We Can't Hide This Anymore!

  • z e t h 🅥
    z e t h 🅥


  • Earika Williams
    Earika Williams

    Is is a boy or a baby girl I am so happy for you to we love you

  • Ariana Snyder
    Ariana Snyder

    Love you guys and I hope yall never forget how many people will always be here for the atwood family. You have my support thru everything. 💜 and congrats on another baby!! 🎊🎉 I think it's a girl. Well I hope it's a girl.

    • Grilled Ranch
      Grilled Ranch

      @Ariana Snyder np

    • Ariana Snyder
      Ariana Snyder

      I know I saw the vlog thx tho

    • Grilled Ranch
      Grilled Ranch

      it’s a boy, his name is knox

  • Brianna Brown
    Brianna Brown

    who’s watching after they’ve had baby Knox 🥰🥰

    • Carlos Oliveira
      Carlos Oliveira

      I ammmm

  • Bethany R
    Bethany R

    U cant be live how much I missed being told "you are beutiful, you are one of a kind, smile more" I have grown up watching you guys and you have made a huge impact on my life glad you guys are posting again

  • ヘッドライトぉふぃ

    Cher's to u romen

  • Chloe Howells
    Chloe Howells


  • Charlie Griffith._
    Charlie Griffith._

    I wasn’t even mad when they took a break I just stood by the fact that Roman is a man of his word

  • Cheryl Brazil
    Cheryl Brazil

    I just subscribed to you all today after watching Keeping it Dutch. Watching your videos now.

  • Sammi Phelps
    Sammi Phelps

    I Know Be A Boys😃😃😃😃😃

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan

    You sure did raise 15 million kids well...

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Erica Play’s
    Erica Play’s

    I’m so sorry for everything your families went through but I can’t wait to have y’all back I sit and think man if I had you guys during quarantine it would’ve been amazing lol

  • Erica Play’s
    Erica Play’s

    Haha watching this again just to say again that I was RIGHT lol in the last video I said it haha I said they ain’t showing britts belly lol she’s def preggers lol and I was right nah nah nah nah nah haha

  • BJ brothers
    BJ brothers


  • Isma Linkin
    Isma Linkin

    Of course you re lifting us thank you Roman

  • Marsha Scearce
    Marsha Scearce

    I missed your videos😞

  • Ethan Westcott
    Ethan Westcott

    go of you

  • Ashley Langley
    Ashley Langley

    Omg congratulations

    • shitass

      @BeinZilex 😂

  • Anonymous Beaumonte
    Anonymous Beaumonte

    I’m so glad they kept the smile more intro. Everytime I watch Romans vlogs I become nostalgic.. so much has changed in my own life since I was younger waiting for Roman to make a new vlog. I am now expecting my own child! Crazy

  • Eddy Fap
    Eddy Fap

    Positive for corona 👀

  • Braeden Henry
    Braeden Henry

    I have not seen them in so long

  • Braeden Henry
    Braeden Henry


  • Faith Famiano
    Faith Famiano

    The pure nostalgia, omg I haven't seen your videos in so long and now I feel like I'm 10 again

  • harry Corrall
    harry Corrall


  • forever unknowm
    forever unknowm

    He’s not bloody had 10 babies! Only 4! That’s pretty normal!

  • tammy V
    tammy V

    Make videos

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    Well we know what they have been doing since couldn't make any videos! Congrats on Knox..

  • Leah Kelley
    Leah Kelley


  • Миша Золотов
    Миша Золотов


    • Hockey_All_Star5


    • Miguel Roman
      Miguel Roman

      @Trilogy obama

    • Trilogy


    • jaslee ramos
      jaslee ramos


  • MerchantNate

    I was looking threw LVdown and saw this and was like, WTF they having another bAbAy

    • 44 YAM x
      44 YAM x

      @Ella dayze yh stfu

    • Ella dayze
      Ella dayze


  • chrip

    Knox on Wood

    • Mohammed J
      Mohammed J

      Lmao I get it

  • Layla Harmon
    Layla Harmon

    My thinking during this "Roman has to get another star tattoo

    • Bre

      Same lol

  • Tryton64

    Hi Roman Atwood Vlogs

  • omid dariush
    omid dariush


  • Journey With Shemaiah MILLS
    Journey With Shemaiah MILLS

    I am so excited for you guys so excited to see you guys

  • Naruto 426
    Naruto 426

    Pov- your here cuz you thought he was hawk from kobra kai.

