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Roman Atwood Vlogs
Roman Atwood Vlogs

Welcome to our family :) Smile More

  • Nerf Mask
    Nerf Mask

    Your baby is so so so cute

  • Kory Rupert
    Kory Rupert

    I don’t think so skippy 😂

  • Luke Beagle
    Luke Beagle


  • Jacob Wallace
    Jacob Wallace

    Roman I forgot you even existed bro I used to watch you all the time

  • lillian p
    lillian p

    No matter the age you will always see Cora as your little girl

  • Val Brooks
    Val Brooks

    You guys are such a sweet couple! ❤️

  • Ny Oudom
    Ny Oudom

    So 2021 he don't have any dog ?

  • me n my wife
    me n my wife

    Happy birthday to you 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Jake360

    seeing all the kids grow is making me feel old

    • Jake360

      and i'm 16

  • Yasmen Vasquez
    Yasmen Vasquez

    Just 4 years ago she was born as well as my little sister 😭 happy birthday to both of them time flys fast 😭

  • Jace C
    Jace C

    I am sorry for y'all but can you get me some merch please I like y'all videos and y'all the best people on LVdown

  • #jiminn

    جيت من مستر شوكليت:))

  • Rutting and strutting Bowhunters
    Rutting and strutting Bowhunters

    Liberals taking over man, trump goes out and the world including LVdown goes to crap


    Happy birthday 🎊🎁🎂 beautiful

  • Simmy Norman
    Simmy Norman

    Who else is watching this in 2021?

  • Alyssa Lee
    Alyssa Lee

    14:36 14:40

  • Sullivan Smith
    Sullivan Smith

    I love this man

  • Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips

    Does anyone know what happened to Flash?

  • Paulo Jimenez
    Paulo Jimenez

    Just thanks Brit! God bless 🙏

  • Stacey Murphy
    Stacey Murphy

    Happy birthday cora so nice to see country to

  • Hjgg Hhhhj
    Hjgg Hhhhj

    I stoped watching but felt like coming back and checking up on the Atwood’s and it feels like it wasn’t that long ago they announced they were having another baby

  • cara

    holy shit i was just watching a random stream and someone said “hey smile a little more!” and i got blasted from the past and had to come see what you guys were doing now,, i remember when you guys announced that she was pregnant with cora and i just got whiplashed seeing she was already 4 best of wishes to you guys :)

  • William Travis
    William Travis

    Happy 4th Birthday Cora! Cora has a little bit of Shirley Temple's sweet personality!

  • jared zabicki
    jared zabicki


  • Cindy Franklin
    Cindy Franklin

    Can we say, overindulged...

  • cheryl smith
    cheryl smith

    Chapter 2

  • Niff Lofair
    Niff Lofair

    " I have a rash" No concern never ignore a kid in distress...... happy birthday Cora

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Zaidsjr

    Ayy Country is back with the same hat

  • Jocelyn Leyva
    Jocelyn Leyva

    I still have my smile more sweater from 4 years ago!

  • Christiano CODRINGTON
    Christiano CODRINGTON

    you should do tag of war with boats or drones

  • LamboDEB


  • Jamie Pasley
    Jamie Pasley

    I don't want. Her. To. Get the. Puppy.

  • adam Becker
    adam Becker

    Wow crazy.....I was wondering what happened to you. Stay strong been watching your videos from the very very beginning.

  • Ope Ope
    Ope Ope

    She’s such a sweet little girl. She’s too adorable.

  • Catalina2808

    Dude!!! That was Country!!!

  • Adil Husain
    Adil Husain

    Get someone who looks at you the way brit looks at roman

  • Jerry Magee
    Jerry Magee

    Dog did he day 3 boys and one girl Ig flash counts

  • EricEverest

    And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Ali علي
    Ali علي

    مين جاي من عند مستر شوكليت

  • EricEverest

    It's GREAT to see Country again!!!

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Samuel Bueno fiori
    Samuel Bueno fiori

    Mor wedgie

  • Jayden Frederick
    Jayden Frederick

    i still watch these in 2021

  • KimDe05

    Enjoy them while you can, my youngest turned 18.

  • KAFO ... TV
    KAFO ... TV

    مين جاي من عند مستر شوكلت🙄😂

    • Asem ALmutairi
      Asem ALmutairi


  • Speed Driven
    Speed Driven

    Wait so So they never showed up on you?

  • ZR dirtbike-kg14
    ZR dirtbike-kg14


  • Nikki's Fun Time
    Nikki's Fun Time

    Love it 😊

  • LOGO Campbell
    LOGO Campbell

    Less then a million views 4 days in.... What


    مين اجا من مستر شوكليت 🙂🧐

    • #jiminn


    • オハイオ


  • Professor Professor
    Professor Professor

    Nothing better in this world than having a beautiful family to create memories with! God bless you all, keep being amazing and Smile More!

  • NEIL Klinger
    NEIL Klinger

    Country is back

  • Scott Kelley
    Scott Kelley

    I wish my parents spent that much effort on me for my birthdays lol

  • Harriet Shaw
    Harriet Shaw

    Erm I need to see the donkey.

  • Vera Fryman
    Vera Fryman

    How about next time on a new video surprise him with unspeakable and my favorite LVdownr jelly I watch them all the time

  • Vera Fryman
    Vera Fryman

    I know the LVdownrs unspeakable

  • Shahid Akram
    Shahid Akram

    Did you see country guy's? after long time

  • NoahMaynardTV

    COUNTRY IS BACK!!!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Mel Lujan
    Mel Lujan

    Country and John! ❤

  • Phyllis Kirk
    Phyllis Kirk


  • Brisson Brothers
    Brisson Brothers

    I have raskh

  • Jessica Gordon
    Jessica Gordon

    Happy birthday Cora!

  • Mister Justice
    Mister Justice

    I’ve been watching for 8-9 years

  • Ben Nicholls
    Ben Nicholls

    No way Cora is already 4 I remember when she was born love u lot happy birthday Cora SMILE MORE

  • Rashid Shahria
    Rashid Shahria

    its just too clean for roman to live in, it feels weird

  • Igor Rasputin
    Igor Rasputin

    Rent and give it to your kids

  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Riley

    Nope yep 👍 👍

  • JTP3X

    Idk how I came across this, and if it is, in fact, true then I’m sorry they’re going thru it bc nobody deserves that. But the guy seems so full of shit I can’t get past it. Maybe it’s because he’s talking like he’s explaining it to a f’n 5 year old. But yea, if I had to place a bet, I’d bet all of it on them being full of shit. At the very least extremely exaggerated.

  • Funny TikToks
    Funny TikToks

    Its been four years already

  • Lisa Grey
    Lisa Grey

    The kids are growing up so fast

  • veeyuck

    "I have a rash" HELP

  • Bart Family
    Bart Family


  • Bart Family
    Bart Family


  • Jerry R
    Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel LVdown

  • Rodger G
    Rodger G

    W DAD & MOM

  • dylanSnIpEz smithson
    dylanSnIpEz smithson

    I used watch this everyday after school I’m now 22 the only LVdownr I have actually stayed watching 💯🤙

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams

    Please never change your intro! It’s synonymous with you. Soon as I hear it I have that feeling of excitement. Plus that’s identifiable as your brand. The Andy Griffith Show didn’t change its intro for its entire run. It would be weird if they did.