She FINALLY Did It!!
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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Lets move on and keep pushing forward!

    • Joshua Torres
      Joshua Torres

      @Lindsey Kipp hey

    • Lindsey Kipp
      Lindsey Kipp

      Your right you really inspired me to keep going no matter what

    • Joshua Torres
      Joshua Torres

      @Mr Sqwash who

    • Joshua Torres
      Joshua Torres

      @Mary Cybart hey

    • Joshua Torres
      Joshua Torres

      @Icely Hean hey

  • Paulo Jimenez
    Paulo Jimenez

    Just thanks Brit! God bless 🙏

  • We The People
    We The People

    The start of the video when brit walked by I laughed so hard😂

  • BiggRob187 BFF 4 LIFE
    BiggRob187 BFF 4 LIFE

    It still hasn't been that hot yet here in central Texas this year

  • teamcougars

    Are you going to start doing pranks again? Or has that ship sailed? I miss the days of pranks as much as I love your vlogs, I really miss the days of pranks 😢

  • Niko

    Roman your vids haven’t been popping up for me since they Flagged you and I think it’s happening to other people as well. I just wanted to let you know that this is why the views on your most recent vids have been lower than usual, love you guys ❤️.

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores

    She looks like the young girl.

  • Stewie O Reilly
    Stewie O Reilly

    Make your own website and let subscribers sub to it instead of LVdown

  • Kaitlin Outdoors
    Kaitlin Outdoors

    Sorry to say i bought your sunglasses and they broke!! Make thicker glasses

  • Manny

    Make a whole new channel please.. I don’t like just clips

  • Jules

    I can’t get over how much Knox looks like Cora. Amazing resemblance, beautiful family

  • foolish games
    foolish games

    Walmart? You live in a mansion and you're giving Walmart your money when you could be supporting local businesses? I hope this is just tricking your audience into thinking you've haven't changed. Cause who day fuk would go to Walmart that didn't need to?

  • Tdonz

    Woooooooooooooooooooot!! Better late then never:)

  • kaylena diehl
    kaylena diehl

    Still don't have all Samsung

  • Jessica Arsenault
    Jessica Arsenault

    Get s21+ cases!!!!

  • Corey Malloy
    Corey Malloy

    I love you so much guys

  • Sam Myers
    Sam Myers

    I misss the 4th of July videos I loveeeee watching them !!! Smile more 😋❤️

  • Lea Mixon
    Lea Mixon

    I would not have jumped in. That water looks gross.

  • Evan Burgess
    Evan Burgess

    thank you for coming not going to lie this helped me so much right not

  • Jaxen Middleton
    Jaxen Middleton

    4 kids you a big man

  • zoombadooga

    I swear I saw a turtle 🤣 7:15

  • Linda Curtis
    Linda Curtis

    Pond swimming! Such a sweet baby!

  • Chloe McMaster
    Chloe McMaster

    Wait so where can I find it ?

  • every day volgs
    every day volgs

    Y is it with other channels let th do it

  • og clan
    og clan


  • audrey sepp
    audrey sepp

    Roman's positivity makes me smile so much

  • Dalton Buxton
    Dalton Buxton

    I miss the Mohawk he use to have

  • Tweazy Menace
    Tweazy Menace

    came here looking for july stuff

  • Chantelle Tait
    Chantelle Tait

    Honestly Roman just keep filming your day and we will keep watching

  • Space Gamer
    Space Gamer

    Still doing pranks! You should let tannar and unspeakable come to your New house that would be a fun vlog

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    Y'all should have Ty Pig Patrol and Bluegabe go fishing in your pond 👍

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    Hey Atwood, don't let the Evil Susan W and the MSM Clowns effect Anything that you do. Go to GAB or Bitchute and leave the Evil Susan W behind. Join President Donald J Trump's platform and make the videos that You want. Evil Susan W and her Clowns are going down. There's More of Us than there is of them, Let's take our Country Back 👍 Don't Grow tired of doing Good, God Wins Biggly 💪🙏 One day you will know the absolute darkness that y'all helped me through 👍🙏 God has Y'all here Right Now for His Purpose 🙏

  • Brennen Richards
    Brennen Richards

    You should build a pond at the new house

  • Brennen Richards
    Brennen Richards

    I know I miss the old ones


    Love from India 😍

  • Thatonechad

    please never sell the og house

  • Heidi Naegele
    Heidi Naegele

    WHAT a beginning!!🤣😂🤣😂 TY that made My Day!!😃

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller

    do you gays livein midusode

  • Xavier Nelson
    Xavier Nelson

    𝕐𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕜?

  • josh radcliff
    josh radcliff

    That took long enough

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man

    You tube is killing itself. New platform anyone?

  • dogfrogman 123
    dogfrogman 123

    When i heard that you aren’t going to post the 4th of July video I almost cried

    • howdy

      Same I keep looking to see if he did 😭

  • Jack Hale
    Jack Hale

    Such a wholesome video of Roman and his child

  • Domenik Bauers
    Domenik Bauers

    I just got my new hat! Thank you guys so much!! I laughed so hard, Brit has to buy that toy and bike haha!

  • MMorenoFN

    So true just get it out the way Roman the last Wednesday it was the day to get my wisdom teeth out all 4 of them and I was scared but I was telling myself just get It out the way and I did

  • Tyler beard
    Tyler beard

    The new house is beautiful, you should do i tour.

  • Ur Cat
    Ur Cat

    you do not have iPhone 8 plus Cases

  • 0Definition

    you know youtube is broken when Roman Atwood’s content is being restricted..