    • Naruto 426
      Naruto 426

      @Lacey Jones wright😂😂

    • Lacey Jones
      Lacey Jones

      Hahaa He soooo looks like it!!!!!!

  • Mady Tanski
    Mady Tanski

    pov: you are here after knox was born

    • sierra • 6 years
      sierra • 6 years


    • *_Regulus_*


    • Shrexy Swamp
      Shrexy Swamp


    • Soul Sniper
      Soul Sniper


  • Sophia Brownell
    Sophia Brownell

    if you search up "what ha" in youtube search then like 5 searches are what happened to the atwoods

  • Patrick Thompson
    Patrick Thompson


  • Izabella Howard
    Izabella Howard



    They LEGALLY have to share the earnings or their profits of their vids/merch sales with a manager or company and have held off uploading so that party has no financial gains. I hope it expires in 2021 & they come back. Its been WAY TO LONG. I feel like a lawsuit was settled & possibly part of that. Whatever the case a NEW ATWOOD is born !!!!! CONGRATS

  • Sharon Vasquez
    Sharon Vasquez

    i feel like it’s a boy 😂😂😂

    • Shrexy Swamp
      Shrexy Swamp

      You right

    • Runa Eiliyah
      Runa Eiliyah

      It is bro


      He is a boy


      You are absolutely right bro

    • Alex Warren
      Alex Warren

      Wow lmao

  • Sarah Garrick
    Sarah Garrick

    When will you guys be updating, miss the fun you guys used to post

    • Haylee Eaton
      Haylee Eaton

      @JJ v97 ya kinda

    • JJ v97
      JJ v97

      They r back now

    • Haylee Eaton
      Haylee Eaton

      ik i miss them but they take there time

  • Dylan’s Place
    Dylan’s Place

    Ik yall prob wont read this but my birthday is on nye and im so happy to share my birthday with your soon to be adorable baby❤️❤️❤️

  • Gwenda

    Omg wow another Even after Cora

    • Chino_Reno

      @Shrexy Swamp yes it is wtf i have -4

    • Shrexy Swamp
      Shrexy Swamp

      4 kids is not that many come tf on

    • Chino_Reno

      4 kids? wtf...

  • Rick Marshall
    Rick Marshall

    Gonna be a girl name after romans mom name 😇

  • Katelyn Moberly
    Katelyn Moberly

    Anyone else back here rewatching this in 2021 wondering if they had the baby on New Years Eve or New Years Day

    • Cameron Crawford
      Cameron Crawford

      I'm here

    • Haden Harshman
      Haden Harshman

      I'm with you

    • Shaleah Cummins
      Shaleah Cummins

      I am right right now watching this in 2021 thinking if the had the baby and wondering if it’s a boy are a girl

  • TheFanlover27

    I personally have a strong feeling its a boy, I actually predicted Cora too. The baby has most likely been born as its almost January 8th and She was due December 31.

  • Gavin Goudy
    Gavin Goudy

    Bru that be going at it 5years later 60 reps of burth

  • reelable pluto7
    reelable pluto7

    an other baby! bruh

    • Orlando Adam
      Orlando Adam

      I think is born now

    • Water Gumming
      Water Gumming


  • vitalie

    it’s jan 6 and the due date was new years i wonder if the baby has been born

    • vitalie

      @Yathu S awww let’s go

    • Yathu S
      Yathu S

      He was born on the day you commented

    • Zoieanne Flip flopper
      Zoieanne Flip flopper

      Yeh I want a update lol

  • Micah

    Cora is your daughter

  • Yariel Quinones
    Yariel Quinones


  • Courtney Beer
    Courtney Beer

    Please update your LVdown video. We miss you guys and want to see the newest addition. You guys are amazing parents

  • ntedla6

    Y’all have a lot of babies starting to loose track 😭

    • howdy

      @jayden Moore Noah isn't Brittany's so they still had 2 until this one was born

    • jayden Moore
      jayden Moore

      @Freedom Anderson 3*

    • Freedom Anderson
      Freedom Anderson

      They have two kids together.

  • Jazzmine Rose
    Jazzmine Rose

    We would love to see you Christmas video!!!

    • Olivia Holyfield
      Olivia Holyfield

      I really hope they will post a vid about it soon

  • Jazzmine Rose
    Jazzmine Rose

    We miss you guys!!!!! Is the baby here!!!

