I am so sorry..
This is super old school today. This is what I want to do more of.
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    This is what its all about. This is how it all started. Just rolling the camera. Who's with me?

    • Tyler9299


    • Grayson Caudill
      Grayson Caudill

      I love you ❤️😘💕

    • Juan Sandoval
      Juan Sandoval

      u inspired me with all your old vlogs to just be happy and be a better person just by seeing how positive u are and how much it can change things

    • Juan Sandoval
      Juan Sandoval

      roman idk how many times we gotta tell u but we don’t care if ur videos are entertaining or not we want the daily vlogs back or at least just like ur old videos how they used to be raw kinda and you recorded everything i liked watching everything even if it wasn’t entertaining i miss it and i’m pretty sure everyone else does too. now it’s like your vids are planned out or like u put too much time into them

    • lilmaxx 0
      lilmaxx 0

      i’m with you

  • sophie wood
    sophie wood

    entertainment can be uplifting some times all depends on the content

  • prime rata
    prime rata

    where are the masks?

  • Stephanie Pearce
    Stephanie Pearce

    Love your videos no matter what the content is - although are just going to ignore that cliffhanger st the end?! 👀😱🤯🤭 xxx

  • Trevor Hoffmann
    Trevor Hoffmann

    They lay bigger eggs

  • Trevor Hoffmann
    Trevor Hoffmann

    They need to get ducks

  • Christopher Ybarra
    Christopher Ybarra

    You are the best Roman keep grinding

  • Teresa Alley
    Teresa Alley

    I love the uplifting vlogs! ♥️🙏

  • God

    I love the family vlogs

  • Fhajm Jd,dvjk
    Fhajm Jd,dvjk


  • Oliver

    Good to see promotion of the rainbow and not a leftist agenda! Thank you for showing nature!!

  • Hawaii__myk !!
    Hawaii__myk !!

    Your day to day is what we find entertaining!!

  • Sebastian Loya
    Sebastian Loya

    Hey where can I get that air gun thooo

  • Hobbs Family
    Hobbs Family

    Would love to meet you I’m in New Hampshire

  • Xbox Manic
    Xbox Manic

    Love no matter what you and your fam does

  • Israel Gomez
    Israel Gomez

    Need to fight your demons Roman

  • meg ortiz
    meg ortiz

    The baby is so cute

  • meg ortiz
    meg ortiz

    Omg i had a rock tumbler growing up it was noisy

  • meg ortiz
    meg ortiz

    It is very entertaining and enjoyable

  • Carlos Berrios
    Carlos Berrios

    Regardless Roman, your vlogs are awesome. The fact that you let us in to your life is good enough for me. Keep them coming brother and thank you.

  • Melissa S.
    Melissa S.

    Do you still have the P.O. Box? Would love to send something.

  • XDfrostWOLF

    Hey mate I just wanted to tell you you’re amazing and whatever video you make it will be entertaining it will be inspiring it will be anything you want it to be because you’re amazing Mate and I wanted to tell you this because I grew up watching you and I’ve loved every single bit of it

  • Rob Sherbon Jr
    Rob Sherbon Jr

    That “are we not gonna tell ‘em” ending was NOT NICE! 😒😆

  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith

    What happened to the “tanked” aquarium???

  • Meet The Vergara’s
    Meet The Vergara’s

    We have chickens, 8 of ours just got eaten 😕 my girls were so devastated. They raised them as chicks, so I totally get it.

  • Anders Espin
    Anders Espin

    roman cause of your nature and how you as a person had help me getting a lot of online friends on twtich that i thought i never would have. Its all cause of make ppl smile and open them into my life with open arms . and im about the same age as u and still learning and get inspired by you. i wanna say thx for your family and u for share a part of your life keep being u.

  • Hectot 46
    Hectot 46

    Just me or where is his birthday Vlog?

  • DieDK

    what a cliff hanger. hahaha

  • Bayley K
    Bayley K

    Hopefully you’re vaccinated

  • Johnathan Chaplin
    Johnathan Chaplin

    You and your family are literally my goal in life, your videos have I spired me so much for what I want to be, that's why I watch your videos!

