Our New Pond!! Swim to Win
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I figured the best way to show you the new pond was to break it in.

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  • Jackie Starzyk
    Jackie Starzyk

    thx this really help im the same way when I sleep

  • Khristopher Vazquez
    Khristopher Vazquez


  • Gabriel Riddle
    Gabriel Riddle

    When I lay down on my back my back hurts a lot.

  • Constitutionalist

    Roman I work for Denver Mattress! I have the perfect solution for your situation about your neck. Invest in adjustable base it lifts your head and foot it’s controlled by a remote! Look them up and hit me up if you have any questions! Love you man!

  • Pyr0_40

    I swam a mile in 50 degree Fahrenheit water

  • youmar

    What did i just heard 15:30 "you can be that dead nazi"

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    True story, I'm 61 years old and the pillow issue is for real. Miserable headache 😢. Until I got a Premium Mr Pillow from the factory. Big difference between the ones in the Malls and the ones at the factory. Changed my life.

  • Blake Adams
    Blake Adams

    How else used to watch him on there iPod

  • disturbedltlman

    i cannot swim so, no

  • Madalyn Kingery
    Madalyn Kingery

    I would’ve loved to do the challenge but I can’t swim 😂


    i get a massive migraine no matter how my head is when i sleep

  • Preston Waller
    Preston Waller


  • Landon Jump
    Landon Jump

    Being 14, I would 1000% jump in that pond, not being able to swim, and ATTEMPT to not drown getting that cash

  • Tammy Stratton
    Tammy Stratton

    So amazed at how happy I feel when I see you guys doing so good. I am forever thankful just to have listened to my son when he showed me your channel. He was young then he is almost 27 now. He was in his teens. I'm 50 but so youthful feeling when I see your videos. You are making a difference. Love y'all very much.

  • vibereapers _ttv
    vibereapers _ttv


  • Krystle M
    Krystle M


  • Silvia Hinojosa
    Silvia Hinojosa

    My wheelchair would've gotten stuck right before jumping in that pond 🤭🥲😅 but I'd try 🤣

  • lil rey
    lil rey


  • lil rey
    lil rey

    He has always had that ring

  • Mason Parrott
    Mason Parrott

    I would absolutely do it

  • Omaryawnwitoutdao XXX
    Omaryawnwitoutdao XXX

    I’ve been a swimmer sense I was 13 through 14,I’d do it not cuz I know I could but because why not🔞🧢

  • Rhino Tamer
    Rhino Tamer

    As an Australian, yes o would’ve Swam through a pond and/or dam

  • Ally

    I have the same sleeping things

  • Marcus Silveira
    Marcus Silveira

    Dude this summer he is gonna go crazy and build so much stuff for the pond It’s gonna be epic

  • Tee Cee
    Tee Cee

    Where's Flash?

  • Anthony

    i would swim across the pond long wise for $100

  • Jake More
    Jake More

    i remeber whatching roman in like 2018 then i stoped whatching for 2 years

  • Slam Shot
    Slam Shot

    Yes I remember Zeus he was a German Shepherd

  • Unboxing Craz
    Unboxing Craz

    I love when the water cold but of course i would do it

  • ILove Doggo's
    ILove Doggo's

    I wouldn't swim in the pond even for a million dollars since I can't swim😂😂😂

  • M D
    M D

    I don’t think that I’d do it! 😂🥰

  • Kylee Salcedo
    Kylee Salcedo

    Omg I thought I was the only one I didn’t realize this was an actual issue I have to sleep the same way this is crazy

  • Abdulrehman Kashif
    Abdulrehman Kashif

    I would try

  • Gennicia Lewis
    Gennicia Lewis

    No but when he spoke about the pillow thing I literally experience the same thing

  • Julius Kelly
    Julius Kelly

    i would have never jumped in

  • BurnoutMastersLegend

    I get headaches when my head is flat but when to elevated I get really bad neck pains

  • LadyVenom Way
    LadyVenom Way

    the ending was so friggin cute

  • Rohit Burra
    Rohit Burra

    This whole family deserves like a Nobel prize

  • Andrew Mach
    Andrew Mach

    Yes I would

  • katrina cranidge
    katrina cranidge

    you are not alone!!!! pillows are not an easy buy for me!

  • Erinerto Polanco
    Erinerto Polanco

    Helll yeah lemme jump right in

  • Darren Huang
    Darren Huang

    roman atwoods has turned into mark rober

  • Joshua Rose
    Joshua Rose


  • °☆× United • Ash ×☆°
    °☆× United • Ash ×☆°

    I would do it for sure. It would go toward my kids!

