Hitting Rock Bottom
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Today I wanted to try something completely different. I wanted to just talk to you. No distractions or fun stuff. I hope that it brings you some joy. Thank you for listening.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on LVdown since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!


    Yep i know that feeling of needing more. Knowing you have greater purpose than slaving away at a job that you dont love.

  • Rapid Greek
    Rapid Greek

    Thank You Roman U saved my life

  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva

    Thank you for this vídeo i am strugling with some problems in my life but this as help me facing it with more positive thoughts.

  • Johnny_Vegas_Fan :D
    Johnny_Vegas_Fan :D

    That first bit was VERY VERY TRUE! Great eye opening video thx 👍

  • Wintersnow147

    Yes thank you over & over again! I definitely needed to hear this. 👍

  • Sir Chesto
    Sir Chesto

    4,300 dislikes for a video of a normal guy just trying to pick everyone up, people need to get a f**king grip.

  • UwU 123
    UwU 123

    Thank you for making this video, I love you so much🥲❤️

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim

    Ever since you all took a break I also took a break from social media. I wasnt happy with my life and it does sound weird but while you always motivated me and made me smile with all your videos I never really reflected on my life and what I wanted to change. But after 2 months of not seeing an uploade from you I thought to myself "hey stay positive keep smiling" and than in March I began turning my life around. Reflected on my literly everything in my life and it was very difficult changing my life but I always kept in mind that no matter what people say to me at the end of the day I am one of a kind and I want to be my own kind not someone elses. So I started working out and a lot of my so called friends laughed at me or made me feel insecure and didnt belive in me. And than during the lockdown I decided to take a break from social media. I wasnt up to date until November 2020 becuase thats were I looked in the mirror and said to myself "you proved them wrong now show them how its done". My friends didnt really see me for like 8 months and when we met, them being absoulty stunned by the way my body looked like, of course they asked how I did it what I ate how much I trained and while you do need to have a healthy diet and train a lot I told them they need to belive in themselves and stay positiv no matter what is going on in your life. Now if you ever read this Roman, I wanted to thank you, thank you for giving me that strong mindset of always seeing the positive and beliving in myself. Though I comment under this Video since you talk about the same topic :)

  • Cassie Sibbitt
    Cassie Sibbitt

    When I tell teachers I wanna be a LVdownr they always give me dirty looks. All the other kids say they wanna be a doctor a teacher a lawyer and I just wanna be a LVdownr. I don’t wanna go to work everyday and be miserable I wanna make videos and do what I love!

  • C-MAC12

    Hey Roman, Just wanted to say this is an amazing video. I appreciate everything you said, it really hit me good and got me thinking. Goodluck with everything brother!

  • Nathan

    Really needed this... thanks man.

  • Briston Roberge
    Briston Roberge

    I love this inspiration

  • April Rice
    April Rice

    I love this. I've never heard Roman Atwood talk about the Lord or say that he loves Him . I was already praying for him and his family and now I'm seeing this today. I absolutely love this. Huge praise for this 🙌 Thank the Lord ♥️💖

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham

    Chill the fk out mate LMAO

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham

    Who's he bitching at

  • Shogun Universal
    Shogun Universal

    Roman thank you for this video. You may dont see how many people really love this kind of videos. Uplifting. Sharing experiences. I think a lot more people go through the same and have the same conclusions about life. Any way im 29 years old. i watch you videos since 2016, when i also had a rock bottom. Its awesome to see you now sharing your ideas about life, cause a lot of people can relate. Thank you very much Roman. I love you brother. Wish you many blessings. You are truly beautiful, you are truly one of a kind, smile more ;)

  • Ethan Joubert
    Ethan Joubert

    I loved it Roman

  • Bruthur Nature
    Bruthur Nature

    Best video brother! Thank you for being open and supportive.

  • TheChronicBranMuffin

    I needed to watch this. Yesterday (March 17th 2021) we hit the one year mark of my mom taking her own life. I love her so much and feel so crushed and broken. My husband also lost his dad to suicide so he understands. But I still don’t feel like I can talk to him about it. You know, people comment and say things without realizing how it sounds. It ends up making me not want to talk to them. My mom wrote me a few notes, he didn’t get a note from his dad. “At least you got a note”... it may sound like nothing, but to me it wasn’t. It was making it about him when I was crushed. My sister got flowers from her husband who couldn’t be with her, in memory of my mom. My aunt called her spoilt... I asked “because she got flowers? 🤨😑”... she said yeah. I said “maybe because her mom died and he can’t be there”.. she responded “well my mom died too!”.... wtf?! Why do people seem to need to make your heartache or crushing moment about them? Sorry, rant. I don’t have anyone to really say these things to. I know it will get better, but I’m devastated. I just want my mom back. She didn’t end the pain, she only passed it to me. She had pushed my 3 sisters away so I was all she had. I feel resentment towards 2 of my sisters because I was the one left to deal with my moms mental health. The one sister who I never got along with growing up, has been the one there for me. I couldn’t be more grateful!! Thank you for reading this. I just needed to get this out.

