She messed up so bad!!
Short and sweet today.
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Gonna get on a good upload schedule soon. Thank you so much for being here.

    • Melody Aleja
      Melody Aleja

      Love you beautiful family 💕

    • TH Official
      TH Official

      So who won the prize ?

    • CryptoKramer007

      Hey man! keep it up! Cheers from Portland!

    • Angela Bolingbroke
      Angela Bolingbroke

      Hear ya. Can't wait till we get to see Curt (who Cora strongly resembles imo), Mawmaw and the rest of the family again. I'm smiling more 😁

    • Sandra Davidson
      Sandra Davidson

      I wish I can buy your shirts all the things you had on your store but I have no money to buy anything no credit card don't have a bank so I just wish I had some of them clothes my size is extra extra large and I wish I could buy them your whole family is adorable and you're a little girl pressure came out I fell in love with her too she is a beautiful little girl take care of your family you are a very kind man

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams

    Please never change your intro! It’s synonymous with you. Soon as I hear it I have that feeling of excitement. Plus that’s identifiable as your brand. The Andy Griffith Show didn’t change its intro for its entire run. It would be weird if they did.

  • Tom Bradley
    Tom Bradley

    Welcome back

  • Pz L
    Pz L


  • Ethan Hennig
    Ethan Hennig

    Roman, thank you so much, I love you and your channel, you have helped me through so much, depression, suicidal thoughts, so much, you've been there for me through so much, I can't thank you enough, you are a great human being, I really hope one day we can meet, I see your videos and I just smile and laugh, your videos make me so happy, thank you

  • Zach Pike
    Zach Pike

    Now my guy stays STRAPPED

  • Morgan Teddy
    Morgan Teddy

    Cora’s laugh is absolutely soooo adorable 🥰😭😭

  • Fireboy Lavaboy
    Fireboy Lavaboy

    Yes but no I have a oven microwave and can do air fry bake deep fry pretty much anything

  • Tina Abraham
    Tina Abraham

    Are my eyes tricking me or do they all have bright eyes and coras the only that has them pretty brown eyes?

  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza

    I fill so good to see roman and his family .. I love his video and hi make me so happy

  • Jenny The Fam
    Jenny The Fam

    Love you guys so much!! Love getting to see yall! Love you all!!

  • The Gallegos Family
    The Gallegos Family

    Roman invest in doge coin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crypto currency. Screw your millions. Could be billions. Just sayin. Lol

  • kaptein kork
    kaptein kork

    I just get som much happier evry time I whatch one of your videos. So thankfoul

  • Pa Madec3
    Pa Madec3

    Boy strapped up!

  • Colin Schultheis
    Colin Schultheis

    Where’s flash

  • Galaxyy

    Where’s the gtrs I miss them

  • Will Doyle
    Will Doyle


  • Rachel Zoale
    Rachel Zoale

    Cora is the cutest little thing :)

  • Trey Banga
    Trey Banga

    Lmfo mullet be smashing Ma dukes??

  • Alexis York
    Alexis York

    Watching your videos make me feel so much better. It makes this year so much better knowing that The Atwood's are back.

  • epic epic
    epic epic

    If you dis liked this vid I’m sad for you

  • RiSkY

    He’s back baby

  • A Gorin
    A Gorin

    This is what I needed after my break up

  • pyc789

    1-2 videos a week is amzing enough, take your time and make sure you have fun with it, the moment you lose the fun stop for a while again all good

  • Roo

    Great to see you back :)

  • Max Proper
    Max Proper

    Cora is always smiling more.

  • Hunter Armstrong
    Hunter Armstrong

    They definitely have more money😂

  • brayden games
    brayden games

    I have been here since 200 subs

  • Deborah Miller
    Deborah Miller

    I'm so Happy your vack

  • Molly Sawyer
    Molly Sawyer

    So glad you guys are back! I never say much but I’ve been watching since the beginning and I’m more of a silent fan but it’s only to respect your life and give ye all peace. I enjoy watching you guys everyday and miss it when you did post everyday! Ugh I’m just actually so happy

  • Stoehn Hayes
    Stoehn Hayes

    Where’s flash

  • Sandi Puhek
    Sandi Puhek

    Omg I remember when my Dad and my brother got stuck like u did, my brother and dad got soaked. I was laughing so hard you have no idea, love the video! Keep up the amazing work

  • hannahkhatib khatib
    hannahkhatib khatib

    Ayyyyeee you guys still have the fish tanks !! If so show us in video !!!

  • Tyler Robertson
    Tyler Robertson

    it’s sad to se how we grow up so fast

  • Raymon Wilcoxon
    Raymon Wilcoxon

    wish i was able to buy merch its been a dream to but i cant.

  • that boy markys
    that boy markys

    Am I the only one who see the 🔫at 6:46

  • Jax B.
    Jax B.

    Invest in an air fryer Roman it changes the game

  • Ryan Ball
    Ryan Ball

    Love you guys and I'm so glad that yall are back and love you too

  • John Lai
    John Lai

    Good to have you back Roman Atwood.

