Back To The Family!!
Today we hop on a plane and head home to hug the kids. Thank you so much for coming with us.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on LVdown since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you so much for watching today and for going on this trip with us. Home vlogs will be next. Love ya!

    • Sheluv Fox
      Sheluv Fox

      Come back please 😔

    • Nick Connor
      Nick Connor

      Come back!

    • Trwood14

      Where did you go?

    • The69er Kid
      The69er Kid

      Pls come bk to yt

    • jonathan Fry
      jonathan Fry

      The new one

  • I Am Celeste
    I Am Celeste

    i still remember when tanner crashed the bus in the lake lmao

  • roman

    hide the pain harold

  • FearXscape

    *2021 -Look at HOW much BIGGER the kiddos are now! March 2021! And a new Baybay! SWEEEET! U guys are loved by so many! So glad u are back. Can rewatch over and over again! Ha. Smile more!* 💥💥💥

  • It’s me Dani
    It’s me Dani

    Please don’t use Gods name in vain ty.

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    Darius Wright

    Darius wright 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Darius Wright
    Darius Wright

    Darius wright 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Darius Wright
    Darius Wright

    Darius wright 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

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    Mikey D

    Please subscribe

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog channel on LVdown

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    John De Rocher


  • Life Of Nay
    Life Of Nay

    This is my first time back on this channel since Cora’s been born , and WOW she’s so big and cute , everyone has just grown up😭!

  • Team Winters
    Team Winters

    Fans before 2015 can like

  • Cora Foley
    Cora Foley

    Do you no unspeakable

  • Rishikesh Mishra
    Rishikesh Mishra

    roman is the only youtuber that flies in economy

  • Evangela de Leon
    Evangela de Leon

    Isn’t the teenager mom another women?

  • Koolaid 69
    Koolaid 69

    am i the only one who didn't know about this youtube channel??

  • A

    The most cutest kidsss

  • Lily Hamilton
    Lily Hamilton

    It's weird, I almost feel like I've grown up with noah lol

  • Kaylie Bricker
    Kaylie Bricker

    I love the dinosaur train in the background.

  • Wyatt Bash
    Wyatt Bash

    6:42 did anyone else notice that Cora was just watching Dinosaur Train. That was the best

  • Lia’s Vlogs
    Lia’s Vlogs

    Noah is cute

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    Dyan Morales


  • Noe Plata
    Noe Plata

    I miss zues

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      Turtle's Adventures


  • Cedric Diggory
    Cedric Diggory

    I have not seen this channel for years and years now the kids are so much bigger

  • SimpleSanta 0
    SimpleSanta 0

    What is your quad bike

  • Rhiannon S
    Rhiannon S

    Honestly feels so sad watching this. 😭 Hate he left and never came back.

    • Turtle's Adventures
      Turtle's Adventures

      Now he has

  • Ethan Dysanco
    Ethan Dysanco

    Haven’t seen a vlog in year and wow now I have so much so to watch

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog channel LVdown

  • awhhvibess

    Omg these ppl where my childhood im crying rn why did they quit

  • Erika Hodgkinson
    Erika Hodgkinson

    Anyone here in quarantine missing them

  • Tyler Games
    Tyler Games

    I came back after a long time u have 3 kids the last I remember was 2

  • KatieKat19

    I remember liking Noah in 2014 and doing so much searching for vlogs that he was in when he stopped coming just checked back for the first time in 3 years and he’s had a glow up

  • GOscar4

    Who’s her from 2020

  • H Fonseka
    H Fonseka

    He said the F word when he was supposed to say five

  • jonathan Fry
    jonathan Fry

    The first

  • Outdoor Entertainment
    Outdoor Entertainment

    Anyone else trying to catch up on 3 years of videos

  • Will Doyle
    Will Doyle

    All the fans since 2019 try when Roman had Zeus and he was picking Noah up from the middle of nowhere

  • Eric Schneible
    Eric Schneible

    Positivity must return!

  • baannk gaming
    baannk gaming

    I finnaly found your Chanel !!! Bruh I’m so happy right now !! 😇😇😇😇😇


    I'd love to watch you videos coz they're so inspiring! But can't afford coz Id be charged for that LVdown premium thing. My meager wage won't let me. Nways just keep doing your amazing stuffs guys. You never stop putting tears in my eyes. God be with you Roman and folks! Love you all! Hugs from the Philippines!

  • Ezra Barton
    Ezra Barton

    I want blogs

  • Ghost

    Just came back to have that same feeling back in the day and man did everything change

  • SM Aqib
    SM Aqib

    im genuinely happy for roman

  • Orlando Mccullah
    Orlando Mccullah


  • Cael Atkins
    Cael Atkins

    Dammm, came back for nostalgia and he dosent post anymore? Damm he used to be the shit. Everyone is so much bigger nowww

  • charlie Day
    charlie Day

    been watching since zeus came into the family. i’ve come back after 7 months and i’ve missed your camera struggling to focus all the time :( come back roman

  • grace whitwell
    grace whitwell

    I miss his videos

  • Sha Maynard
    Sha Maynard

    Why are yall not posting are yall ok

    • Justin_mixboy

      ya like what?