  • Miss Christine
    Miss Christine

    did you brag that you “knew cursive?”

  • B E L I E F
    B E L I E F


  • kimba dull
    kimba dull

    My rock bottom has continued for ten years. Doesn’t seem to get better no matter how hard I try. Giving up lets me rest but harder and harder to keep trying. 😔

    • Nell Sun
      Nell Sun

      7 years for me!

  • batm 68
    batm 68

    Thanks Roman for the postive output it really helps smile more y'all

  • strest281

    Great words, Roman. You lift me up man.

  • Thavry Rasmussen
    Thavry Rasmussen

    You're my inspiration. So much love❤️

  • Dionisio Jr. Lepwach
    Dionisio Jr. Lepwach

    thank you for all the motivation much love too your family ❤

  • William Tarr
    William Tarr

    I feel the same everything is different now and it sucks hopefully everything goes back to normal here’s hoping

  • Shay Carter
    Shay Carter

    That’s the problem, people just wanna just talk... and not listen!

  • MikeTheCountryBoy

    Hey Roman and his family. I would like to say that seeing you guys over the years has helped me get out of many rock bottoms because many times have I been depressed to the point of suicide and just watching your videos helped me remember there are things to look forward to in this life. So to all you guys thank you.

  • Marie Holder
    Marie Holder


  • Erandy Reyes
    Erandy Reyes

    Thank you Roman I really needed this

  • Savage Comments
    Savage Comments

    What happened to being all about smiling more. Haven’t been seein nothing about it lately (:

  • Sleeping

    So all 2020 him and his family was getting hacked by some stalkers. That’s why he wasn’t posting anything?

  • Vizu1902


  • Brandon Kehoe
    Brandon Kehoe

    ill do whatever it takes to not have to do 40 hrs a week for my life. I'm one of those ppl who burn out easy and 40 hrs would make me lean towards drugs. nothing hard but it made the trap even harder to get out of. luckily i was able to door dash for 3hrs a day during the peak of covid and still make as much as any entry-level worker would make in a 40 hr week. but states reopened and now it's harder to make that much. i can see the trap coming again. i dont wanna sound like a bitch but i just know ill be sad doing 40 hrs at a boring job.

  • Brandon Kehoe
    Brandon Kehoe

    we need to fix the media and hope future gens won't be battering heads

  • Art Dodge
    Art Dodge

    So Happy your back . Truly love the family vlogs. Art

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark

    Great positive vibes. Thank you Roman and Fam!!

  • LNDN1905

    You deserve everything you have now. Appreciate the inspiration brother. 💯

  • Kim Mathis
    Kim Mathis

    Amen Roman! I absolutely loved this video! So very interesting! God has truly blessed you!

  • oldestsis3

    Very brave of you to accept and acknowledge your mistakes. Obviously, you have learned from them. Kudos to you!

  • Bethany R
    Bethany R

    Thanks for the video it was great

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez

    He’s actually right. It’s like no one can respectfully disagree. If you don’t agree with someone you demonize them or society on a greater scale cancels people. Just an attack on freedom of speech and individualism.

  • Katie Queen
    Katie Queen

    “When you hit rock bottom there’s only one way left to go, and that’s up” -Buster Moon

  • Basil Nadeem
    Basil Nadeem

    I comes across this video regularly. You’re a massive inspiration.

  • Andrew Roley
    Andrew Roley

    Thanks for the video Roman! You are truly one of a kind and remember smile more

  • James Connors
    James Connors


  • Gloria Ruiz
    Gloria Ruiz

    We love yo

  • Josh Churchill
    Josh Churchill


  • Amanda Guzman
    Amanda Guzman

    You always been a great guy and role model for my kids, besides your crazy stunts they scare me, but other than that you been great . Thank you Roman you have such a beautiful family your a wonderful father and husband. I wish you and your family the best in life..

  • Pornthip Kamnerdklang
    Pornthip Kamnerdklang


  • MomMcHan

    THANK God for you!

  • C4r3less

    Thank you this really made we think

  • Slusher man
    Slusher man

    19yr still have no clue what I want to do in clueless and numb

  • Erica Play’s
    Erica Play’s

    I just wanted to say we love y’all we miss y’all and I am so sorry for all that’s been going on with your family Roman we miss y’all and trust me I feel you this last year has been horrible for all and I pray it’s all over soon can’t wait to have you guys back your the one thing I’ve missed during this miserable year haha ! Smile more 😃

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    0:20 thats literally politics

  • Andrew Craft
    Andrew Craft

    I loved the motivation!