  • Noah G
    Noah G

    0:45 I guessed it before it happened like right when she put the pies 🥧 on there hands 😆🤣😂😅

  • star manor
    star manor

    He is in the group of people that i have been watching since I was like 5 years old mostly because i needed family friendly content because i was watching vanoss and markiplier too when i was 5 years old

  • Bradley Knox
    Bradley Knox

    just casually vacuums up water (yes i can spell)

  • Jeffrey Morka
    Jeffrey Morka

    Hey Roman i sent you a DM on your Instagram about the camera man opportunity hopefully i can get lucky and you see this and open it !! Instagram - Jeff.morkaa. Thank you ! Smile More :)

  • Liam

    "You should just go to bed" dying lmfaoooo

  • Eric Sheppeard
    Eric Sheppeard

    300 IN 100$ is 30,000$

  • romantic jack
    romantic jack

    Bro u and brit are a good couple also radom question do u have tools

  • Jamey Carter
    Jamey Carter

    What happened to the big hench guy who use to love the JOLLY RANCHERS dude has disappeared???????

  • Solar Blizzard
    Solar Blizzard

    Where’s flash

  • Andrew Garza
    Andrew Garza


  • king slushy
    king slushy

    what happened to the fish tank

  • Rashad Martin
    Rashad Martin

    Love it

  • Hbk_Jay_YT

    Breing pranks back plz

  • Jeanni Hobbs
    Jeanni Hobbs

    Im so glad your back i miss you

  • martin martinez
    martin martinez

    Welcome back Roman family! Happy to know everything is alright now and you guys are slowly coming back. Thank you for the positive energy, I wish you all nothing but the best!

  • Elvin Barrera
    Elvin Barrera

    Where’s flash?

  • Ben

    Your inspirational talk got me emotional today. I have recently lost my brother and it hurt for awhile and still does. But hearing you wish good things was good to hear

  • Santiago Martinez
    Santiago Martinez

    Love the new smilemore intro

  • Debbie Tucker
    Debbie Tucker

    Love your family 💕💕💕

  • IsaYuki

    It is really good to see you all back :)

  • Noah Austen
    Noah Austen

    Roman Atwood you make me smile every time I watch your videos

  • Kameron Atkinson
    Kameron Atkinson

    Mommy put a lot of work into it Me: lol so much work not

  • cxpqer

    why'd u have the gun is the buggy

  • Lori Myers
    Lori Myers

    You are such a beautiful family 💕💕💖🥰.

  • Anna J
    Anna J

    Omg Cora is so big and the cutest babyyyyy

  • ACE

    why is everyone talkin abt only og’s member this and that. it doesn’t really matter roman loves his new and old subs the exact same. coming from a 7 year subscriber

  • Jimdog Ramos
    Jimdog Ramos

    Been here since day one and I’m almost 18 love your videos keep it up ❤️

  • SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup

    I'm not getting notifications for any of the new vids:( so I'm playin catch up♡

  • Meaghan Braspenninx
    Meaghan Braspenninx

    Cora is so cute I can’t handle it!


    Where is flash?

  • Bobby Boodram
    Bobby Boodram

    i love your vids so mad when you stopped before

  • Ajokerxo

    Loving that your back man Og from the beginning 🥳🥳💙❤️

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith

    Relax Bro Roman, have a nice trip. But your last baby doesn’t look like you. But idk haha

  • suprxme-wrld-_-

    I forgot about roman

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes

    What happened with the dogs

  • Jonas Brütting
    Jonas Brütting

    Perfekt Video

  • Nicole Rundberg
    Nicole Rundberg

    Have missed you guys. So glad your back.

  • turtleman

    Cora makes me smile more!!

  • Sara Costello
    Sara Costello

    i like this intro beter


    Does the kids play fortnite or no


    Ya it did

  • Elin Evens
    Elin Evens

    love you guys so much

  • Elijah Baker
    Elijah Baker

    Where’s flash and the donkeys?

  • Marissa Kelly
    Marissa Kelly

    Awww Cora's little giggle is so cute 💖

  • Olivia Lennie
    Olivia Lennie

    where’s the dog?

  • lowkey

    whats with all the "only true OG's remember"

  • Steven J Carsley
    Steven J Carsley

    Lol messy

  • Thomas Bird
    Thomas Bird

    Ilysm and all your vids

  • barbara graham
    barbara graham

    hes like THERE GRAY dad opens * eyes slowly*

  • Hoss Brewer
    Hoss Brewer

    Where Noah

  • leslee _luv
    leslee _luv

    Love y’all so much and am so happy you’re back

  • Madison Roberts
    Madison Roberts

    I got mine and I love it

  • Kimberly Shepherd
    Kimberly Shepherd

    Thanks for the videos I enjoy watching them and seeing all the animals and updates on your family

  • Fancyman 01
    Fancyman 01

    no he has gray eyes😡

  • TH Official
    TH Official

    Who won the prize ?

  • Sarah Knuckles
    Sarah Knuckles

    I'm so glad to see you guys back on LVdown!!! I missed you guys!!!! Your videos helped me through my darkest days when my daughter passed away. Thank you for being beautiful!!! Smile more♡♡♡♡

  • Beth Hughes
    Beth Hughes


  • epic days
    epic days

    Yo thankyou so much I got a 100 today

  • Sunkin 17
    Sunkin 17

    6:46 did anyone else just see a hidden gun it matches

  • Wavy TL
    Wavy TL

    Where is flash ?

  • Teekai K
    Teekai K

    Y’all the best!!

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