  • ash weekly
    ash weekly

    no fir3workkssssss:((((

  • billworm

    101 is not hot it 123 in California

  • colton patterson
    colton patterson

    Bruh 😂 I would jump in even when it is freezing

  • Grinch

    youtube will destroy itself by doing harm to those that have made them who they are

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez

    Should have done it with her big fakes out

  • Maria Rosario
    Maria Rosario

    The only real youtube family out here!!!

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    I just want to see you guys enjoy yourselves

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller

    Where is flash?!?!?

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    have their business

  • Aidan White
    Aidan White

    LVdown is like mama can I light fireworks NO son that’s LVdown there LVdown sucks I got to say I kinda wish they would stop making the rules more intense

  • nerd .o. lot
    nerd .o. lot

    i love the starting of he,s video,s

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      LVdown is slowly making the platform worse and worse you can’t even speak a bought guns or fireworks or hunting a couple of fishing LVdownr’s have even gotten strikes

  • Boomshine

    LVdown sold out big time, they're losing what made them unique

  • Curtis Holliman
    Curtis Holliman

    love your vidoe

  • Mckenzie Patrick
    Mckenzie Patrick

    When is the house tour?

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres


  • Julia Yanez
    Julia Yanez

    Cora has grown so much

  • Debbie

    Love yahs vlogs great channel such a sweet nice family glad yah are back 🙂💕

  • lillian p
    lillian p

    The pond looks like footage from a movie set that's been abandoned

  • lillian p
    lillian p

    old house is the best house

  • Taashim Mohammed
    Taashim Mohammed

    What's the update with the fish tanks?

  • Make D
    Make D

    If no one else says it im gonna

  • Hailee Brianna
    Hailee Brianna

    OK one Roman want to talk in the knox awe my heart

  • DarkKnightGaming

    Roman make your own website for vlogging or something that doesn't have all the bs that LVdown has

  • Tm 50
    Tm 50

    As soon as this man came back everything went to normal

  • Jordan Indoe
    Jordan Indoe

    Good for yall! Eff youtube..

  • phant0m

    LVdown is slowly making the platform worse and worse you can’t even speak a bought guns or fireworks or hunting a couple of fishing LVdownr’s have even gotten strikes

  • MacKenzie Hacker
    MacKenzie Hacker

    Is this you oulde house????? Way you moved out??? How live there now?????

  • Arthur Smith
    Arthur Smith

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ong I have beeen waiting for this for so long I hope every thing is better for you guys I’m so exited that y’all are back I’m a hug fan

  • jakob

    What if you used the old channel for edgy stuff

  • Lesley Fay
    Lesley Fay

    I love the camera just like Cora when she was little

  • LSU Fanboy
    LSU Fanboy

    You could always get in video ads like demo ranch does for all his posts. If you want to post guns and fireworks you ought to do what you want. There is always a way for revenue to come through

  • Mark Hottman
    Mark Hottman

    6:11 Roman your Bride FINALLY took the dip! Brit the fans are proud of you. Where did the newest baby come from? I’ve been gone for toooooo long. Grace to the both of you.

  • KristopherDavid Vivis
    KristopherDavid Vivis

    When he’s trying to get the baby to crawl n the baby lunges forward, Roman starts cracking up, I lost it! 🤣❤️🤣

  • cmoore tv
    cmoore tv

    You guys should bring back the og sweatshirts

  • CoffeeandEmGemAnd Vinny Gem
    CoffeeandEmGemAnd Vinny Gem

    This video was posted on my b day.

  • Tyler Lynn
    Tyler Lynn

    Make vids of u getting ur left arm tattood

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    It’s so crazy watching a baby try to do something just as simple as crawling

  • Trace Frietch
    Trace Frietch

    ive swam in worse


    Make another account

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      who watches the kids?

  • Young Boy Brax
    Young Boy Brax

    No 4th of july 😕😔

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      Man the old house brought back memories of the days , can’t believe brit actually jumped in the pond that’s great

  • DVD MF
    DVD MF

    Jesus loves you smile more!!

  • Forpzy

    No 4th this year :(

  • Junior Chavez
    Junior Chavez

    Is there any for iPhone 12?

  • victor rubio
    victor rubio

    she said condense bigger! lol

  • Joe Guyrock
    Joe Guyrock

    Wow I dont know if I missed a fish tank video from times ago but that reef setup that is empty is so sweet. That would look filled up dude.

  • Elisha Southerland
    Elisha Southerland

    ima be honest i would swim in that pond all day

  • shani yan
    shani yan

    It’s so crazy watching a baby try to do something just as simple as crawling

  • Samantha Nickollette
    Samantha Nickollette

    I would get in I love water I’m a dolphin

  • Edwin G.perez
    Edwin G.perez

    LVdown is about to go out of business since people are now leaving it, that’s what happens with snowflakes limitations lol

    • shani yan
      shani yan

      Love this! So happy y’all are back❤️

  • thisisacrummyname

    Roman, For the more “edgy stuff”, you should look into doing a Subscription Channel. Logan Paul started a channel on another platform that gives him a ton more freedom & it’s a subscription channel. He does other exclusive content on that channel. He said it has allowed him more freedom to post what he wants as far as content goes. Also maybe you could split up your content between the two channels you have now. Put family only content on one channel & then the more risky stuff on the other channel. Just a thought.

  • Zach Crespo
    Zach Crespo

    Why the fish tank empty

  • Zach Crespo
    Zach Crespo

    Kane’s whole room used to be a ballpit lmso

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