  • 6rease

    So wholesome 🤧

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez

    I miss you guys. 😔

  • KaosSZN

    Watching old vlogs🥺

  • Lucas Lawson
    Lucas Lawson

    how old is noah

  • Dejavu

    Not trying to hate your daughter is beautiful☺ but you shouldn't spin her by just her hands. Her arms can get dislocated. ( you probably know that) but it gave me a lot of anxiety. Stay safe🙂

  • Jaxon Kiser
    Jaxon Kiser

    @Roman Atwood Vlogs please come back

  • Adilenne Orozco
    Adilenne Orozco

    Are you guys gonna post anymore??

  • Noah Struckmeyer
    Noah Struckmeyer

    I have the same shoe as Brit lol

  • Rashad Martin
    Rashad Martin

    Shad martin love

  • Redo Arceneaux
    Redo Arceneaux

    the last time I was here was when I found out his mom passed away, jesus christ everyone's grown up

  • Letty Carrizales
    Letty Carrizales

    Rewatching your videos! I hope everything is well! You are seriously missed on social media! Hope you and your family are okay! I love you guys 💕💕💕

  • ContemplationCat

    I used to watch this channel when I was just a little kid and left around when she got pregnant and so much has happened in their lives it’s crazy

  • نوف

    روعه الفديو يضحكككك😄😄😄😄😄😄🌹😄😄

  • Do It Random
    Do It Random

    I cant wait till this corona disappears and you all can get back to LVdown


    What your kids name

  • Dee Panucci
    Dee Panucci

    Omg I lose whatever you a long time a go now I am back whate you guys 😀😅😅😅

  • mophire


  • ROBLOX Everyday
    ROBLOX Everyday

    You make me happy when I’m sad so your my favorite LVdownr ever

  • Debbie Ballard
    Debbie Ballard

  • Jase Mullins
    Jase Mullins

    Love you luf

  • Din aka Brendan And Camera guy
    Din aka Brendan And Camera guy

    Roman when are you coming back hope all is well

  • Emma Carville
    Emma Carville

    Omg noah🥺

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Thank you

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson

      I thank play games

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    Az1738 Az


  • ImShockkzz

    I have been watching since the old house it’s my first time watching in years! The baby is so big!

  • Blake Stockamp
    Blake Stockamp

    good videos i love them

  • Saurya Shrestha
    Saurya Shrestha

    Best vlogger in the world.

  • mr_ranger

    like one of the top comments i came back to watch some videos after a couple of years, and everybody’s grown up 🥺

  • Vincent Xiong
    Vincent Xiong

    Only if Zeus could see this

  • j star
    j star

    I came bk from hears ago and iv subscribe again

  • Razvan Duciuc
    Razvan Duciuc

    Have a nice day

  • Itz _ Joseph
    Itz _ Joseph

    Roman doesn’t look a day over 45

  • nwalias

    i used to watch roman when i was younger and suddenly stopped, and was just curious to see how they were doing in 2019 and im glad theyre just as joyful as before

  • Same Man
    Same Man

    Omg look how they’ve grown! Aaaaw adorable family

  • Emzy279

    The cuteiset baby i see so far

  • Slayin lol
    Slayin lol

    Omg I can’t wait for the Christmas video!!! Haha Noah has changed so much!! I’ve been here since 2014!!

  • ilove applesauce
    ilove applesauce

    I remember when u guys first got flash and she was so happy!!😭

  • Akari Callenreese
    Akari Callenreese

    I used to have a crush on noah HAHAAHAHAHAH

  • JamZz

    The older Roman gets the more he resembles T-Bag

  • Yassry Mustapha
    Yassry Mustapha

    I miss his pranks

  • Fredloydd Youtube
    Fredloydd Youtube

    Stopped watching for a while then just hear Noah say hiiii

  • SoyTerror_ff

    Q rapido pasa el tiempo ya esta muy grande la baby

  • DAY____ DREAM
    DAY____ DREAM

    My nickname is C'DOG I want to be a rapper

  • Cupcake kitty Squad
    Cupcake kitty Squad

    I can't believe how big Noah has gotten!

  • Din aka Brendan And Camera guy
    Din aka Brendan And Camera guy

    Wgere the f are you like for reals

  • Failed Modernity
    Failed Modernity

    I have been gone for a year from this channel, now I'm back

  • Đức Hải Vlogs
    Đức Hải Vlogs

    Hello guys, ROMAN ATWOOD vlogs fans, please feel free to channel my vlogs in Vietnam, thank you guys.

  • P

    Last time I was here everyone was so little, nice everyone is growing up :,), Smile more

  • Victoria Mauterer
    Victoria Mauterer

    noah is honestly so cute!

  • I love noir
    I love noir

    i remember when you guys first started out as pranksters and here you guys are ❤️

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