  • Guilherme Andrade
    Guilherme Andrade

    Dude you're the best. I'm watching you from Brazil. Keep it up!

  • Brennen L
    Brennen L

    real life minecraft, haha

  • Dude Unperfect
    Dude Unperfect

    Just filming your everyday life, is entertaining

  • Stinky Boy
    Stinky Boy

    Like shopping for ice cream so many flavours🤣

  • Stacey Pennington
    Stacey Pennington

    Keep these up Roman. I love following @offtheranch & @thesmiths because they aren't planned...they just go with it. It is great.

  • Stacey Pennington
    Stacey Pennington

    I don't support anything with the rainbow on it so I say any of the other 3 hats are winners for me!

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer


  • The Gamer
    The Gamer


  • Sanne van der kellen
    Sanne van der kellen

    I like your vlogs better when I see your day and what you do every day. I dont really like those entertaining videos when you do stunts and stuff xd

  • Michael Pilla
    Michael Pilla

    I think 20 minutes is to long for one video I lose my attention spans way to fast

  • Terry Chen
    Terry Chen

    Don't even need to try bro. It's pretty entertaining to me!

  • Kelly Ellebracht
    Kelly Ellebracht

    We have a bunch of chickens and one little rooster ☺️☺️ We got the first flock at 6 weeks the second set we got at 3 days boy it’s a jobbbb! But a very rewarding one! We are about at the point of introducing the two flocks and that’s a whole new mission! 💙-Fellow “chicken-tender” 😉

  • Ed J
    Ed J

    No more Smile More name?

  • Dena Ziyaye
    Dena Ziyaye

    Entertainment is being nosey, watching what y’all are up to!!!

  • Alright!withMS

    Always love watching anything you do. No worries 🤗❤️

  • Big Wilson
    Big Wilson

    Cuz.. this was more than entertaining to me. It was all the inspiration needed. Just watching and seeing how happy you are with your family and seeing yall recovering from the awful past few years is exactly what I needed to see before I got my day started. I know this video is a few months old but thank you for showing us just a day with happiness. I wish the best for you and your family and the rest of the world!

  • TexasEmerald88

    Your uplifting messages are entertaining.

  • Aidan Seibert
    Aidan Seibert

    Does anybody know what happened to flash

  • JD Molina
    JD Molina


  • alexis ryan
    alexis ryan

    i have 9 chickens and 3 ducks they are the best! but also a mess!😂 we raised them as chicks too they are still only 2 months old so no eggs yet but i’m excited!!

  • Colton Marmon
    Colton Marmon

    I do

  • Ga By
    Ga By

    Just watching any videos with you and your family is inspiring. Seeing how far you guys have come is amazing!!! I love you guys

  • Rebecca Delgado
    Rebecca Delgado

    We love it regardless what u do u and ur family are so amazing

  • Alicia Grass
    Alicia Grass

    look how big the kids are getting!! i am so glad you all are doing good Roman!! I need an iphone 12PM case!

  • Teflon Pan
    Teflon Pan

    I remember watching these when his son wasn't even talking and no daughter yet. And now his daughter speaks some words. That's how much i've ignored atwood vlogs over the years. Time flies.

  • DemonsFPV

    love to the family.

  • Sports cards arena
    Sports cards arena

    I love the sun shine one!

  • George Haddad
    George Haddad

    "Are we not gonna tell them about, what?"

  • schzel gagne
    schzel gagne

    I like living in your normal day so I do find that entertaining you should vlog more :))

  • Spowrestler6

    When they roll in their holes they are dusting themselves it helps get the bugs off of them

  • NitRo_claw

    At 9:08 why did roman get so serious?

    • Nicolas Dowsett
      Nicolas Dowsett

      at having more kids

  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane

    I love the fact that he is so genuine


    this is the old roman I used to love to watch the real roman and not an actor roman! keep this up

  • lilmaxx 0
    lilmaxx 0

    i love just watching what you do especially your guys life it’s really cool !

