Ok, You asked for this. Real and pretty Raw. Family First. Love you.
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Just Hit Record!! :)

    • Rman Nayr
      Rman Nayr


    • evangelina redding
      evangelina redding

      Vsvvvdfrvvvff d. D

    • Jervon Moore
      Jervon Moore

      Roman how many rooms do you have

    • Brem 1997
      Brem 1997

      Watching from Ireland, been here from the start. love you guys and the vlogs! :) x

    • Timberwolf_519


  • Christopher Ybarra
    Christopher Ybarra

    Ur right Roman just a regular video is Koo enough for ur real life fans u the man keep grinding

  • Titan Zoom
    Titan Zoom

    He’s playing farming simulator irl

  • Xavielitow YT
    Xavielitow YT

    waowwn theyyyy hugeeeeeeee

  • Ashton Heston
    Ashton Heston

    All of Romans kids are cute as Hell. But i don't know what happened with "Knocks" lmao

  • Calgary.flames_legend45

    Where’s flash pls tell me he’s still around pls

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Love watching your videos of your family. Makes me feel so much better. Thank you for being so inspiring...

  • Joal Beane
    Joal Beane

    I was wearing air pods.....ouch my ears

  • Chris Weidman
    Chris Weidman

    Roman come to San Diego California for a week

  • Zombies Slayers
    Zombies Slayers

    Dude Kanes drawings are so good and his piano skills

  • 2cool Jeff
    2cool Jeff

    Whoaaa I have t seen Noah in yearrrs his voice is deep aff😂😂

  • Tom Bradley
    Tom Bradley

    Where is flash

  • slow04gt

    Roman, you and Britts great parenting shines thru your kiddos.. Truly a amazing journey. Thank you for all the positivity you inject into the world.

  • Keith Chua
    Keith Chua

    Noah was rocking the long hair thou why cut it ?

  • Ethan Dennis
    Ethan Dennis

    wheres flash

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dark Feared
    Dark Feared

    Farmer Atwood

  • Cameron Myers
    Cameron Myers

    Roman you’re such a good role model and always have been! Much love man

  • Jacob Grein
    Jacob Grein

    Fishy on me?

  • Phil

    you should grow mint its incredibly easy and cool grows fast and you can almost not drown them plus you have a night smell and snack

    • Phil

      they do spread fast in the grown though and strangle other plants

  • Christopher Dixon
    Christopher Dixon

    I remember Zeus before y’all even got The Husky I forgot what his name was

    • Brennon Dalman
      Brennon Dalman

      @leslie melara what happened to flash?

    • leslie melara
      leslie melara


  • Katie Jensen
    Katie Jensen

    Litterally love this family!!!

  • MajorFlashTV

    Good for you

  • ketlenrus

    I feel like that ceiling and walls are familiar, i think ive seen that same exact makeover from a tiktok video renovation

  • iDeal

    wth look at noah all grown up

  • iDeal

    the last time i watch roman the only has 2 kids

  • Esker r
    Esker r

    She is the cutest every time I see her 12:05 🥺

  • idk why
    idk why

    I miss 12 year old noah

  • William Schillenberg
    William Schillenberg

    Love the fam vlogs Roman. Smile More!

  • PatroncitaLaborde

    Only real ones remember Zeus

  • Sean Ellenwood
    Sean Ellenwood

    I'm an og fan you guyses new house is dope asf

  • D

    What was Cora saying in 17:20 ? 😂

  • Sexytexanbabe

    Cora looks just like your father.

  • Bubba G
    Bubba G

    Bone broth is no way a supplement it’s been around for many years it’s not a new fad unbelievable how little people know

  • Name

    That soap bar has been lubing someone's belt lok

  • Roosevelt Howe
    Roosevelt Howe

    fishy on me

  • Not Blxke
    Not Blxke

    Wow I haven't watch these in 5 years wow

  • Ravenn

    used to watch them a lot way back when, it feels really weird growing up, and seeing what you used to be yourself from a 3 person view, hearing their voices change it just kinda all hit me, its crazy man, lifes crazy

  • Auto Savage
    Auto Savage

    Hi mom

  • YB - E
    YB - E

    yeh.. used to love this channel so much but god damn, the 8 first minutes you were just talking about the same shit over and over..

  • Kontrast

    Cora is so cute she reminds me of a Disney character. Like the youngest from despicable me or boo from monsters Inc 🤣

  • zJack07

    I grew up whatching you i think you're a cool man and i redescoverd you and it is really nestalgic and omg i remeber the little one being born and i want to sya congradulations, i doubt you will see this but have a great day and smilemore!

  • Clever Donut
    Clever Donut

    I remember watching this 7 years ago

  • Visionn

    i started watching this family in 3rd grade now i’m about to enter the 9th grade proud to say i’m an OG

  • Honestly

    Watching this channel really makes me want to start my own family 🥰 it looks like a pain but you’re still smiling ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lovey Carrasco
    Lovey Carrasco

    Where is flash?

  • Gmod Troller
    Gmod Troller

    Only ogs remember he ended the pushups when Zeus died and never continued it😖

  • xpertgamer

    Do a video with the GTR

  • The Graffiti Guy
    The Graffiti Guy


  • Brayden

    12:32 Its fishy on Me By Tiko :D

  • Brynn Dally
    Brynn Dally

    Cora is the cutest!!!!

