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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thanks for watching! this video is everywhere but at least its something for now. Cya soon!

    • dey bryant
      dey bryant

      I’m going through Covid and I need to hear that

    • Alexis Fram
      Alexis Fram


    • Vinod Ramsawak
      Vinod Ramsawak

      I love tou guys so much

    • boxed like tiko😆
      boxed like tiko😆

      Hey Roman I remember so long ago I used to watch your vlogs and videos! You inspired me so much and still do this day!! If you see this comment I just want to say God bless and thank you for inspiring me and being such a wonderful person

    • boxed like tiko😆
      boxed like tiko😆

      Hey Roman I remember so long ago I used to watch your vids!! You inspired me and still do to this day! Time goes by so fast LOL! I'm pretty sure you won't see this comment but if you do God bless and thank you for posting vlogs and videos inspiring me

  • True Fact
    True Fact

    Don't waste time. If you know the true mening of life watch sadhgurus videos.your life will change completely

  • iThink itHappen
    iThink itHappen

    failed rings are still epic and sellable

  • Jessica Haataja
    Jessica Haataja

    I said it already. DONTE the backpacks Kids are goiing back to school.

  • Jessica Haataja
    Jessica Haataja

    You could dronate the less than par backpacks to kids in need going back to school after 2020.

  • Brandon Bidwell
    Brandon Bidwell

    We need gtr content. Miss those days

  • Niko

    Roman your vids haven’t been popping up for me since they Flagged you and I think it’s happening to other people as well. I just wanted to let you know that this is why the views on your most recent vids have been lower than usual, love you guys ❤️.

  • A'vonte Epps
    A'vonte Epps

    I’m still here

  • peter mung
    peter mung

    Smile More

  • TexasMade TexasRaised
    TexasMade TexasRaised


  • Taffari Johnson
    Taffari Johnson

    Don’t get discouraged Roman you got this💪🏾

  • Dezaray Udelhofen
    Dezaray Udelhofen

    we just miss u guys, continue to be yourselves and the true ones will continue to watch !!

  • Wesley Napier
    Wesley Napier

    Were is Britney's GTR?

  • Josh Barnes
    Josh Barnes

    The noise his daughter makes at the Beginning lol

  • xxsekoxx

    Thanks for the end of video motivation bro. I needed that.

  • Travis Peterson
    Travis Peterson

    I like the new mustang


    Lions at the front door is good. Chinese saying it protects your house from evil..

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life

    roman dont worry this too shall pass... we love you n we are here for you 💕

  • beanlucy

    My dog is being put down today i can't stop crying :/ your videos have always cheered me up i been her since Zeus 🕊️🕊️

  • Aedon Faught
    Aedon Faught

    I like how for the ppl who stalked Roman he leaves hints. Come stop by lmfaoooo. I Love Roman!

  • Gabe Soskin
    Gabe Soskin

    i missed your motivational talks thank you

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore

    It’s been raining a lot here in Georgia too lol

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez

    Hi love your video where is your dad and brother have not seen them in your vlogs

  • Cynthia Cuellar
    Cynthia Cuellar

    I haven't been getting notifications. If there was a set day like Mon and Thurs or like just Monday then if know when to check. But I have to remember to check while busy in my daily life so just fyi and yes bell notification is set to all. I've turned off turned on. Unsubscribed and immediately resubscribed and nothing works. I'm at a loss.

  • Josh Stone
    Josh Stone

    I’m not one to ever comment but the ending of this video hit deep today. Keep making a difference in people’s lives!

  • Henry Tierney
    Henry Tierney

    I can never have a bad day whenever I watch you

  • Owafi Gamez
    Owafi Gamez

    Where's flash? ;/

  • Cwazy Chicken
    Cwazy Chicken

    The amount of love I have for this man his family. Every time I watch their videos, it’s just pure happiness and entertainment

  • Zhane Rose
    Zhane Rose

    You’re never on my feed i always have to search you up

  • Bobthebuilding


  • Gta Kid
    Gta Kid

    I bought the gfuel

  • Shiy Janke
    Shiy Janke

    I would love a ring making video

  • BadHunter s
    BadHunter s

    Too much booze got to reach so you don’t need to make videos every day

  • Harpoon

    G-fuel = Copped

  • Steve Utgaard
    Steve Utgaard

    I think Special Olympics I think we take these backpacks

  • Steve Utgaard
    Steve Utgaard

    Awesome video

  • Prizzles

    Its like youtube saw your ending, and added the birthday video to my recommended lol

  • Hanzalah P
    Hanzalah P

    I needed to listen to the ending, thank you Roman!