  • Anthony Lacroix-Klentz
    Anthony Lacroix-Klentz

    we have chickens

  • Cynthia Cuellar
    Cynthia Cuellar

    I haven't been watching because I haven't gotten any notifications. I have the bell set to all. I'll turn off and reset but I want to watch anything you wanna put out

  • Cynthia Cuellar
    Cynthia Cuellar

    Be thankful that you can do what you can to provide food your family and be set for life

  • Cynthia Cuellar
    Cynthia Cuellar

    What happened to maw maw?! You better give her hugs for me!

  • JaviKG

    ^You could put that in your room ^ 😂😭😭

  • Lindsey Lorraine
    Lindsey Lorraine

    Where is the husky :(

  • Kevin Ho
    Kevin Ho

    Where’s flash?

  • Sarah Marchuk
    Sarah Marchuk

    I raised baby ducks from a couple of days old. It was the best ever until they made nests in my neighbors landscaping. But if you like chicken eggs you will love duck and ghs

  • maddie bohr
    maddie bohr

    I have 6 ducks and 2 Turkeys and I’m incubating 3 eggs

  • Roman Soldier60
    Roman Soldier60



    Can I see more pranks

  • Flygandegris

    I really enjoy seeing you guys just do whatever you do 😍 Seeing the everyday life is inspiring

  • more than words
    more than words

    Love the raw stuff and love the movie stuff - anything you produce always inspires me and always entertains me, and it’s always comforted me in making me feel better xx

  • Green Tile
    Green Tile

    It’s still entertaining your family makes me want to be American

  • Wesley Clouthier
    Wesley Clouthier

    all your stuff is good allways entertaining

  • 1zzy L
    1zzy L

    that house looks too sterile and cold

  • Luke Bodziachowski
    Luke Bodziachowski

    It’s called growing up right. Keep them videos coming!!

  • Chance LeJeune
    Chance LeJeune

    find your dreams come true

  • Chance LeJeune
    Chance LeJeune

    i want a hat

  • zory robles
    zory robles

    Love every vlog😍


    i would say do what makes your heart feel good..i enjoy any video you show..thx for sharing..👍

  • Lesley Fay
    Lesley Fay

    I love your vlogs and no matter what you do I'll watch

  • Lesley Fay
    Lesley Fay

    .the rainbow

  • Lesley Fay
    Lesley Fay

    No need to apologize you're amazing I'm just happy you're back

  • spongey me boy
    spongey me boy

    7 years strong 💪🏻

  • dreasmp

    you never need to apologise for that. if you wanna be relaxed and jist do raw vlogs tjats fine


    I'm almost on my 6th year with y'all. Love y'all!! just want3d to say...i remember when Cora was younger I wanted to hear her cry but you always cut it off 😭

  • Matthew Haymaker
    Matthew Haymaker

    Where’s your guys Gtr

  • Hollie B
    Hollie B

    Definitely entertaining still :) Love a homely normal life vlog!

  • Micheal Fryhling
    Micheal Fryhling

    When she sed let's half more kids Roman be like o_o

  • Zach Wynn
    Zach Wynn

    Hey a raised feed and watered for the chicks. And put down a small 2x4. You won’t have to clean it out as much and they can hop on it and still get to it

  • Zach Wynn
    Zach Wynn

    Give your chickens cat food lol the nutrition makes them lay more eggs. It worked for ours. We went from 30 eggs a week to almost 50

  • Trenton Divins
    Trenton Divins

    Hey cool merch idea. Full camo hat that says "Your beautiful, your one of a kind, smile more." Because I want a camo hat but I also want one that has that saying.

  • Roo

    Dont worry roman everything you do is perfect, what a great family x

  • kay pres
    kay pres

    You probably won’t see this but the chickens rub in the dirt as a “bath” to get the mites off!

  • Savannah Brookman
    Savannah Brookman

    I got hundreds of chickens at my store 😂 they’re literally the best pets ever