  • lovey

    I used to watch you guys so much, I’ve missed your vlogs

  • Britzel 1
    Britzel 1

    Love the videos of you just showing where you're at in life now, starting this new journey Roman. You're a bright light in a time where this world, our country is falling into darkness and you're very needed.

  • Goofyjackjack

    0:35 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Bradon Flynn
    Bradon Flynn

    romam you are my fav youtuber

  • Gary Zoldowski
    Gary Zoldowski

    I love romans channel I’ve been watching for 8 years

  • Rexxerz

    First song was fishy on me 😂

  • Timberwolf_519

    I think the first song was fishy on me by tikp

  • IGL Aco
    IGL Aco

    I kinda feel like the very first part is like scary movie

  • Free Food
    Free Food

    God bless u all


    Why did you delete your new videos

  • Christian Lahman
    Christian Lahman

    What happened to your recent videos ?

  • yeet master
    yeet master

    anyone else been here since like 5m


    You could start up a new GOOD LUCK CHARLIE!


    Malayalees undo?

  • mason klein
    mason klein

    the song was fishy on me

  • Tanner Maier
    Tanner Maier

    Waiting on a new vid Roman hope it’s soon. Miss them a lot.

  • David M Iverson
    David M Iverson

    Thank you for having a good family & for having grate kids. I can be in a funky mood & I see your family & it makes me smilemore.

  • arael escalante
    arael escalante

    Hey Guys are y’all doing a 4th of July vlog ?

  • Joel R
    Joel R

    Hope you guys are ok a lot of friends and family are telling me that you posted a video and it was taken down not long after

  • AvE SN1P3R 23
    AvE SN1P3R 23

    I hope Roman uploads again soon

  • Aidan Domick
    Aidan Domick

    Where are you what happened to just record 😞?!

  • Roman B.
    Roman B.

    Bone broth is actually EXTRA healthy…not to mention that’s pretty tasty

  • olivia secrest
    olivia secrest

    You all haven't posted in over a month hope all is well with the fam

  • Stroller-Joe

    You still have the GTR

  • Evila Martinez
    Evila Martinez

    Are you going to do a July 4th vlog

  • Black_Ramen

    Omfg, I haven't washed you since I was 7 years old... you weren't even in the Millions, Jesus Christ time goes past fast. I wasn't allowed to watch you though, my parents thought it was dangerous cuz I will try to do stuff, but... Wow, didn't expect to see you again.

  • Tristan Sebastien
    Tristan Sebastien

    I remember about you guys your kids are growing up great and fast

  • Running Cookie
    Running Cookie

    1:24 miss candykane laugher coral sound the same when hes young when daddy start tickle

    • BrendenRAGE

      Please edit your comment to be understandable

  • rainbow Marie Allen
    rainbow Marie Allen

    Every one like to see more vlogs if you want too many people and me love your vlogs

  • naruto Uzumaki
    naruto Uzumaki

    I’ve been watching Roman for 7years

  • gjk gjh
    gjk gjh

    Where is the husky?

    • Big C
      Big C

      That's what i was thinking, i wanna know where flash is at

  • Anthony orozco
    Anthony orozco

    Comee backk to LVdown !!

  • Justin Revilla
    Justin Revilla

    Just like that he’s gone again! I need the update on them rocks! 😂 all jokes take your time man.

  • Ryan Palet
    Ryan Palet

    So I noticed this since 3 days after it happened. But why did Roman delete his last video? The one about the fireworks and the drone. And why is no one talking about this?

  • Bro lego Gaming 2
    Bro lego Gaming 2

    Hey @Roman Atwood Vlogs are you going to do another 4th of July this year?

  • exquisite duo
    exquisite duo

    Do a Fourth of July vlog

  • Nirvan Jeewan
    Nirvan Jeewan

    I come back to his Chanell in 6 years and I don't know what's going on sheesh

  • Jason Godin
    Jason Godin

    youtube family's with no plan b

  • Joefoleygaming

    Gone again

  • abecker7231

    And he's gone again lmao. I guess he didn't listen to his own advice

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    Love you guys so much

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    Love bone broth in homemade soup.

  • Stick Man Shorts- official
    Stick Man Shorts- official

    If Roman is not uploading that means he is about to have a new baby

  • Derival Wømbat
    Derival Wømbat

    Bro, I saw you yesterday at jersey mike’s in Heath. I hate that It was too late before I came out of vapor station🥲🥲🥲

  • Hayden Tipton
    Hayden Tipton

    I loved Zeus he was a good dog

  • Oneway_bikelife

    How old is Noah

    • Big C
      Big C

      about 40 it feels like

    • BeinZilex


  • cinemax 24k
    cinemax 24k

    I love your channel. I can see how much effort you are putting in your videos to make it special for us. Thank you so much for your sharing such a greate contain . I am looking forward to see more amazing content from your channel. Waiting for next Bell 🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

  • Enzo

    It’s crazy how I grew up with you. First started watching around 5 years back. Now looking at everyone so grown is crazy

  • Aidan Seibert
    Aidan Seibert

    Does anybody know what happened to flash

    • Tyler Knowles
      Tyler Knowles

      @Chino thank god🗿

    • Chino

      @Tyler Knowles hes kidding

    • Tyler Knowles
      Tyler Knowles

      @Pat C omg!

    • Pat C
      Pat C

      he got ran over

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