  • Baykid 49
    Baykid 49

    Roman I love your blogs

  • AmTV 101
    AmTV 101


  • Debria Rico
    Debria Rico

    I’d drown 😂

  • Datosci

    fr fr i wouldve from New zealand brutha

  • Ashley Busbee
    Ashley Busbee


  • Reactor XXL
    Reactor XXL

    people usually hate someone out of ignorance ....and its really sad

  • Bivxera

    Plz do another vid with tanner and Rocco

  • Fast cars Vroom
    Fast cars Vroom

    i deal with it roman so ill try out your methode

  • Peighton Murphy
    Peighton Murphy

    i missed mawmaw 🥺

  • Peighton Murphy
    Peighton Murphy

    cora is seriously so grown up now🥺

  • Viral Shorts 😍
    Viral Shorts 😍

    Eny one else think they talk louder with the new house

  • Maydeli M
    Maydeli M

    I don’t know how to swim but hell yeah I would do it for 1k 😅

  • Titus Eschbach
    Titus Eschbach

    When I sleep on my back it gives me nightmares

  • Bratan101

    i’d do that just to be in ur blog no money needed

  • Kandace Davis
    Kandace Davis

    That happens to me! Every time I sleep on my back I have a horrible dream! Nightmares! I can fall asleep on my side as well and I always end up on my back and wake up scared!

  • Donald Fuller
    Donald Fuller

    What was the plan when one of them got in trouble.

  • Dabds foxy
    Dabds foxy


  • Kevin Slavin
    Kevin Slavin

    Amazing family soooo!! Glad to see you guys back in action been watching since episode 2

  • Waylon

    I would have done it

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas


  • Ur Fat
    Ur Fat

    Yes i would moneys miney

  • Emely Buendia
    Emely Buendia

    Yes, for a thousand dollars I would. Need the money for rent, struggling out here with my family😭

    • Spike McCraw
      Spike McCraw

      I'm sorry

  • sillaK

    I’d swim across for the right price hahajaja

  • Giovanni Alexander Hernandez-Franco
    Giovanni Alexander Hernandez-Franco

    I would have done it for free

  • Shakir Patel
    Shakir Patel

    Do a full house tour from outside and inside

  • Eric Feltham
    Eric Feltham

    I would've done it for like 20....maybe 50

  • Emma Whyte
    Emma Whyte

    yep i would i go open water swimin

  • may day
    may day

    You so damn right I'm having same issues with my pillow

  • Dee

    Definitely would not swim that

  • Macy Turner
    Macy Turner

    I think mine is backwards! If I sleep flat I get nightmares!!!!!

  • S H A D Y M O O D Z
    S H A D Y M O O D Z

    I can't swim but I'd definitely try

  • Ashtyn Whitaker
    Ashtyn Whitaker


  • Ashtyn Whitaker
    Ashtyn Whitaker

    Do you still have flash

  • Brad the lad
    Brad the lad

    His mums answer to swimming across the pond 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • agatha

    Personally I have nightmares whenever i go to bed crying or stressed.

  • Cynthia Rosales
    Cynthia Rosales

    I have to do the same exact thing you do Roman with my pillows because I also will wake up with a migraine if my head is too low and I’ll also have nightmares with if my head is too elevated!! 🤯 my boyfriend thinks I’m weird because I have to sleep with two pillows! I know your struggle! 😄

  • Cass Henry
    Cass Henry

    I sleep like that lol it works it’s so comfy

  • The Gallegos Family
    The Gallegos Family

    Roman invest in doge coin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crypto currency. Screw your millions. Could be billions. Just sayin. Lol

  • Delaney Arnold
    Delaney Arnold

    I am a lifeguard and last summer I had to jump in at 40 degrees to make a rescue of a six year old girl. Hell yeah I would do that challenge 😂🤣🤣


    Your birthday is 4 days after mine

  • Connor Cothran
    Connor Cothran

    who sleeps with their head straight up i’m on the side homie

  • kaptein kork
    kaptein kork

    I would do it !00%

  • DokiReese

    who all lives there except the Atwoods

  • bjpjw

    EASY DUB. I will swim for the money

  • gts fan
    gts fan

    Me to

  • Maine is great indeed
    Maine is great indeed

    tbh thanks for that I will try that next time I sleep

  • Graham Salisbury
    Graham Salisbury

    Do you write off your house as an llc?

  • Kris Bottoms
    Kris Bottoms

    Heck yeah I would. I’m only 2 hours away too. Us Buckeyes aren’t scared of no challenge. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mary Castro
    Mary Castro

    they need a dog 🥰

  • croakthedj

    for 1g I would go full swim team and speedo it.

  • Sandra Kelly
    Sandra Kelly


  • Maddison Bice
    Maddison Bice

    100% I’d swim across that pond for 1k

  • Maddison Bice
    Maddison Bice

    Wait I swear the headache fan is me. It’s right at the base of my skull for me. I find it’s only when I fall asleep on my back

  • Cory banister
    Cory banister

    Only the real one cried when Zeus died

  • Hawk Eye Station Paranormal
    Hawk Eye Station Paranormal

    where do i sign up ill go in a manikini ha ha

  • Joseph Santiago
    Joseph Santiago

    if i get i im not getting back out

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