  • Apache Chase Roadrunner
    Apache Chase Roadrunner

    Hi Roman , I've never said to someone who I've never met before but I'm gonna say it to you. , I love you too and I was just thinking why don't you become a COUNSELOR of some kind because you're a good speaker You would make a wonderful COUNSELOR and people would love you like all of us followers !!!

  • noowoories gaming
    noowoories gaming

    Been watching for a very long time I’ll always be supporting your videos thanks for uploading

  • shex_ twitch
    shex_ twitch


  • DJ House
    DJ House

    A love stream would be amazing

  • Austin Livengood
    Austin Livengood

    Thank you the end motivated me do much bc I just failed by permit test for the second time this morning and I know it sounds dumb 😂 but is embarrassing to say I've failed twice but thank you for the videos

  • Hans Nicholas Campanilla
    Hans Nicholas Campanilla

    I am still a fan here

  • K sweeney
    K sweeney

    Roman out here making the price of Morgans go up for everyone. Wish I had that type of money to just take old silver dollars and turn them into jewelry lol

  • boxed like tiko😆
    boxed like tiko😆

    Hey Roman I remember when I was little and I used to watch your videos and vlogs all the time!! Time went by so fast! And God bless you and your family! Thank you for inspiring me

  • mitchell devore
    mitchell devore

    You should do a livestream where you make rings and auction them off for charity

  • Rowdie Bratton
    Rowdie Bratton

    Hi dad

  • DJ Ling
    DJ Ling

    0:00 Unison MIDI chord pack users be like.

  • Devin Montgomery
    Devin Montgomery

    Hey roman my dad has stage four lung cancer he really wants meet you he is about to go

  • Navy Veteran
    Navy Veteran

    Love your pew pew back there.

  • Joshua Mbambara
    Joshua Mbambara

    thank you so much roman, God bless you

  • Cale Hamilton
    Cale Hamilton

    I just watch the video were you went to the demolition derby and you were going to do it with LVdownrs, make that happen plz

  • Kayla M. Frady
    Kayla M. Frady

    Just showed my 11yr old your channel. He’s been into LVdown lately but there aren’t a ton of kid friendly channels. I’ve been watching you for years and have zero worries about him watching your videos. So I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to have peace of mind. Also…he saw Kane’s unspeakable shirt and I guess they have that in common!

  • Chowzi


  • ItsDevlcon

    Doesn't feel like it's temporary or ups and downs... Feels like I'm going in circles..


    I Always wanted two big wood bears in front of my house

  • Computer Shutoff
    Computer Shutoff

    See u in 4 months

  • Ian McClure
    Ian McClure

    Keep on pushing Roman! So great to have you uploading videos again, the true fans gonna keep watching no matter what. Your videos have helped me through a lot. Much love man! Smile more.

  • Polly g
    Polly g

    is 20 years of not been able to leave the house temporarily? i don't think so

  • shaun fo
    shaun fo

    Just got my smile more splash and tumbler

  • Nofel Mahmood
    Nofel Mahmood

    I wanted that bag soo bad but it sold out


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 content

  • UndueMinecraft 06
    UndueMinecraft 06

    Got some smile more spash and when I tell u it's worth it I mean it I'd buy more rn if I could

  • Samuel .G
    Samuel .G

    When you were talking about that storm that made me thought of a storm that I had. it was a small storm but it didn't go by it just sat on top of our area, and the worst part about it was that we also had a flash flood thankfully we were okay

  • Nathan Stevens
    Nathan Stevens

    It’s awesome to see the channel back in action, I love you guys so much.