    • Max Woods-Evans
      Max Woods-Evans

      Now it is

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair

    Another baby... 👶 😍 😘 ❤

  • Дамир Есекеев
    Дамир Есекеев


  • shampavi parameswaran
    shampavi parameswaran

    i missed you guys so much and watching your vlogs again gave me so much nostalgia and happiness :((

  • shampavi parameswaran
    shampavi parameswaran

    i think its a boy

  • Kayleigh Templeton
    Kayleigh Templeton

    Welcome to the world #4

  • AstaLaTaco 542
    AstaLaTaco 542

    Where is the baby??? I want to see roman and everyone else sooo bad!!!

  • Robby Anderson
    Robby Anderson

    Who’s here after the due date

  • Alexandria Campbell
    Alexandria Campbell

    Who keeps checking roman's twitter to see if they announced that the baby is born

    • TheFanlover27


  • James Rasmussen
    James Rasmussen

    It’s 2021 is the baby here

    • Genna Pitts
      Genna Pitts


    • hippie chick
      hippie chick


  • emre master
    emre master

    Beautifull backyard man 👍

  • Amanda Wells
    Amanda Wells

    We would love an update on the new baby Roman ! ❤️ hope all is well

  • Alex Hardenburgh
    Alex Hardenburgh

    I hope labor is going good for you guys! :)

  • Elizabeth Wooding
    Elizabeth Wooding

    Today's your due date but I guess the baby doesn't wanna be born in 2020

  • Armondo Fuentes
    Armondo Fuentes

    Hope the birth is goin good ✊🏽🤍✊🏽🤍

  • mr.chrisAmerican 6
    mr.chrisAmerican 6

    Who remember when they where wating for Zane

  • Vance Nguyen
    Vance Nguyen

    The baby is due tomorrow wow! Congrats!

  • Brenna Barnett
    Brenna Barnett

    the baby is due tomorrow!

    • Jose Morisco
      Jose Morisco


  • YP - 05BD 833425 Nahani Way PS
    YP - 05BD 833425 Nahani Way PS

    Roman your my favourite youtuber and I love watching you, you have been my idol since 2013 and the one who has lifted me up throughout life your videos make me smile and I hope everyone thinks that too .you you Roman are one of a kind

  • Quintin Maxwell
    Quintin Maxwell

    Post more it takes me back to the good old dayd

  • Chef Morgan Muschick
    Chef Morgan Muschick

    Congratulations on your other baby I hope it’s a boy or a girl Roman

  • Katie Cooper
    Katie Cooper


  • Rose JD
    Rose JD

    the baby is due tomorrow

  • Krentov Maks
    Krentov Maks

    Было бы здорово, с русс субтитрами. надеюсь не я один в этом нуждаюсь

  • Board At home
    Board At home



    Bruh you guys change🙁

  • mikaela jade
    mikaela jade

    does anyone remember that Brit has breast implants, i'm really confused on how she would breast feed this new bub. like did she get the implants taken out when she found out or like what happens with them????

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      @Simply Paul And Michael B Jordan

    • Simply Paul
      Simply Paul

      @Natalie JJ and she breast feed Austin

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      Cathren from the Ace family has breast implants and she have breast feed all her 3 kids.

    • Simply Paul
      Simply Paul

      There's no reason for breast implants to stop a woman breastfeeding

  • Lahoma Reid
    Lahoma Reid

    We are so proud of you guys

  • Hilary Robbins
    Hilary Robbins

    Ok but they are due in a couple of days tho

  • Tracye Klassen
    Tracye Klassen

    girl cora needs a sister

  • Ashley Barlow
    Ashley Barlow

    I think going boy

    • Ashley Barlow
      Ashley Barlow

      I thinking going be girl

  • Martina Holley
    Martina Holley

    are we all back years to later to see if he made a christmas video and he hasn’t been uploading

  • Young.Dagger

    Are you the guy from the cobra kai movie?

  • Jordan Welty
    Jordan Welty


  • William Greene
    William Greene

    Come back to U-tube soon?

  • SEND IT Clips
    SEND IT Clips

    I hope it’s a boy

  • David Lynas
    David Lynas

    Good on you both well done I think a girl

  • Marcos Velazquez
    Marcos Velazquez


  • Virid Chimera
    Virid Chimera


  • Zachary Better than you
    Zachary Better than you


  • Sophia Garza
    Sophia Garza


  • Narciso Ramos
    Narciso Ramos

    Congrats guys,don't get lost ,we need you people!

  • Callum Gerber
    Callum Gerber


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