    This helps me watching you post a video I always watch them cuz they make me happy to watch even when sometimes the video can be sad but you try to help everyone you are such a great person Roman we all love you smilemore for life

  • Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Sorry for commenting here but do you have a spare $1? Badly need help. Need to get my laptop fixed. Will use it to earn. I'm not a bad person, just a desperate one. Lost a lot since the pandemic. 😷


    This video genuinely really helped me out, thank you roman.

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson

    That was me in school too honey

  • Marissa Parker
    Marissa Parker

    Such an uplifting video

  • kat kat
    kat kat

    i have to say you are a good motivation speaker. thanks for sharing.

  • Ernesto Pinedo
    Ernesto Pinedo

    We love you man

  • Trenton Oliphant
    Trenton Oliphant

    I am miss Zeus😪😥😢😭🐕

  • dath78

    Hey Roman, praying for you and your family. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.

  • John's Fishing Clip's
    John's Fishing Clip's

    I've been feeling/thinking about this topic and you sir said it probably the best way anyone could. Thank you

  • Azeem Ali
    Azeem Ali


  • Matthew Welday
    Matthew Welday

    Love it so Much Roman, you are an inspiration and a blessing, God Bless, we will pray for you

  • lucky_x16

    People pick at people to make themselves feel superior. The concept of agreeing to disagree is so not American. People have to be right and come out on top, or at least convince themselves they have. If peole do not like themselves, no one can ever love them enough or do enough for them to make that happen. We all almost immediately recognize the signs when we go in public, or when we are with that friend(s).

  • Shubham Raj
    Shubham Raj

    It's one of your best video 👍

  • Erik Werbickas
    Erik Werbickas

    Roman you inspire me to be a better person seriously. You use the camera as the paintbrush to help lift people’s mindset to switch to positivity and it’s just shows me if you can do it then so can I. Staying positive through the tough times in life is what makes you just amazing Roman.

  • Erik Werbickas
    Erik Werbickas

    Bro I was having a bad day today then I realized how much I connected with your message in this video and I made me smile more.

  • Erik Werbickas
    Erik Werbickas

    Roman Atwood is just the best!

  • julesoftheNW

    Prayers to you and your family, Roman. Thank you for the recent videos, take care and God Bless you

  • bigtomgun16

    That "Ahaaah" moment at 3:40am when you realize that you just heard exactly what you needed to hear during a low point in your life from Roman frickin Atwood...the prankster...Thanks Roman...I actually needed this. I haven't seen one of your videos in a few years but I'm glad I found you in the LVdown rabbit hole this morning.

  • Maxstmaxx Gaming
    Maxstmaxx Gaming

    Keep up the good work smile more

  • lc2neatt

    I miss u bruh

  • Leek Mitx
    Leek Mitx

    4200 dislikes btw

  • Williammiller Miller
    Williammiller Miller

    He finally found out one of the secrets to life

  • C9 COOPZ
    C9 COOPZ

    Video touched my heart made me tear I honestly couldn’t agree so much more i just feel like it all makes sense❤️❤️❤️❤️Roman you are really blessed🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Brielle_ Cee
    Brielle_ Cee

    I needed this 🙌

  • RJ Pinder
    RJ Pinder

    Wow I needed this

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    2020 IS THE WORST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    ROCK BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Bennett
    Jay Bennett

    You lift my spirits like no other. And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Playa2 Larcombe
    Playa2 Larcombe


  • Byu Mali
    Byu Mali

    Rent due

  • Colby Boyd
    Colby Boyd


  • Cefro

    You know, the Bible talks about some people being light of the world. And the second I saw his channel I knew that Roman is a BRIGHT light. Thanks so much man you helped me turn to god again.

  • Roger Sanchez
    Roger Sanchez

    I’ve been watching Roman since he first started greatest motivation in my life thus far. Love you Roman hope everything’s ok

  • Jhoana Campillo
    Jhoana Campillo

    Knowing what we know now I would of been scared being there alone knowing I have a stalker.

    • julia mcdevitt
      julia mcdevitt

      It’s spelled “stalker” lol

  • no no
    no no

    Very Well said!!

  • Max Shaffer
    Max Shaffer

    Is int your modo smile more

  • steven strange
    steven strange

    I just feel this video is related to the stalker vid


    Any videos u make are good up lifting and great thanks

  • Journey With Shemaiah MILLS
    Journey With Shemaiah MILLS

    I love it keep it up

  • Spiritual Love Tarot 1111
    Spiritual Love Tarot 1111

    Thank you

  • lil lonely -Topic
    lil lonely -Topic

    Roman, I watch your videos all most 9 years soon I am turning 15 when I was 6 I got my firsts iPad and you were all were on youtube recommended if you were not there I would now you

  • Slots & Lots
    Slots & Lots

    In light of your video today? To have been able to make this one 4 months ago? Is true testimony of how much of yourself your prepared to give. Like you i love my family animals and God above and am in need of inspiration and transformation as i feel i hit rock bottom years ago and havnt been able to get out of there yet. So thanks for doing your bit for me and all of creation.

6 milj.