  • The goat
    The goat

    u need to make more vids

  • anything video
    anything video

    That little talking to at 10.00 you looked and talked to my soul! The past 3 years has been unbelievably bad and I can't say in message what I've been going through but it's been rough! Deaths, job loss, break ups, sickness the list goes on!

  • Coach Grxxn1
    Coach Grxxn1

    Where the smile more cam am?

  • Kim Mayo
    Kim Mayo

    Love watching your family always have!!

  • adrian salas
    adrian salas

    Why are canes teeth so yellow ?

  • Marcella McManus
    Marcella McManus

    I appreciate you Roman!


    What type of camera does Roman use?

  • johnwil booth
    johnwil booth

    is Bahama mamba better with milk or water?

  • johnwil booth
    johnwil booth

    i dont remember there being a wait for anything but where is the dog is he still living with those other people and if so than y

  • VnM Hades01
    VnM Hades01

    Roman, you will always have at least one viewer, because I don’t miss a video man!

  • Sharon V
    Sharon V

    It is obvious you don’t care. It shows in the content. Sorry but true.

  • Sharon V
    Sharon V

    Anybody else feel like Roman could give a F after coming back to LVdown?

  • Dacarae Winder
    Dacarae Winder

    Love the vid

  • Brunilda Simone
    Brunilda Simone

    Gosh! I didn't make it to purchase a bagpack!!! It was sold out by the time I wanted to buy it 😪 next time!! Great videos keep them up! Cheers me up everytime!!

  • Djjason5854

    Should donate the backpacks to local YMCA or Boys & Girls Clubs. Maybe even schools in need.

  • Gab :D
    Gab :D

    I used to watch back then at 2016 I stopped watching at 2017 I also miss your old dog that died years ago 🐶


    Who remembers when Roman used to go to usps with loads of packages now they come to him 😭😭🤣

  • Nicola Hutchinson
    Nicola Hutchinson

    Atleast you know the people that are still here will have your back


    Im telling ya lots of people have shifted to live entertainment wherever that may be. Tiktok Instagram etc

  • Ansrew432

    Havent seen this guy on my recommended in like 3 years

  • vertgod rory
    vertgod rory

    I love these little motivational speeches he gives it really helps it's the little things that count.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    everything they purchased was made in china, 👍

  • Seth

    A live stream for rings, but who pays the most money while you're making the ring gets it. The most money when you're finished with the ring gets it. Like a like auction. That would be interesting to watch. Lol

  • Toadpenny42


  • Christian Chapa
    Christian Chapa

    I just lost my Grandma😔 I live in Norway and I have family in Texas. I haven't been in Texas since 2016 so I was gonna go in 2020 but I couldn't because of covid19. So I was able to come in 2021 this summer. And 30 days before I was gonna be there with my family and have fun.. my grandpa passes away in her sleep😔 it's never gonna be the same without here:/

  • Renee Wan
    Renee Wan

    Hey can I ask my dose my card keep decline wen I'm trying to pay and shipped hea need to fix it asap 😓

  • Baspirritz

    I need to catch up from 4 years ago to now basically around that electric quad or the video when you were surfing on your pond

  • Roy Moody
    Roy Moody

    Nismo gangggg

  • Baspirritz

    Roman I am so sorry I’ve forgotten your channel I was subscribed to you on my only tv from 2017 but I got triggered when I was watching you channel because I accidentally hit the power button then chucked my tv remote at the tv and it was a ROKU TV so you know I got whooped lol 😂

  • Line Papple
    Line Papple

    anyone else remeber the first video on this small channel when he had noah on his lap 240p camera just talking about the on comign videos. So much nostalgia from just this one video, from, the first apperance of country, to, tanner fox running romans bus into the pond. We love you roman.

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt

    Idk about anyone else but as a fan I don’t feel like the vids are the same like I know the Atwood fam as had a lot on their hands but I feel (as a fan ) left out… like plz at least a house show

  • Christopher Burr
    Christopher Burr

    I got the gfuel and the shacker cup when it came out

  • Mick J.
    Mick J.

    What happened to the husky?

  • Veikra

    lions in front of house means the house is fully paid off. Just so you know