bad broke right tibia plateau, it hurts everyday, I'll have a little alcohol on occasion I don't smoke, snuff I gave up quickly, I could eat better loose weight I gained back.

  • Dray Morrow
    Dray Morrow

    I’ll be 8 months sober next week. Still working on getting totally clean on drugs. One day at a time!

  • Kayla Snape
    Kayla Snape

    You don’t have to drink or drug to have fun! Show up for your future self ✨✨✨✨✨ congratulations guys!

  • Brandi Todd
    Brandi Todd

    It is weird to be the ones not drinking, but if it becoming an issue then it is something that should be noticed and worked on. I am a recovering alcoholic and already have a bad liver. But i know like you guys that this will be good for not only yourself but friends and family as well. I'm proud of you guys!!

  • Mark Barron
    Mark Barron

    I'm proud of y'all. Going on 4 years after a 43 years. Of drug addiction. It gets easier

  • Purdue03b

    Congrats on your accomplishment. As someone who's never had a drop of alcohol in my 39 years, it's good to see other people come to the realization that alcohol doesn't have to be had to enjoy life and to have a great time. Good luck and keep it up.

  • William Mccane
    William Mccane

    Def working on things. So blessed to have decided to watch this. Prayers sent boys.

  • Joy Sumpter
    Joy Sumpter

    So proud of you both!! What an awesome story and I'm happy you have each other to get through though this journey in your life!! I recently quit smoking cigarettes after 30 years. I've been without a cigarette for 23 days now....that's 3 weeks and 2 days!!! I'm pretty proud of both should be VERY proud of yourselves!! You both deserve it!!

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